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Non SRW Mobage what others you play? share
She is not a bad servant, just brings nothing new and since she don't have passionlip toughness, if you fail to get her you didn't lost much gameplay wise things are different with units like Helena,Merlin, Jeanne Alter, Musashi etc
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I've been wondering if we should be talking about other mobages here or in the other section lol
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I think it should be moved, since it's "non-SRW".
But it's up to our esteemed admin.
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Got Tifa.

I enjoyed Opera Omnia more than the actual Dissidia on PSP. Maybe because it does looked like a normal Final Fantasy instead of the weird battle setting.
And I sucked at battling in Dissidia anyway. XD
Someone really should move this thread into the other gaming section instead of SRW.

But anyway, I tried Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2 English version.
The game really feels like an actual Devil Survivor game, with our cellphone replacing the DS.

Of course, some of the things are gated behind premium currency, like demon summoning, fusion, etc., but I think we can get plenty of those easily.
One party consist of 4 demons, and we can get other characters beside our main.

Turn based battle, just like Devil Survivor too. I think I'll keep the game for now.
Except the Japanese version isn't really that popular. I don't know how long will they keep the game running.
X-Omega Friend code: 107098332
Sounds like Megaten games aren't really that popular. That MMO Megaten also died pretty fast IIRC.
Mobage miniblog.

After Wish asked me if I was going back to X-Omega I didn't think about it at first. Lately I was looking for a game to grind in. HZD was fun, but the mod grinding isn't really necessary after a point. I was thinking of pickiong up a mobile game and play it casually. I considered Hongkai Impact 3rd but I decided to try out FGO again. I figured if I play it at a low level, with small goals like raising 3* I could have fun. I tried my old passcode. I didn't expect it to but after some fiddling it did. It was pretty cool seeing my old servants back, "there are many like them but these ones were mine" Smile 
Most of my friendlist people had stopped playing, about 3 still remained.
One of the first things I did was get the 5 tickets from the shop and roll them. Not sure how many rolls I did, either 2 or 3, but I got Lancer Kiyohime on the last of those rolls. Neat! I also had about 60 maintenance quartz, but I didn't use them.
Then I started farming some event resources. Halloween flashbacks flared up. Man these event quests are brutal. They're so convoluted and the random drops don't help. At first I wanted to get event Scatach, but I soon raised the white flag.
Not just that the normal grind is something else, I had forgotten how long-term it was. I had so many servants I could raise but there wasn't much I could actually do. Got Kiyohime to some lv after the 1st ascension and I was done.
The thing I did not miss? That ugly AP bar. ゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴゴ
Me and AP bars just don't go well anymore Undecided
So yea, I'm glad I could log in to my account. I'll keep it downloaded for a bit and make a new takeover code for it* but I won't play it.
On the X-Omega front, I'm considering trying to see if the password I have written down works. When I ragequit I instadeleted the app without fully upgrading Oldrin. Kind of bugged me the day after. I had enough limit breaks(like 8 Cool ).

Double 2030 was fun, btw. I could actually crit. (b *.*)b
- Got summer Lili in Tekken Mobile. Ok then, you'll stay in my phone .. for now, game.
- Been raising Lu Lingqi in Dynasty Warriors Unleashed.
- Trying out Darkness Rises. Wow, it's cool!
Started playing Sengoku Asuka-ZERO.

Well, sort of. I'm still rerolling, for the 50th+ time. I don't know anything about the game or even knew it existed, but it's currently having a collaboration for the Nanoha Detonation movie, and I badly will play any game that as Dearche, Levi and Stern. So far no luck with Dearche who I want the most in the starting roll....
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