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Fanfic: SRW Rising
Welp, I have an outline that'll get me through a few more chapters, but still have to write the above chapter in a way that feels less ham-fisted to me.

For those that are interested, below is said outline.

Spoiler Show
  1. Origin
    1. Introduce Airi, Hikaru and Ryoma
    2. Airi’s power tio
    3. Basically a heavily modified version of New Getter Robo Episode 1
    4. Get a brief intro to Midori
    5. Airi has a terrible range score
  2. Employment
    1. Try to give a quick glance of the political environment.
    2. Hikaru tells everyone her story.
    3. Zonders or Mimetic Beasts… Zonderized Mimetic Beasts!
    4. Aoi says hi to Airi, Airi reacts in the wiredest tsundere way I can think of.
  3. Therapy
    1. Roo Riruri (spelled like on Wikipedia to try and seperate her from Ruri of Nadescio) makes Airi’s previous reaction is a psychological
    2. Airi has another tsundere moment
    3. Reveal that Team D is an anti-war crimes unit as an explanation of why anyone is willing to work with them.
    4. Passing Angel.
  4. Thank Obari for a psychiatrist.
    1. Trying to take down the Angel leads to a run on Tokyo III
    2. Shinji and Rei are introduced, Roo comments that she has her hands full
    3. Angel finally taken down… by Getter Beam! (Running gag: no Eva ever gets to kill an Angel, except for Shinji’s sniper scene)
    4. Gendo attempts to object, but NERV is subsumed into the GGG umbrella, but unofficially SEELE is still pulling the strings.
    5. Airi drools over Hayato
    6. The Getter Team, Team D, and Airi form the secret “Kill Gendo Society.”
  5. RIVAL!
    1. The team, people are beginning to argue what to call it, finally makes it to Nergal
    2. Nadesico episode 1 with a LOT more Jovian drones
    3. Airi can’t help but dislike Akito, and the feeling is mutual. Neither can explain it.
    4. The military tries to claim the Nadesico, only for Commander Taiga and Commander Aoi to out maneuver them
    5. No Big Barrier sequence, as the Big Barrier itself is a bit problematic for the story.
    1. Heliopolis is a popular destination as both the Earth Federation and Atlantic Federation (technically an off-shoot of the EF, but that’ll be a point of contention later) have projects there leading to the development of the respective Mobile Suits
    2. Both Kira and Amure put holes in Heliopolis at roughly the same time.
    3. Reinforcements from Ryoko and her Aestivalis team
    4. The two Hikarus are going to get confusing so last names start getting used.
    5. Airi likes Akito.
    6. Hypothetical route split
  7. Red Comet
    1. As the team starts to go their separate ways, one to escort the Nadesico to Mars to rescue the survivors, one to get the surivors of Heliopolis to Earth.
    2. Char attacks!
    3. Airi joins the Gundam crew going to Earth, GaoGaiGar, Godannar and team D all go with the Nadesico.
    4. Archangel and White Base land in the desert
  8. Desert Heat
    1. Kira, Amuro and a couple others meet Ramba Ral and Andrew Waltfeld
    2. Gendo attempts to manipulate events to get the Evas back to Tokyo III, but backfires
    3. Desert battle, with Gundam characters showing up sooner than they should!
    4. Asuka shows up to bail the team out.
    5. Natarle, Mu, Amuro and Bright join the KGS.
  9. German Depressive
    1. Shinji finds out about the KGS and is horrified
    2. The journey to Orb runs across South Ataria Island and early events of Macross
    3. Shinji is talked into joining the KGS, by Roy Fokker.
    4. The Explorer returns to Earth in time to send the Vehicle Voltron (Dairugger XV) team to rescue the team from the underwater Angel (and stealing the kill from Asuka).
    5. The Vehicle team goes back out to bring the SDF-1 back
    6. Airi has seen Asuka and Shinji to interact enough to realize exactly how much her tsundere moments hurt other people resolves to get Roo to begin full on therapy when Team D gets back.
  10. Paths to the other  worlds
    1. Meetup with Fuu and Umi at Orb
    2. Begin the events with Rayearth OVA, with ZAFT and Zeon complicating manners
    3. Hikaru sacrifice event
    4. Airi gets blown to another world
  11. Rabbit in a strange land
    1. Airi wakes to find a bunch of people attacking what looks like a factory scene with the Knight police defending the workers, and helps the Knight Police, before passing out again
    2. Airi wakes up in Lucian and Astra McGregor (Two originals that are styled after Code Geass Britannian minor nobles) bed
    3. After calming down, she explains things, Astra has a power that prevents people from lying to her (she doesn’t leave it on all the time, because it’s exhausting) so the believer her
    4. The Viceroy of Area 11 demands to see them and wants details about that “strange Knightmare” they have on their manor
    5. Airi gets introduced as Eclair (Airi would raise too many eyebrows, so they go with her middle name) and the Lagorider as “Hazel” (from Watership Down, the name eventually sticks). They are preseneted as a family servant who is so far the only one able to get a prototype Knightmare the McGregors were toying with to move properly, but had no intention of submitting .
    6. Airi’s tsundere moment kicks in upon meeting Cornelia, but she keeps it phrased to sound like a scared servant meeting someone overly important. Cornelia promotes her knighthood shortly after granting Suzaku Warrant Officer
    7. JLF hotel event, sorta… Lagorider Fiver gets heavily damaged making sure Suzaku can kill the JLF railgun.
  12. Rabbit customization
    1. “Eclair” is assigned as special Knight oversight to Suzaku on the field.
    2. Lloyd reviews Airi’s battle data and notes that she is a terrible shot, and has Cecile overhaul the Hazel to include a lot more melee weaponry and to add targeting assist on the ranged weapons it will keeps. Cecile also adds the battery system from Code Geass and outright asks Airi if she ever had dead electronics suddenly spring to life while on her person. Airi opts to tell the truth about her powers and powers only.
    3. Euphemia sends both Suzaku and Eclair to school, after learning the latter hasn’t completed her education.
    4. "Éclair" gets to be aboard Cornelia’s G-1 Base, asked about Suzaku. She is socially savvy enough to frame it as an odd positive impression that juxtaposes her impression of another “11” Gendo Ikari. Cornelia accepts this as Suzaku being a special 11 rather than a typical one in more ways than sheer ability. She also begins to wonder if the honorary Britannian system
    5. Battle on the JLF mountain
    6. Gurren pins Cornelia down, Suzaku dealing with one of the original enemies, and Airi flusters Kallen through flirting at Lucian and Astra’s insistence. Airi starts to get into the flirting and her power begins to grow, allowing her to negate the Gurren’s radiation arm.
  13. Back through the rabbit hole
    1. Time passes and it’s almost the opening of the Special Administration Zone.
    2. Airi manages to get Cornelia to think that it isn’t a terrible idea.
    3. SAZ massacre happens,
    4. Dimensional shift takes Airi, Euphie and the McGregor twins back to Airi’s dimension.
    5. Midori flips a table with all the “unauthorized” modifications to her Lagorider. Is even more ticked that Airi keeps referring to it as the LR-Hazel.
    6. Airi goes to see Roo for some long overdue counseling.
  14. PASDAR
  15. Shinji’s Sniper Event
    1. Midori’s debut as a pilot in the LR-1 Fiver
  16. Velkan Revelation
    1. The Velkans are a relatively small group that sends special agents to
  17. Encounter with Hazar
  18. Max vs Miriya and Millia
  19. Getter’s Ancient Edo
  20. Celes and Windam
  21. Fleeing Alaska
  22. Battle at Jaburo
    1. Cornelia, CC and Kallen comes through the gate
  23. Recovering at Orb
    1. Introducing Chris Mackenzie, the NT-1 Alex, and the Full Armor Gundam
    2. Cornelia’s reunion with Euphie!
  24. Rayearth
  25. The Kill Gendou Society Succeeds!
  26. Moon Will
    1. Revelation that Moon Will’s “Original Dancouga” had the Earth-built Final Dancouga as it’s core, with three of the four pilots kept in stasis.
    2. FS reveals himself as Shinobu and Dancouga as the ancient legendary first mecha fo Earth. Final Dancouga joins team
    3. Muge Emperor revives, reveals that Nova’s true mission was to get ready for the return of the Muge Emperor.
  27. A Boa A Qu
  28. Legacy of Bravdho
  29. PLANTicide
  30. To Mars!
  31. Jupiter vs the Zonderians
  32. Truce with the Drule
  33. Rain of Death
  34. Loose Ends
    1. Try to figure and dangling plot threads that actually need to be dealt with
  35. Muge’s Apocalypse
  36. The Final Count Down
  1. I have a potential series list for a sequel, and a couple initial musings, but I'm going to tinker with that a bit more.

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