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Fanfic: SRW Rising
So, found an old fanfic of mine that I did apparently only one chapter of and then abandoned. After rereading it, yeah, probably a good idea I left it alone, I'd be rewriting the first chapter again. But it inspired to make another attempt. Given that I was just doing it by the seat of my pants before, I'm going to take the time to plan this out, and I have some idea of what I'm doing. I figured I'd post some of that planning here if only to see some of the comments I get back from it. I won't show my whole hand, and as with any good crossover, some adaptations and changes are going to be made. In fact, at least one of the included series is here primarily for that reason. So feel free to share any thoughts or comments you may have.

Brief Setting Intro: It is the dawn of the mecha age. For the last 75 years Earth has dealt with catastrophe after catastrophe. Shattering old nations and forming others anew. With the arrival of the Alien Starship 1 so shortly after the Second Impact, and the evidence that some mechanical horde lay beyond Mars, humanity knew that more trouble lay in store for it. Thus it prepared the only way it know how and built up its war might with new technologies. Drawing inspiration from the ancient legend of a giant warrior that had the powers beyond that of a god and fought off invaders single-handedly before, humanity builds its new war machines in their image, finding hope in that maybe they can replicate that ancient legend.

Series and Notes:
New Getter Robo
Easy to justify Magic Knight’s magic “Getter Rays did it” as well as having a bunker buster/boss killer. Not to mention the possibility of Ryoma playing off as being another big brother figure for Hikaru.

Magic Knight Rayearth/Rayearth OVA
I want to see what happens when you put the original characters through the OVA events BETWEEN Rayearth 1 and 2.

Dancouga/Dancouga Nova
I want to create a version where Dancouga and Dancouga Nova are more closely tied together.

I’m a fan of the series, deal with it. Both will be referenced, but only one will show up.

I have a history of doing weird stuff with this, and I have some ideas how to merge the disparate timelines into something that makes a vague amount of sense.

Gundam Seed
I have a thought experiment about how this and the OYW could play-out side-by-side.

MS Gundam/War in the Pocket
Much the reason as the above, plus the addition of certain UC tech and plot points. 08th MS Team will get mentioned, but not used.

The dawn of the PMC, mecha-wise, and some character interactions I really want to try my hand at.

I need to run this to get some catharsis “fixing” certain characters. Not sure if Rebuild or not, but will have a few chapters before that’s a big deal to make adjustments if I don’t go TV.

Here to be one of the major causes of any and all fixfic-ing I do. Plus GGG can act as a morally unambiguous central authority than nearly anything else on the list.

Code Geass
I like it and have some thoughts on character interactions I can’t resist, plus certain aspects will be important for later.

Fun antics and I want to set something up for later if this keeps going beyond the planned end.

Series I wanted to put in, but couldn’t quite fit into the plot as laid out right now or had roles already filled with other things I’m currently more interested in playing with: Gravion, Full Metal Panic, Gunbuster, Gundam 00, Mazinkaiser, Shin Mazinger, Gurren Lagann, a large number of Gundam and Macross series, Vandread, Kotetsushin Jeeg, Iczer, Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, and Legend of Daikyu Maryuu Gaiking.
Where is Mazinger? Every single SRW has Mazinger. It would not be SRW without it.

Looks good. SEED and MSG sound's great together.
[Image: gA66721.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Mazinkaiser/Shin Mazinger is something I want to put in there, but I haven't identified anything specific about it I want to add plotwise it would almost literarlly be Kouji and co. just sort of sitting there being extra muscle. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing though, I guess.

Edit: I rewatched Mazinkaiser recently, and I think part of the reason I'm having such a hard time with adding Mazinger is that I'm just not a fan.
Here is a brief outline of the "history" of the game prior to it actually beginning. I hope to have some original character/mecha information in the near future. Again, any comments are welcome, but bear in mind I'm taking a lot of liberties with the source material to make this work.

500,000 years before the start of the story (BTSS): Protoculture starts to seed the stars using “luminous giants.” Early contact with the Muge Empire leads to escalating conflict resulting in the need for Zentraedi. The Evil series of experiments ultimately produce to groups: Protodeviln and the Invid. The Muge response created the Haydonites as wards against both. Ultimately, the Protodeviln prove successful against the Muge but the Protodeviln’s need for Spiritia eventually results in a war that shatters the remaining Protoculture Empire and puts all the Zentraedi and other Protoculture remnants to sleep.

5,000 years BTSS: The Velkan (original alien group, needs better name) discover an ancient Protoculture/Muge battleground, first FTL experiments combining their technology sends them far into a distant galaxy. The Muge Empire begins to reawaken.

1,300 years BTSS: Zor, working with Biochemist Cabell, travel the various nearby stars and start to have archeological discoveries relating to the Protoculture, including the Invid. Zor reverse engineers ancient Protoculture technology and works with Cabell to utilize the Invid’s Flower of Life as a new form of biologically-based fusion. AFter the Robotech Masters betray and kill Zor, and usurps his research, they mistakenly label the bio-fusion as Protoculture based on a gross misunderstanding of Zor’s notes. They revive what Zentraedi they can find and add adhoc biological programming to mistake the Tiresians as their creators and masters. The Disciples of Zor wage a campaign against the Masters, the Masters win and reprogram them into the fanatical Marduk. Zor’s ship, the Alus, is lost in the final days of the war (ironically, the Alus is based on an old Supervision Army/Protodeviln gunboat).

75 years BTSS: The events of Dancouga, plus some. The original Dancouga is lost, and the Muge leaves some nasty after effects. Beast Force survivors do not believe for one minute this is the last of the Muge and make preparations for the return of the Muge Emperor.

60 years BTSS: Galaxy Garrison is formed and starts sending the first of humanity’s seeds into space, finds a few potential allies. Begins to learn of the Drule. A limited nuclear war sends even more space explorers into space.

15 years BTSS: Second Impact, successful colonization of Mars.

10 years BTSS: The crash landing of the ASS-1 puts Galaxy Garrison into red alert for even more potential invaders, sends technology significantly forward. Project Rising Defenders begins.

5 years BTSS: Oni skull found. Memetic Beast War occurs (Goddanar backstory, the Dannars are early successful attempts at producing more mecha.

3 years BTSS: Invasion of the Jovian Lizards

6 months BTSS: Events of Magic Knights Rayearth 1.

Start of Story: Start of the story with a Nergal-funded Professor Saotome looking for his ideal “Getter Team.

This is not entirely complete, I didn't add in events relevant to the backgrounds of GaoGaiGar or either of the Gundams. I'm keeping my plans for Code Geass relatively close to the chest (partially because they are requiring the most thought), but I will say that of all the other series, they most closely tie into Rayearth. That may help many understand my plans, but I'm sure most of you will be scratching your collective heads. So some changes will occur.
And here's the first chapter:

Airi Bravdho adjusted her shirt after hopping off the train, squeezing out of the overstuffed woman's car had put a few items out of place. Airi was a tall girl about 17 years old and found herself a bit too well endowed for her own good with a few of the lewd stares she’d get from men. She then adjusted the flame-colored pony tail back into what felt like a proper position and left the landing platform. Today was a tiring day and she would be glad to get home and lay on her futon.

She stopped by a newsstand and looked over the various magazines for something to read when she got home. She spotted a racing magazine with Aoi Hidaka on the cover and picked it up. She then glanced over and saw a tabloid accusing the model and racer of being a coordinator, but Airi decided to ignore that. She also picked up a copy of the latest chapter of  Mazinger ZERO vs Grendizer. Airi then paid for her purchase and headed out to the street.

She had barely gotten a block toward her apartment when she saw Hikaru Shidou, the girl who lived at the kendo dojo Airi used to train at. Hikaru looked extra gloomy and not her usual high-energy self. Airi decided to sneak up on the girl and surprise her. Airi made sure Hikaru had gone around the corner before trying to quietly get behind Hikaru. Airi was just about to grab Hiakru’s shoulders and yell surprise, when Hikaru looked over her shoulder at the last moment, “Hello, Airi.”

Airi grimaced as she stepped beside Hikaru, “You look down in the dumps. What happened? Did you try confessing to a guy and he refused you?”

Hikaru just shook her head, “No, it’s not like that. Why haven’t you been showing up for lessons lately?”

Airi sighed, “I didn’t make it into any of the schools I took entrance exams for. So I’m having to actually work a couple part time jobs to make ends meet.”

Hikaru tilted her head, “I’m sure my brothers could work something out.”

Airi gave a half-hearted laugh, “That may be true, but I feel like I’d be taking advantage of them. They never seem to want to look me in the face when I’m around.”

Hikaru just looked at her like she didn’t quite understand, “Oh, did you ever try those jobs those modeling managers offered?”

Airi blanched at the thought, and she really didn’t want to discuss that topic. Fortunately, she didn’t have to as they both heard a familiar voice in the alleyway begging for an extension on his debt. They turned the corner and looked down the alleyway to see  Ryoma Nagare had already switched from begging mode to fighting mode and was already flooring several of the yakuza.

One of the men, a bleached blonde holding a cane removed a knife from the cane and tried to lunge  at Ryoma with it. However, Hikaru had seen what the man was going to try to do and had reacted faster than anyone else could. Airi and Ryoma were both shocked by this as neither had seen Hikaru move that fast before and Ryoma had even referred to Hikaru as a fighting prodigy at one point. Hikaru had gotten between the blonde and Ryoma, and had the knife firmly planted in her shoulder. Hikaru didn’t even flinch and swung her school bag as a makeshift weapon, striking the man on the chin and knocking him backwards.

The man recovered his balance but found that Ryoma was already in his face and struck him knocking him fully on his ass. The blonde shuffled to his feet and began to run off, “Don’t think this is over, we will have that dojo.”

Airi had made her way to Hikaru, who had already pulled out the knife herself. Airi pulled a small towel from her bag and started to apply pressure to Hikaru’s wound.

Ryoma growled, “You got guts, Hikaru, but my father would come back from the grave to rip me a new one for letting you get hurt. I don’t even want to think about what your brothers would try. Come on, let’s get you back to my place so we can put a bandage on that.”

Hikaru forced a smile, “I’m fine. I’m sure my brothers would understand. I mean our dads were best friends.”

Airi face fell flat, “That settles it. We are definitely taking you back to Ryoma’s dojo. I’d drag you to a hospital if I thought I could.”

Hikaru looked at Airi, “No, really, I’m fine.”

Airi put a bit more pressure on the wound, “Hikaru, you saying, ‘I’m fine,’ is worthless and really means that you are hurt and don’t want anyone to worry. Anyone that has known you for more than 15 minutes knows that.”

After Hikaru relented the three made their way back to the Nagare dojo. They made their way to the living quarters when Ryoma flicked a switch and the lights did not turn on.

Airi looked at Ryoma, “Forget to pay a bill?”

Ryoma grimaced, “I didn’t think that they would be cutting the power this soon.”

Airi set Hikaru down near one of the walls when she walked up to the the area around the lightswitch placed her hand right above it, closed her eyes and concentrated. The lights came on.

Airi grumbled, “Don’t get used to it, my electricity bill is usually in the negative because I seem to supply my own electricity. I leave this place and the lights go back out.”

Ryoma blinked, “I’m not complaining, hell I’m tempted to start your lessons up again with you powering the dojo like this as payment.”

Hikaru tilted her head, “You were training here too?”

The conversation was cut short when several knives impaled themselves into the wall and everyone instinctively went rolling out of the way. The lights remained on despite the switch and wiring being hit. There were three men in the room. One was a short man with knives in his hands. The second was tall and wielded a katana, and the last one was a giant of a man with way too many muscles.

Airi rolled her eyes, “One each?”

Ryoma had his usual smile on his face indicating that he was about to enjoy this fight way too much, “Nah, you stay here and patch Hikaru up, these guys are likely here to try and collect on my debt.”

Unfortunately, the intruders seemed to have other ideas. The muscular giant rushed Ryoma smashing both through the wall. Hikaru picked up one of the knives from the wall and defends herself from the man with the katana taking a swipe at her. Hikaru jumped through the hole made by the earlier attack. Airi sighed in resignation and kicked her bag into the face of the knife thrower. The knife thrower sliced the bad in half as Airi ran outside to join the others.

The fight was a running fight, and both trios traded opponents multiple times. Hikaru spent most of her time fighting defensively, blocking various attack and trying to intercept attacks meant for others whenever possible, ultimately she managed to take down the katana wielding man by parrying the katana so that the man’s arm swung wide leaving an opening for Hikaru to get in close enough to stab the man with the knife. The man initially tried to stay on his feet but staggered and fell.

Ryoma then used the newly available katana to stab the giant in the head and kicked him over to the former katana-wielder to make sure he didn’t get up quickly. Airi in an act of desperation grabbed one of the knives out of the air and threw it back at the knife-thrower, hitting him in the middle of the forehead.

Ryoma smiled, “Hey you guys did real good.”

Airi breathed heavily, “Thanks, though, I don’t think I’ll be pulling that move off again.”

Hikaru opened her mouth to say something but fell over unconscious instead, blood dripping down her arm. As Airi and Ryoma rushed to her, they both felt a prick in the back of their necks. They simultaneously turned around to see an old man in clogs holding a gun grinning even more like a maniac than Ryoma does. Ryoma started to charge at the old man, but Airi simply blacked out.

Airi stirred to the sound of voices arguing not too far out of earshot. A female voice asked, “What the hell were you thinking? That tranquilizer could have killed an elephant at that dosage.”

A male voice responded, “These are no ordinary humans, and they would not be useful if they could not survive something as trivial as that.”

Airi had fully gathered her senses and found herself on a hospital bed with Hikaru across from her, starting to stir with a blood pack attached to her arm. Ryoma comes over and took the IV out of Hikaru’s arm, and put a bandage on it before whispering to them both, “Come on, we need to get out of here.”

Airi didn’t bother to argue and just got up, helped Hikaru to her feet. The three snuck out of the hospital room and followed Ryoma down the hall. Eventually, they heard voices coming from the other direction and ducked into a room. The room was a lab of some kind lined with large vats on the walls. Each vat had a skeleton with horns on them. Ryoma yelled, “What kind of nightmare place is this?”

Hikaru muttered something under her breath, but Airi heard it anyway, “How can monsters be here?” Hikaru then started glowing red and green before grabbing her head in pain.

The old man with clogs walked into the room, “Ah, here you are. I am Professor Saotome. It seems you found my studies on the oni.”

A red-headed woman in a lab coat and glasses comes in behind, “Yes, although I would appreciate people recovering from blood loss and tranquilizer poisoning to remain in bed. I’m Dr. Kiriko Aoi, of Danner Base.”

It was about that time that klaxons blared and drowned out any hope for a conversation. Professor Saotome walked over to an intercom and barked into it, “This is Saotome, someone give me a status report.”

Another voice came back over the intercom, “The oni have invaded the base, sir. They are tearing us apart.”

With that the group left the room with the vats and into the hall. Dr. Aoi was muttering about needing to find a safe room, when an oni jumped on someone firing at it with an assault rifle. The man was ripped to shreds and three more oni rounded the corner and started to charge at the group. Airi was holding up Hikaru who was still quietly suffering from some unknown pain. Ryoma got angry and started punching the oni, “No way am I letting these things eat me tonight.”

Ryoma had kicked one of the oni hard enough in the head complete shatter it’s head, when another man with a shotgun came up and started blasting at the oni. Professor Saotome looked down and noticed that the oni that Ryoma shattered the head of wasn’t getting back up. Saotome then yelled to the man with the shotgun, “Tatsuhito, destroy the heads of the oni, it’s the only way to kill them.”

Hikaru actually opened her eyes and brought her right hand in front of her face. She whispered, “Got to try it.” She then through her hand forward and cried out, “Flame arrow!”

To everyone’s amazement, including Hikaru’s, fire leapt from her hand and consumed the oni attacking them. Airi was the first one to say anything, “I guess I’m not the only one with secret powers.”

Hikaru weakly replied, “My magic should only work on Cephiro. It shouldn’t work on Earth.”

Dr. Aoi responded with a surprisingly even tone, “Well. I’m thankful it did. Now let’s get to the hangar, I think that would be our safest place.”

As everyone turned around a lion that seemed to be composed of flame stood before them. Hikaru looked at and almost jumped for joy, “Rayearth!”

The lion responded, “No, young girl. I am Lexus, the guardian of fire. I have responded to the wish in your heart. When you face your foes in battle, call on me. You shall be transformed into a deity and when you blood burns hot, you shall be able to vanquish all evil with fire.”

Hikaru mood darkened once again, and she looked down. She then raised her head with a grim determination, “I’ll call on you when I need to.”

The lion disappeared and almost everyone else in the group looked at Hikaru wondering what exactly was going on with her, but decided to ask for the information after the immediate danger had passed.

They arrived at the hangar room and Airi hear a voice calling out to her. She looked down to see her sister, Midori, who looked almost exactly like Airi except for short-cropped green hair, working on a robot. A quick look at the robot made it clear that it had been based on the mecha from the Mimetic Beast War, and one of the feminine looking ones at that. Despite the addition of obvious heavy weapons, the paint job and the protrusions still looked like some sort of bunny girl from a soapland or a particularly sleazy bar.

Midori managed to get Airi’s attention again, “Sis, there are giant oni outside, and you need to get in the Lagorider.”

Airi quickly figured out that Lagorider was the name of the mecha in question as Midori’s naming sensibilities were pretty much non-existent, “Midori, I’m pretty sure you know this already, but what fighting lessons I got were in karate and kendo. I don’t know the first thing about piloting a robot or firing a missile. So, even if I can make this thing move, I’d be more liability than help.”

Midori just grinned, “Well, the robot responds to your movements and voice commands. As for your very incomplete training: When you reach a level of supernatural mastery that allows you to out-perform a laser cannon in speed and power, can reasonably defend yourself from the same while rushing to get close, and can transfer said abilities to the Lagorider, I’ll build you a melee weapon pack. Until such time, get in the damn robot and use modern weaponry.”

Airi just groaned and got in the machine before poking her head back out, “I know I’m about to regret asking-”

Midori cut her off, “Yes, you are Lagorider’s power generator and pilot. We don’t have time to get you into the suit I’ve prepared to stimulate your power, so expect it to be sluggish.”

Airi got in, focused on the nearby power lines of the machine, powering it up. She then proceeded out of the hangar to see Hikaru being engulfed in flames before a lion-like mecha took her place. There was also red and white mecha with green paneling on its face fighting with an axe. They seemed ready to do battle with three large oni that looked like oversized brutes with grey coloring and gold on their extremities.

The red robot came over the comms, “This is Tatsuhito Saotome. Just follow my lead and we should be okay.”

Airi could tell from the tone of his voice the Tatsuhito was lying, he did not expect them to survive. Airi, on the other hand, did not intend on dying tonight. Airi, “Then I guess I’ll try these lop missiles!”

Three missiles launched from the thighs of Lagorider and went in the general direction of the oni, but missed by a wide margin. Hikaru controlling Lexus then rushed the oni herself and punched one in the chin before getting grabbed and thrown into the nearby mountain by the very same oni. Tatsuhito cursed and started grappling with one of the other oni.

The remaining oni approached the Lagorider. Airi grunted and identified several of the other weapons based on a HUD on her right. Airi yelled, “Rex lasers!” as she pointed the arms at the oni. Green pulse lasers lanced out from the green crystal structures on the forearms of the Lagorider, but the oni had an easy time ducking under them. The oni threw a boulder at the Lagorider that Airi was able to get out of the way of.

Airi cursed under her breath, keeping this thing at range was going to get her nowhere. She matched the charge of the oni and when it go close, hopped over the punch it tried to deliver and then fired the lionhead plasma cannons, which flipped up from the hips and fired into the oni’s face. Airi then flipped over the unstable oni and hit it from behind with more lop missiles. After the oni fell over, she straddled to prone onie and put the Lagoriders fist to the oni’s head, firing the Rex Lasers into the head of the oni killing it.

Hikaru was struggling with her own oni as all Lexus seemed to be able to do was kick and punch the thing, not exactly Hikaru’s area of expertise. Airi pushed the Lagorider into intercepting a stray boulder from Tatsuhito’s fight with his own oni. The boulder caught the Lagorider in the back damaging the not-yet completed flight unit. Airi yelped in pain when her head hit one of the rear monitors in whiplash.

Hikaru heard the yelp, and got angry. She just looked at the oni, “I won’t let you hurt my friends!” She then fired off another of her flame arrows at the oni incinerating it. They looked over to Tatsuhito and saw that the oni had already ripped the arm off his machine. What made matters worse Tatsuhito seemed to start to punch the lab that was on the side of the mountain. Airi opened a channel, “Tatsuhito, what’s wrong with you?”

The channel came back with video of Tatsuhito half-turned into an oni. Airi gasped in shock. Tatsuhito seemed to regain control at the last possible moment and then grappled the last oni as best he could, “Ryoma, launch now!”

Ryoma’s voice roared as he launched a red fighter looking thing with a head on it not too dissimilar to the machine Tatsuhito was fighting in. The machine rammed right through the oni and Tatsuhito, killing them both. Airi shock and horror at the situation made all other communications just blur out. She didn’t hear anything until she hear Hikaru’s voice calling out, “Airi! Airi! Are you alright?”

Airi responded with a sullen, “Hikaru, when the mood is a little lighter, remind me to give my sister grief over naming the weapons on this thing after rabbit breeds. But right now, I need to see what I can do to help the survivors. I… This situation is just too wrong, and I need to do something right now.”

Hikaru gave a glum, “Yeah, okay, let’s go back.”

((Yes, I know Mazinger ZERO vs Grendizer does not actually exist and ZERO was meant to end with Mazinger ZERO vs Great General of Darkness. The point here is to establish that Mazinger exists in the story as a popular work of fiction with an ongoing manga series that extends beyond what exists in the real world.))
WEll, looking over my plans I've decided that Code Geass' placement in the story will include R2. I'm also nearing the completion of chapter 2, so that will be up shortly. I'm also going to put some of my plans in a spoiler block as I'd like some feedback on some of the plans I'm going to do.

Spoiler Show
Ok first, some of this is going to take a couple stories off the rails and have consequences that will invalidate several events, to include pretty much the entirety R2's ending. Airi after an event with Rayearth opening up the gate between worlds, gets blasted off into the Code Geass world where she stops some members of the JLF from destroying a civilian center of some kind. She passes out thereafter and wakes up in the custody of two more original characters: a pair low-level Brittanian nobles that bear some sympathy to the 11s, but are largely powerless to actually do anything. Airi presents a chance for them to change that, given that Airi does not look Japanese due to her father being an alien spy, and therefore her features are different enough that she could theoretically pass as a Brittanian, and that she possesses a unique machine that could pass as bleeding edge technology on the CG world.

From there she as the pilot and machine are "gifted" to Viceroy Cornelia's command and actually comes into contact with the Brittanian side of the Code Geass plot, under the alias of Alley as a low level soldier that gets attached to Lloyd's unit. This leads to interactions with Cornelia and Euphemia, and even helps plant the seeds of the Special Administration Zone in Cornelia's head (after Airi learns to put it in more pragmatic terms rather than idealistic) and further cements Euphie's conviction that it is a good idea. She even briefly visits the school with Suzaku and gets a picture with the student council, and while speaking with Cornelia on a military matter shows the picture to Cornelia, who naturally has questions about it, but the SAZ massacre starts about that time. Cornelia and Airi rush off to stop Euphemia only for the Gate between worlds to rip open and drage Airi, the two nobles from earlier and Euphie back to Airi's world (I'm debating dragging Cornelia along, but ultimately that isn't necessary). Euphie gets saved, but being in a different world with no reliable way of getting back mean that the end of R1 and the beginning of R2 can happen more or less unimpeded.

Eventually the entirety of the Gutsy Galaxy Guard and all of the heroes find a way back the CG world that also let's them travel between the two with no real issues. They arrive back in time for Euphie's return to completely table flip the infamous chess match between Schneizel and Zero. Euphie's presence at the event not only force Lelouch to step forth with his true identity a LOT sooner than planned (not right there at the table, but during the raid on the Geass Cult), which will ultimately defang Schneizel's usurping the Black Knights from out of Lelouch's hands. Also Cornelia meeting Euphie after being rescued from the Geass Cult is basically enough for her to officially sign on with GGG before any others from the CG cast do as neither the Black Knights nor GGG fully trust each other. Code Geass still ends with the fight against the Damocles, but that's Schneizel being the ultimate bad guy. Still have to work out exactly what all changes, but I'm making notes as I rewatch R2 to figure that out.

Also, in the event that I finish this and decide I want to do a sequel to this, it would include SEED Destiny and SD Gundam G Generation which will not only try to fix Shinn in a reasonable way that is not a complete rip off of Z, but also fix massive headaches I have with major elements of the plot: Like Kira surviving the destruction of the Freedom. He was basically ground zero for a nuclear blast, and I cannot bring myself to accepting that he survived it, much less survived functionally unscathed. So my idea would basically have Athrun fill Kira's role of taking the Strike up to the ETernal to retrieve the Infinite Justice while a Steven Hakings-styled wheel-chair bound Kira is rewriting the OS so that the machine can perform just as well with Cagalli (who likely not lose her action girl status and be steadily improving as a pilot), with adjustments specifically suited for her. Cue Cagalli originally fighting in the Akatsuki only to hand it over to Mu once the status of the Strike Freedom is known and Cagalli basically taking Kira's place in the SEED Destiny plot for the remainder of the story. However, that's just a random thought that I'm not THAT attached to.
(07-06-2016, 10:33 PM)DairuggerXV Wrote: SD Gundam G Generation

*ears perk up*

Are you considering using any of the G Gen original characters?
-- I Abibde / Samuraiter
SRW Fan Since August 8, 2006

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Yes, but that's a ways off. I first want to get through the OYW/Alliance-Zaft War, THEN have G Gen join the shenanigans.
Airi got into her place on the military style cargo plane that was carrying the Lagorider, its spare equipment and parts, as well as Dr. Aoi, Midori, Hikaru, Dr. Aoi and herself to Dannar Base for reasons that Airi was sure someone had explained at some point but she hadn’t cared enough to listen. She was just sitting there in the cargo plane highly uncomfortable seating, clearly this was not one of those that you see in the movies that are practically first class despite being military. She squirms a bit and then starts to look for her magazines, only to not find her bag at all.

Dr. Aoi seemed to notice the situation first and asked, “Are you looking for something?”

Airi responded flatly, “Yeah, my bag. It had some magazines I was going to read while we were in flight.”

Midori doesn’t even look up from her notepad, “They were probably left wherever Saotome’s thugs picked you up from.”

Airi grumbled, “Well, that’s two more weeks of not having anything fun to look at.”

Midori finally looked up from her notes, “They are magazines, they aren’t that expensive. I’m sure the stipend you get-”

Airi cut Midori off, “I wasn’t able to get into any high school. I’ve been cut off from that trust fund. So I’ve been working odd part time jobs to make ends meet. Those two magazines literally ate the through my entire budget for play money.”

Midori looked at Airi with a befuddled expression, “Why didn’t you tell me? Yes, that’s a condition of the trust dad left for us, but so is working.”

Airi gave Midori a scathing look, “Yeah, a full time job, and I just said that I had only gotten part time jobs.”

Midori started rubbing her temples, “What were the magazines?”

Airi spoke kinda softly, “Racing Stars and Shonen Mechanica.”

Dr. Aoi coughed to get the sisters’ attention, “Yes, well I’m pretty sure the employment issue is about to be a non-issue. If you continue to pilot the Lagorider, you’re going to need to be employed by a government agency or private company authorized in the operation of giant robots. Speaking as the commander of Dannar Base, I can assure you that full time employment is guaranteed. That includes you Miss Shidou.”

Airi could have sworn she saw cat ears popped up from Hikaru’s head when she was addressed. Hikaru put on a brave smile and responded, “That’s not necessary, I’m sure I can get by and whatever Lexus chose me for isn’t anything bad.”

Dr. Aoi put a cigarette in her mouth, “You are still required to be officially employed as a pilot with an organization authorized in some manner. Piloting is a dangerous business and with the troubles going on in the world, being affiliated with some group also let’s people know who to shoot at and who not to shoot at, as an unaffiliated mecha is an unknown and typically assumed to be an enemy by nearly everyone.”

Airi gave a quick laugh, “Okay, assuming that I agree to keep piloting the Lagorider, which is a discussion I need to have with my sister in a minute, exactly who are our options and what sort of packages are typically offered?”

Midroi seemed to squirm a bit, “Right now the major groups that are hiring are Zeon, ZAFT, Atlantic Federation Forces, Earth Federation Forces, Nergal, and Gutsy Geoid Guard. The order is based on my personal preference from least recommended to most recommended. The Lagorider itself was developed under GGG charter, so. As for packages, those vary wildly, so I’m not getting into that.”

Airi puts her hand up, “Who is this Gutsy Geoid Guard?”

Dr. Aoi removed the cigarette from her mouth, “It’s a top secret organization that oversees various organizations who deal principally with non-political matters that threaten the entirety of humanity. Danner Base falls under GGG’s jurisdiction, as does Saotome’s Getter Research.”

Hikaru shifted in her seat, “I guess that’s the people to join with, if it’ll keep us from fighting other people.”

Dr. Aoi shook her head, “I wish it were that simple. The overriding Earth Federation still oversees and is the primary funder of GGG. As such, both Zeon and ZAFT will fight people who fall under that banner. Even if we are a lower priority than the main Earth Federation forces we still suffer attacks when we are in strategic locations or are being targeted to gain access to various classified technologies.”

Airi just rolled her eyes then looked back to Midori, “So, why did you build a giant robot specifically designed with me in mind, without ever asking if I would be willing to? Because there are two types of people that do that, assholes that are only interested in pursuing their own goals but don’t really care about their families, or well meaning mad scientists that thought they’d enjoy such things.”

Midori chuckled, “I guess I’m a well meaning mad scientist then. Though, given your fascination with giant robots, the collection of Mazinger figures being exhibit A in the evidence for that, I figured you’d enjoy it. That said, on the chance that you don’t want to do it, I have plans to add a generator, even though that would make it slower and heavier. Besides, it’s based on something I found out from dad’s journals, and that’s all I’m permitted to say at this point.”

Airi felt the need to hide in the corner and a bit of regret seeped into her voice, “It’s not as extensive as it used to be, and despite being forced into it during a life or death fight it was fun to pilot. Fine, I’ll keep piloting it. Though that goes to the second thing. I know you like the fluffy little things, but why is the Lagorider rabbit themed? More to the point, why does it look like it's designed after a bunny suit?”

Both Hikaru and Dr. Aoi seemed to have all eyes on Midori, suggesting they were interested in that answer themselves. Midori gives her most wicked grin in response, “Well, the rabbit theming is partially based on old cartoon involving a rabbit sheriff, and seeing a video online of a rabbit chasing a much larger snake up a tree. I mean a lot of people are going to reach for a lion or bird of prey theme when they do animal theming. Moreover, rabbits are linked with sex, through the very costume referenced.”

Airi was even more confused now as Midori continued, “Airi you have a special power to generate energy, but that power is driven by your libido. Even with you libido as repressed as it is, you still give off enough energy to make the Lagorider move and fire its weapons at 10% of their maximum potential. The Lagorider is ultimately designed to help enhance and excite your libido to give off even more energy.”

Airi was mortified at where this conversation had went, but Dr. Aoi asked, “So is the form given the Lagorider based on her sexual preference, or does the psychic component of her power react also to lusts driven in her direction?”

Midori put her hands behind her head, the cheshire grin still on her face, “It’s based in part on her preference. She is bisexual, I’ve managed to confirm that several times using my own curiosity-fueled psychic powers. That said, I understand the health risks of thrusting my sister into promiscuity, so unlocking her libido is going to not be about thrusting her into actual sex. That and about 5 years ago she said she wanted-”

Airi completely flush from embarrassment started to yell, “Will you please just stop talking already!?”

Over two hours later, Airi sat in a room with several other members from different organizations. She had given her little story and now it was Hikaru’s turn. As Hikaru gave a heart-breaking tale of being summoned to another world and told she was going to save the ruler of that world only to be forced to kill that very person, Airi scanned the room. She actually recognized several of the uniforms there: Danner Base, Galaxy Garrison uniforms. The latter made Airi question as to why the Galaxy Garrison wasn’t included unless they too were part of GGG. The other people that stood out were a tall blonde man with a ponytail wearing a black jacket with a green pin of three g’s grouped together and another was a man with really long black hair and red eyes. However, the one that baffled her while simultaneously making Airi’s heart practically leap out of her chest was to see Aoi Hidaka amongst the audience.

After Hikaru’s story is over the man with the blonde ponytail got up and gave Hikaru an assuring hand on her shoulder before letting her take her seat again. Once seated Airi put an arm around Hikaru and let the young girl lean on her while the speeches continue. The blonde man took the podium and gave his best smile, “For those of you who don’t know, my name is Koutaro Taiga, and I’m the commander of the Gutsy Geoid Guard and CEO of the Space Development Corporation.”

Taiga looked slightly grim from a moment, “Many of you joining us today were brought for reasons beyond your control or were recruited under less than desirable means. For this I would like to apologize, while I’m sure some of my colleagues may feel differently I firmly believe that only those that freely choose to fight can put their whole heart into protecting the Earth and humanity, and therefore succeed at the goals set before them. However, if you wish to return to your previous lives, know that we will be wiping your memory of the events that have taken place since your recruitment both for world security and your own safety.

“The Galaxy Garrison and Gutsy Geoid Guard are commissioned by factions within the Earth Federation in order to ensure humanity’s survival. We must make sure that humanity does not destroy itself in the wars it wages against itself. We can also expect the support from the backers of the Dancouga Nova project, all of whom recognize, in the face of recent events, the necessity of expanding that valuable program.

“The threats we face clearly exceed those that humanity inflicts upon itself. There are multiple extraterrestrial intelligences that mean to do us great harm and we have seen evidence of this. To that end, we have secured allies on Arus and Aqua who share our concerns and confirm our findings. In all honesty, humanity lasting more than a century is something our most rational computations puts at nearly 0%.”

Taiga then steps back from the podium with a victorious smile on his face, and Airi could swear she hears a fan turn on as Taiga’s coat starts flapping in an inexplicable breeze, “However, with courage even a 0% chance can become 100%! We will need as many courageous hearts to stand unflinchingly in the face of the danger, pain and loss that is to come and tell it that we will never surrender! For when true heroes stand and never give up a brighter tomorrow will come, humanity will survive and we will be the instruments of that brighter tomorrow!”

Almost on cue, the alarms go off and Airi finds herself wondering if the universe was trying to prove Taiga wrong, or to keep her from asking why a project generally regarded as a terrorist activity had connections to the EF’s humanity survival programs. The voice came over the intercom, “An unknown mechanical entity designated EI-04 and lesser recreations of EI-02 and EI-03 have appeared! Also, confirmed Memetic Beasts approaching!”

Airi and Hikaru both shot up and rushed to the door, Dr. Aoi called out behind them, “The hangar is to the left just keep following the hall.”

Hikaru got out the door first and called out “Cynos!” She then summoned Lexus and went out to fight with the incoming enemy, alongside another lion-themed mecha. Airi turned to an elevator to find Midori standing there with a pilot suit in her hand that Airi had to fight back the urge to call fetish wear.

Airi grabbed the suit, “I’ll put it on on the way up, but why is sections of it see-through?”

Midori just smiled, “So you can look good and feel sexy while still getting the full benefits a pilot suit is supposed to confer.”

Airi started unbuttoning her blouse as the elevator door closed, “Sis, I think you’re the one with lbido problems.”

Airi launched the Lagorider from the hangar noting that she was feeling more tingly than the last time she launched. She got out just in time to see the tail ends of the combination sequence for the rather famous Godannar and a lion-themed robot Airi didn’t recognize. After the lion-themed machine announced itself as GaoGaiGar, a voice came over the radio, “This is Cyborg Guy of GGG. Hikaru, I need you to backup Goh in the Godannar. Airi, provide fire support on the horse-like and yellow robots while I take out the EI-04. Also, do not get too close to those machines they have the uncanny ability to absorb other machines.”

Airi grumbled, but opted to not complain. This was going to be like cleaning the toilets at the corporate offices she worked as a janitor for, unpleasant but necessary. She started firing the Rex Lasers at the nearest horse-like machine and felt a bit of a tingle through her skin as she fired the weapons. The weapons still missed their mark, but were a lot closer and force the machines to steer more to the other Zonders.

Meanwhile, Hikaru and Goh were mixing it up with a set of memetic beasts their physical attacks making quite a bit of headway. However, Goh’s hand-to-hand abilities out-shown Hikaru’s making it very clear that the girl was out of her element when not using magic or a sword, and Lexus did not appear to have any such sword for Hikaru to draw on. Still it did not take long before the pair immolating the mimetic beasts are somehow petrifying them before crashing through them with a flying kick.

Airi grumbled as she kept putting as much suppressive fire as she could on the enemy robots. She was hitting some of them on occasion, but her shots kept hitting an energy barrier of some kind that made the attacks useless. She had even fired the Lionhead cannons and the enemies would only regenerate. She had succeeded in keeping the half dozen or so EI-series mecha from approaching Cyborg Guy or Dannar Base, but she hadn’t actually succeeded in taking any of them down and they were closing in and she was getting tired. What made things were was the suit she was wearing was making her feel all tingly, and while she supposed it was to make her feel good, but all she could hear was her dad’s lectures and feel utterly disgusted with herself.

Meanwhile Cyborg Guy has GaoGaiGar going through some ritual sticking his hands together and speaking a chant that Airi swears is nothing but gibberish. The chant ends with a jet-assisted polish hammer, followed by ripping a purple core out of the robot. Almost immediately, the robots Airi is fighting are all destroyed instantly. Airi feels a bit cheated but watches as the core of the former EI-04 is carried by GaoGaiGar back to base. The core then leaps from GaoGaiGar’s hands and merges with an exposed power line before disappearing altogether.

About 30 minutes Airi is sitting at the foot of the Lagorider, wearing the clothes she had on before. Airi was clearly moping and even hit her head against the Lagorider a few times. A man that Airi had already identified as Cyborg Guy approached her. Goh and Anna Saruwatori, Hikaru, and Midori were idling not far behind. Guy put his metal hand on her shoulder, “You did a good job out there. Fighting isn’t always about destroying the enemy, sometimes it’s about keeping the enemy from destroying lives, and you managed to do that. With a bit of training, I think you’ll make a great pilot.”

Airi nodded at him and Aoi Hidaka approached from one of the sides, “I hear you’re a fan, and it looks like we’ll be working together. So look at the brightside, okay.”

Airi wanted to be happy at those words. She had a crush on Aoi and she knew she should be delighted to hear what was just said. However, her father’s lectures kept ringing in her ears and before she could understand what was coming out of her mouth she said, “Oh, it’s so great that someone like you feels the need to comfort a worm like me. Save it, I’m not interested in having you feed your ego giving me pity.”

No sooner had those words left her mouth than Midori had already gotten in her face and slapped her, hard. Midori yelled, “Where the hell did that come from? You know better!”

Hikaru had actually gotten between Airi and the very confused Aoi apologizing and trying to explain that this is not like her friend at all, and she must be having a harder time than anyone thought. Guy furrowed his brow while Goh and Anna looked at each other like they just got involved with a problem child. Airi could not but stand there and think poorly of herself while her sister continued to tear into her about how that was not okay behavior.

((Rewatched the Rayearth OVA, and got Lantis the boyfriend confused with Lexus the mecha, so I made some adjustments. Any comments, questions, concerns, issues are all welcome.))
Airi had gotten packed up and sent off to some place called Dragon’s Haven with the Lagorider and Midori coming along. For whatever reason, she was forced to ride in the Lagorider all the way to the base. After she had dropped after her personal effects off at her new designated quarters, some tiny, pod-shaped robot that she barely paid attention to led Airi to an office. She suspected Midori was off getting a tour of the base. Airi also suspected that she was about to get reprimanded officially for her outburst a couple days ago.

The office she went into was large and had a couch across from a chain in addition to a desk. At the desk was an orange-blonde haired girl, who could not be more than 15, looking over what looked like a file of some kind before smiling gently and waving Airi inside. The girl then stood up and gave a polite bow, “Hello, Roo Riruuri, and I’m the psychiatrist here at Dragon’s Hive.”

Airi did not bother keeping the confusion from her face, “I’m Airi, and I was told to come here.”

Roo sat down on the chair and directed Airi to the couch, “Yes, I understand you had an incident when speaking with Miss Hidaka, we’re here to talk about that.”

Airi cautiously took a seat, “I’m not entirely sure why I did that myself, and not particularly comfortable thinking about it.”

Roo kept giving a reassuring smile, “That’s normal. So why don’t we start with something else. I understand you were orphaned at age 13?”

Airi immediately wondered if Roo thought this was some sort of father-complex, “Yes, my mother died giving birth to me and my sister, and my father died of lung cancer when I was 13.”

Roo changed her expression to a sympathetic one, “Did you ever hear stories of your mother?”

Airi suddenly felt more confused, “Um, I know she was half-Japanese and a citizen of Orb who expatriated to France where she met my dad. She went back to Orb for the wedding and expatriated to Japan again for another job. She passed away because she had an advanced stage STD, which I don’t remember the name of, that caused complications during childbirth. I’m not a doctor so I have no idea why it wouldn’t have been passed to my sister or father.”

Roo tilted her head to the side, “Was your father French? Bravdho is an unusual sounding name.”

Airi chuckled, “Yeah, it is an unusual name, and no my father wasn’t French. I’ve never met any of my relatives on my father’s side and when both my sister and I did try to find genealogical records of him to no avail. It’s likely an alias of some kind because the only records we can find of the name are of my immediately family.”

Roo made a few quick notes, “So, do you know how your mom got that STD, or when?”

Airi blanched, “I couldn’t say for certain. I do know my dad greatly regretted allowing my mom to talk him into an open marriage, and him complaining about how popular she was.”

Roo simply nodded, “So what did your parents do for a living?”

Airi glared a bit, “I’m surprised you're asking such scattershot questions. I figured you’d be trying to drill down on certain matters.”

Roo just kept smiling, “A counselor’s job it to make their patient feel comfortable and let the patient talk about what they feel like. So I prefer to let you volunteer information and move discussions to where you are comfortable talking about when it’s clear you’ve given all you are willing to give.”

Airi pinched the bridge of her nose, “Okay, not what I was expecting. My mom was energy systems engineer and my dad specialized in mechanized locomotion. They both shared a love of the paranormal and found Zeon Deikun’s proposed NewType ideology utterly fascinating. My dad was really broken up about my mom’s death, and I don’t think he ever got over it, and boy did I get an earful about it.”

Roo raised her eyebrows at that, “May I ask what he said to you?”

Airi shifted around anxiously, “I’m not comfortable talking about it.”

Roo nodded, “Was there any dreams you gave up because of these talks with your father?”

Airi gave a long sigh, “Yeah, it’s very embarassing, but I wanted an ooku.”

Roo blinked in confusion, “An ooku?”

Airi scrunched her face, “It was basically a Japanese harem for the Shogun, although you probably already knew that. The idea of having lots of people that loved you and you loved them, and there was lots of kissing and hugging. I didn’t actually understand sex when I was 9, alright?”

There was a shocked gasp coming from the hall and Airi looked over to see that the door was not fully closed. Roo started to yell at the door, “It’s bad to eavesdrop on private conversations!” Roo then looks back at a Airi, “I’m terribly sorry, this is normally kept very confidential.”

Aoi’s and a blue-haired girl’s heads both pop in through the door. The blue-haired one spoke, “Our apologies we were waiting to escort Miss Bravdho to the conference room.”

Airi gets up and looks to Roo, “Well, it looks like I’m needed elsewhere.”

Roo just nods, “Yes, when you are ready to talk, feel free to make an appointment.”

Airi walks toward the door trying to figure ways to avoid that because that was getting more uncomfortable than she cared to admit. However, the walk to the room with Aoi and Kurara, who had introduced herself once Airi had reached the hall, was just as uncomfortable and every time she would even look in either of their directions could hear her dad’s lectures again. Trying to break the silence and silence the memories in her head, “I’m sorry you two have to escort a problem child like me along, I’m sure you have much better things to do with your time."

Kurara winced in annoyance momentarily, but Aoi just had a nonchalant if slightly amused look on her face, “Good grief, the little ooku seeker is trying to drive away her targets. For some reason, I feel like need to get closer and help her self-esteem.”

Kurara looked at Aoi like she had lost her mind for a brief moment, “Oh, I get it.”

Airi suddenly felt panicked, not only had she been rude again, but the people she was being rude to her had the opposite of the expected reaction. It was like there were multiple alarms going off inside her head right now and she literally had no idea how to react. Airi managed to spit out, “Get what?”

Aoi just tapped Airi on the head, “It’s probably better for you to figure it out for yourself. Besides, Roo would likely have my hide for doing her job.”

Kurara chirped, “Yeah, besides the possibility of us guessing wrong, I don’t want to see Roo getting mad.”

Kurara returned to being stoic as the three enter the main room, and three that she did not recognize introduced themselves as Johnny, Sakuya and Tanaka. Tanaka then cleared his throat, “Welcome to Dragon Haven Airi Bravdho. This is an unusual circumstance for us as those admitted to this base are usually tied directly to the Dancouga project. However, let me assure you that your assignment here was done with careful consideration.”

Tanaka has several videos of Dancouga’s various actions playing out behind him, “Dancouga is widely considered an enigma or a terrorist’s attempt to challenge the world. The truth is that the Dancouga Nova acts as deterrent to many war crimes. By putting down the strongest forces, typically under the command of someone of questionable morality, we hope to mitigate some of the excesses that war can bring about.”

Airi raised her hand, “Um question, what made you think that would actually work?”

Tanaka merely adjusted his glasses, “You would be quite surprised. You give the enemy something that doesn’t obey their expectations, and most will be on the watch for it rather using those efforts to brutalize the enemy. However, our current sphere of operations is proving problematic as having one Dancouga to police an increasingly large number of areas with two forces that have shown more hatred of each other than most forces in recent history, and both ZAFT and the Atlantic Federation are quite willing to commit not just war crimes, but crimes against humanity despite the threat of Dancouga appearing.”

Airi did not feel satisfied with that answer, but opted to not push the issue, Tanaka continued, “However, as recent events have made it clear, Dancouga’s ability to prevent the worst war crimes through its interventions has not been working. The Earth Federation, many of Dancouga’s private sponsors, and the Gutsy Geoid Guard have come to the conclusion that our status as a shadow organization come to an end and we step mostly into the light.”

Airi’s face scowled, “You have at least one high-profile member on your team, and I imagine the rest have been living double lives…”

Aoi cut Airi off, “I’ve already quit racing, but may keep the modeling position open for after this over. Besides, piloting Dancouga is more exhilarating than racing.”

Johnny spoke in turn, “As have I resigned my position to focus on my duties here.”

Kurara held up her badge, “GGG has already handled my work with the police department as a temporary reassignment.”

Sakuya shrugged, “I’m homeless so that is a non-issue.”

Airi just blinked and Tanaka cleared his throat, “As you can see, Team D is already in a position to make this transition. Your job will be support Team D until you are fully trained on your machine. Dragon’s Hive will still be out base of operation and we will use the D-Phoenix to take you to your first public assignment. Also, for the record, to avoid potential for reprisals, the official story is that Dancouga was captured by GGG, and the previous operators all killed themselves rather than face trial. You are the newly assigned task group created by GGG specifically to limit human-on-human suffering caused by conflict.”

Tanaka then had the Dancouga videos replaced with an image of a Nergal facility, “One of our sponsors, Nergal Heavy Industries, will be making a humanitarian mission to Mars. You will do a stop over at the Side 7 colony Heliopolis to pick up the last of the supplies and pilots before heading out. Team D will also use the opportunity to investigate rumors of secret project by the Atlantic Federation at Heliopolis to determine its legality. Now if you would please dispatch, we can get this underway.”

((okay, hitting a bit of a wall here, so posting this anyway, hopefully get some inspiration somehow. I know the next bit involves going to Nergal, just as the Nadesico is launching for the first time, I’m wanting them to go to Tokyo 3 by way of rerouting due to a Jovian lizard attack, and picking Getter Robo and the Magic Knights to fully join the team, while introducing Shinji and Nerv, and hearing about the loss of Macross Island. They go to Heliopolis and pick up Ryoko, Izumi and the other Hikaru, as well as a dealing with the nonsense of the combined original Gundam and Gundam SEED shenanigans and finding a plausible way of getting that entire group out to Mars where they encounter the Explorer and the Vehicle Voltron crew dealing with both the Jovians and Drules. So hopefully I can come up with something or others can offer ideas I can synthesize into something, but for now my mind keeps wondering to other things and working on this is proving problematic.))

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