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Sakura Taisen Event ~ The Far Away Capital
yeah it gives errors on those times where many people are playing mostly after JP work schedule ends end of day there, begin of the day here, since most of us play while they are working/studing we don't suffer from this
Its never too late to start loving again

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(03-20-2018, 07:17 AM)thebigb Wrote: SS-Chips don't mean anything anymore.
I don't even sell my units for chips. not? 4-10 of them give you a Limit Break, that’s fucking huge.
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(03-20-2018, 09:52 AM)thebigb Wrote: Did you still get all the drops?

Game does not record it as being completed, which means I have to do it again.
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(03-21-2018, 02:02 AM)Mattman324 Wrote:
(03-20-2018, 07:17 AM)thebigb Wrote: SS-Chips don't mean anything anymore.
I don't even sell my units for chips. not? 4-10 of them give you a Limit Break, that’s fucking huge.

Cause.. I bought all 4 of them day 1 and had enough left to buy 4 more once the shop resets.
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welp... finally some quality free time, and hey i still have some games to play today, so translation of the event continuing, you can find the rest of the event on the other pages just browse back this thread looking for my posts Smile


Oogami is teaching Erica the story of the imperial capital and stuff, and Erica is pretty motivated to learn, Lobelia is feeling sleepy already and Glycine interrupts her plebeian friends by telling Oogami that there's jus so much that they can learn without experience, and that just studying like this is not useful for her at all, it might be better if he shows them, Hanabi says that she was there one time, and Oogami wonders if he should change to practice training tomorrow and suggest it and he gains 2 girl points! , it happens that all of them will try to teach the others something, Erica will teach about godness teachings and Lobelia liquor, they are interrupted by a comm that ask them to come to the strategy room.

there their commander shows some bad news to the Paris squad, Hanabi don't know what is that Iron giant, but Oogami knows it already appeared together with Asahi and the others, Erica is ready and Glycine points that its useless to lose more time wondering what's happening they have to act, Oogami orders a deploy.

[Image: uYoTtWK.png]

On the battle yes, Aquarion grunts, Oogami says to everyone that he is sure that they can do it, since the Japan forces where able to win.

Glycine finis the last of the poor unit trying to do more than two digits damage on her like expected of our ace, Hanabi ask if that as all of them while Oogami greets his team.... someone else appears.

"i have heard of you leadership capability captain Oogami.... so it was not just a rumor"

the girls ask who is there, and space cake villains reveal herself

??? - " nice to meet you captain Oogami of the empire i was told to wage this battle to see you in action"

Aleida -- "my name is Aleida i'm from what you can a parallel world"

Oogami -- "parallel world like Asahi's...

she confirms it to him, that's exactly what's happening, and say that Asahi and co its not on this world anymore, they are gone, she approaches Oogami and hits him with her sword, Hanabi screams for his captain while Glycine takes point to attack but Oogami says to her not get near, and he is blow up easily, after him Aleida goes demonstrating how its giant the strength gap between their machines and her, and she blow up Lobelia as well, suddenly a white light glows... and Aquarion Evol crew and Ange drops from the cross gate (Ange? i love X-OMG Ange best troll ever)

Amata wonders what happened, Ange looks at the scene and says that she goes off dead for a couple of days and they make all those different mechs and this city looks all weird, then she wonders... and Chirico finishs they are in the past, Salako is also here, Ange is not happy to work with Salako at all, she is also not happy now knowing why Vilkyss brought everyone here but that's ok since now she will make Anastacia and others vomit answers to her because she is bored, Akiha(space cake one) finds Ange scary and Leopard want to stay away from that mad woman if its possible from both of them.

Glycine wonders if this noise strange people are of really any help seeing that she is now vastly outnumbered, Aleida retreats

Leopard - "wise decision.....its a wise decision to fear me"
Akiha - "that had nothing to do with you!"

in fact Amata,Zessica,Mikono,Ange,Chirico and Akiha are the only ones that are not lost on the dimensional shift, Amata explains that Asahi needs Oogami's help.

(wew that was a big chapter)

They get back to the headquarters where Amata and Salako explains what happened to Asahi and co, Salako goes on saying that they are confined on a space between the cross gates , so they can't get here or get back and is hard for them to break down there (i believe she knows about these gates because she used them to travel on the Cross Ange event and etc etc), Amata can't help himself on seeing Glycine and floats on the skies and beyond, making her ask why he is flying and Zessica explains that he is a idiot that does that when he fells something for a girl.

Oogami ask how they ended up on the past, Akiha explains that the original plan was to make her and her sister arrive by themselves but things gone a little "wild" and some of these people are here by accident, (Akiha wants to help Honkers and etc, they're childhood friends on this), after asked how is the transfer process, Ange says that it only takes minutes and that she better not say to them how she felt about  it.

Oogami says that they are themselves working on some sort of similar device, and then since they're all here its better to cooperate, Ange says that its ok with her if its no problem to them, Oogami thinks that every hand helps, and he would love to have Ange cooperation as well

Salako the lizard queen -- "what's going on Ange?"
Ange -- "i... think i heard something, is he hitting on me?"
Lobelia -- "you better be careful around this guy"
Leopard -- "stupid! even if the world its a big different he is just a silly human being with a fetish for different colors" (  Big Grin   )

Glycine looks at leopard and go nears him

Glycine - "i was wondering what's this thing?"
Leopard - "i'm a superior noble existence who brings machine and man together hahahaha"

Erica of course believes it leaving Glycine facepalming

Leopard -- "stop! i'm not making this up, i'm really a sublime and great existence, not comparable with you woman"

that triggers Glycine that hits Leopard out of commission (for now)

them they receive a call, well its more Iron giants, Oogami ask deploy and help, Ange says that she will be there of course, even if this world is all bizarre.

Aaaand is Kagura he want his dirty wive and etc etc etc, he is being defeated when he power up, Amata says that is stronger, and they can't hit it anymore, Oogami begin a motivational speech about how they are needed and bla bla, and Amata and the Aquarion kids get pumped and power up Evol, blowing Kagura

soon Ange realize that everyone here even Amata is falling for Oogami, and Erica propose a Victory pose

Kagura meets Aleida and Embryo after his defeat.


not a single event with Sora wo Kakeru Shoujo is not hilarious they should make them join the story cast already, they are great.
Its never too late to start loving again

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At this point I'd like to think that there's something wrong with my game as the freaking disconnects only happens on the 31 event stages. >.>
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Last Omega ticket gave me Galient. What kind of final upgrade Galient has on its anime?
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(03-22-2018, 07:19 PM)Wish Wrote: Last Omega ticket gave me Galient. What kind of final upgrade Galient has on its anime?

Assault Galient? I remember it was in BX
I see. Thank you.
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