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Non SRW Mobage what others you play? share
Mobage: a generation of game where the gameplay mostly don't matter because people loves collecting virtual things.
But the gameplay in AGA is actually fun, and fully free, and you can upgrade most characters to be OP just by normal pregression.
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(04-12-2018, 02:03 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: Mobage: a generation of game where the gameplay mostly don't matter because people loves collecting virtual things.

I never thought of mobage as the modern version of the old collect-athons, but now that you put it that way...
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speaking of collecting, everyday when i go down to the street to buy magazines and chat with my friend that owns the place, there's a LOT of people trading and collecting the world cup album

lots of older woman than me too its quite funny to see all those people on suits trading, the thing is seeling so well that my friend is gifting the album for free, if the buyer takes the packs of illustrations with her

mobages are more like collectible games from a thing that you like, most probably gameplay don't metter much i mean the Star Ocean one has fantastic gameplay and no one talks about it ever

while games with simpler gameplay but more loved franchises have way more players, however i don't take back what i said i think that Granblue Fantasy its a example for all the mobages it does a fantastic job, not only on art, but on having all the game voiced, and interesting story and all the sort of crossovers i mean i have Mikasa from attack on Tittan on my team lol
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This list is in order of how much I play them.

Fate Grand Order - We have a thread here, It's fun. I play this Daily.

Macross Uta - I play this Weekly, it's really hard.. Rhyme games are hard. I can beat some Very Hard song's and once I beat an Extreme song... Rhyme games are hard. Rhyme games are hard. Rhyme games are hard. I'm enjoying it.

Fire Emblem Heroes - I play this every 2 weeks, for about an hour and that's it. I'm not really enjoying it as much. Someones it's fun but most of the time not really.

One Piece Bounty Rush - This Game came out for like a week and now it's on Maintenance, cause it has worst launch I have ever experienced. I'm pretty sure the game is dead now.

Lies of Astaroth - I play this every 4 months of so... it's really hard, I just can't advance.


Runescape - This game is fun, I really enjoy playing this. I try to play whenever I can.
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