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Late Collab post because Mai's was busy: "Into the Ilusion" (Index + Lancerlion)
Chapter 2

Index and Touma are taken by the Zegapain crew that explains to them their currently situation and all about this world, how its formed and how its not the original world, Index brings up that its similar to their own, and Touma says that is confusing because he was just in the game and their game works pretty much materializing virtual things, Touma brings up that a world where giant robots exists its really incredible and talks about his world. Kallen enters the room, and hear everything after that she goes near Touma and says that their world is really different, with magic, and ESP powers, that's quite strange, in a matter of fact the don't believe any of that, she don't believe that Index has 3000 forbiden books on her head, for her Touma is just a normal boy with a strange robot, and Index get mad at her, Kallen goes on when Zero finally talks.

Lelouch thinks that they are suspicious and must be investigated further, he also is sure that they brought something dangerous with them, Touma confronts him saying that he will never trust a man who hides behind a mask, and Lelouch just says that to deal with people from different worlds, and dimensions and people like him who he don't know if he can trust its more reason to wear a mask, Shizune says that before they arrive they fought some  dimensional invaders that are probably from the same place that Touma is.

They get out of the room while Kyo and Ryouko finally enters the bridge, Kyo says to Touma that they are not in a game anymore, and dying here is different than dying on their game, a real battle is nothing like Virtual on, and they will really die out here despite what is this world if they are killed here, they die, and that finally gets to them, Kyo ask Touma out to try him out on a section of battle.

Alone with Laserlion MC says to her

"Our world its filled with rubble, its a world without a body, full of war and sadness, its no place for children, and no place to grow up, and no place for humans like you to live"

shortly after this alarm raises, Kyo and Co go out to meet the enemies, on the mid of the battle Zero notices that this machine is different from the other wizards and Touma deploys on Temjim, he is mad at what the other characters said to him, and scream that his life is no game

after the battle Touma meets Kyo and Ryouko on the hangar and they finally reach understanding and became friends.

Accelerator finds himself on a forest, he is bothered by the light and raise up form the ground finding C.C near his unit, he ask who is it, and she says that she is his precious collaborator, the best one that he will find on his lifetime.

Chapter 3

Touma : "a week have passed and no way back to our world was found, this world where most people don't have a body is the place where we are staying, i don't think that my Arm can do something special here, and apparently people are not after Index"

Touma is out with Kallen on the city, he is making a joke about how a soldier have to do this sort of thing like go buying food like a normal person, and Kallen buts in saying that it was her job before, Index is ok with it she understand that the ship need rations and maintenance, Touma goes on saying that at least its not his wallet going empty this time, and he receive a Index Bite, that calls Ryouko attention (BTW they should really have used Kallen and Ryouko sprites with no pilot uniform for this scene) Kallen goes laughing and Index get happy because Kallen finally reacted to something that Index did, she was thinking that she was hated by Kallen, Kallen gets surprised and says that she was just off, she has nothing against index and the girls became friends as well, suddenly Olivia hears a voice...

Touma goes on following the voice...

Koroko is trying to make a vending machine works, thing won't drop drinks and Mikoto use her ESP to zap the thing so it gives them drinks, Touma finds them "Shirai? what are you guys doing in this world? and what with this clothes its a cosplay?"

Mikoto - "don't makes jokes! this is no cosplay"

she zaps Touma, Kallen now believes that they can do magic, and Index explains to them their ESP, and how Touma is the most special since his one is called "Killing the fantasy" he can negate any ESP and any ability at will, Kallen them hears a Gun and KMF after, seems like a battle is happening, she ask herself what is happening, Shirai is with Fey Yeng and Raiden is here as well, time to deploy, Kallen get pretty surprised

"So those children are really special.."

After the battle the britanian solders get out of their machines, and on guns shooting the characters, Kallen ask everyone to hit the ground, she get prepared to shoot back, Zero orders them to kill every one of them they are geassed, Touma don't accept the way that Lelouch do things, he won't be having this people dead, he ask if Kallen can't only get rid of their weapon, zero say that it won't do it, and Kallen says that its how this world is, you kill or you are killed, them Index get aimed by a solder and Touma runs among the bullets and grab the soldier his arm undo the geass curse

[Image: uNqv1DU.png]

C.C arrives as Lelouch discover that Touma is dangerous for him, he can undo the geass, and C.C says that she has good news, she finally discovered how to get to the center of this world.
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Like always this is a free  fan work it contains numerous grammar errors and some characters and units might be translated wrong, you are free to correct me with all of that, i'm trying my best with what i know, sometimes its hard to make all the translations, and some words i sincerely don't know what it means sometimes, still i will continue here with more 3 chapters Smile

Chapter 4

Mikoto and Kuroko enters the Zegapain ship and are surprise with the tech Misaka wants to know how this ship floats, she get mad at Touma for asking her to not get into it, and she sparks electricity she is asked to remain calm by the ship operators since she is generating a electromagnetic field and that can mess up the things there, she them says that its ok, and fells sorry when C.C giggles and is asked to say what she discovered.

stay with me here, because this is long, a long and complex C.C talk about stuff that i don't really understand, there's some psych and tech things that i don't understand the meaning i toke it off.

She says that this world, its nothing more than a experiment and they call it "Experimental World", this world was gone one time, and its reconstructed on a virtual space, however due to the people living here don't owning a body the world could't complete itself,and was failing, there was things that it was missing so the program search for things to complete what was missing on the other worlds (basically the mirror world is the reason for all the dimension travels on this game), she goes on to saying that the problem is that this system can be configured externally and since they are residents of this world, its unknown if they do have a body outside of it or not C.C herself smiles and thing that she at least know that she is alive outside.

Kallen buts in asking what does all that means, and Ryouko goes on by stating that everyone must remain calm, she goes on and tell everyone that, its possible that all of them have a body outside, and where dragged here, the actual configuration of this world is searching for something and according to C.C its searching for the "perfect soldier", hence why its dragging numerous outsiders, the administrator of this world left abandoned experiments here and its turning the place into ruin, C.C think that if they somehow can destroy the place the world will collapse into itself and they all should return to the real world, C.C giggles after Touma and the other characters from Index are adamant to get it done.

C.C - "So this is how Touma is... i hope he remains like that"

they are attacked on the way to the core, and take the enemies down.

C.C is with Index and Touma for searching things on the  city she will show Index her loved Pizzas and stuff, Index can't wait, when Zero appears, and they began a chat after Touma and Index goes out.

C.C ask what Zero wants from this world, Zero begins talking of how many things Fantasia killer should have been used to fix, up to the time that numerous people died because of Geass out of his control, he has a very dark talk, and talk about his sister that even if she is here, since this world is a reconstruction he will not stop, C.C get suspicious after Lelouch goes away and ask for whatever is watching her show his face, and its Accelerator he says he is impatient with her

Chapter 5

The team is going for the area that C.C ordered them to go, on the way Mikoto get mad at Shirai and zaps her to unconscious after she began saying how tough and incredible she was and bla bla, Mikoto gets friends with the MC of Laserlion, he ask about her ability and if its convenient, she tells him that she has problems sometimes, and he begins to tell him that every one of these things must be troublesome one way or another, Zero calls out to not go too deep into these, and Kallen begins to find lelouch strange

an alert comes from the brigde seems like the place that C.C make the crew go its full of enemies waiting them, and since they are on such a low armor vessel there's no option but to fight with what they have at disposal now.

the enemies are too many and the strange wizard enemy appears, it confronts Kyo he ask backup from his partner but Shizune run away, leaving him Ryoko and Kallen by themselves, she get back on the ship and says to Touma and the others that indeed, destroying the core will cease the program, and things will change but that might as well kill not only her, but all the others that are like her on this world, and also maybe kill them on the process, Touma will have nothing of that, and Zero says that it must be done, Miracles don't happen on his wishing something, its a single change in a million he still believe in the chance he will not let things go down like this and deploy to help Kyo.

Chapter 6

Basically Touma faces off the villains, Zero tries a trap and fail getting both units into trouble, however Shirai and Mikoto arrives on the nick of time and save everyone, them Kallen (that has index on board Gurren for some reason) is ordered to take them down, and she does it dmging the unit

they are sucessfull and Touma thanks Zero for showing him that a plan was needed, Zero says that he did the thing, he just showed them the way.
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[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Chapter 7

Acellerator is with VV that its the moderator of this world, thing is that Accelerator got tricket, he won't be out of this world or reach the root of it in less than 10 or 20 years, he is not even sure, the world itself will not allow him to return easily, KMF get around Accelerator that laughs maniacally and destroy them all including V.V

Orange-kun appears and knock Accelerator before the final attack, and also hit him a lot, making him go unconscious for some moments, but its only for him to recover and beat him back, he beats V.V, Orange runs with him and C.C arrives to take Accelerator with her.

CC contacts all the Index characters saying that the ruin is destroyed now, and the portal for their to get home will open, Index says that she will miss C.C as they maybe are fellows, Touma only smiles where Mikoto looks at bright pillar of light that cuts the sky opening a way to their world, its farewell.

however, Zero its not very happy to see his all powerful anti Geass and all abilities device goes away, this means that he wants Touma to stay, but Touma however wants to go home, he knows it, he faces them saying that they won't go, Mikoto prepare to attack Zero when Kallen rush at her, and she is Geassed, after this Kallen trow the other 3 toward the portal.

Touma ask why this is necessary they can do it without him, however Zero missed many opportunities already he won't miss this one, he fells sorry for having Kallen  to do it, and Kallen reluctantly understands, Touma faces Zero as Kallen watches the portal

Touma faces Zero, and won, and when the shinkirou powers down Touma prepares to blow the unit but Kallens comes in, she however don't want to fight Touma, and he notices it, so they just stop, and he know her out of the way as she is unable to hurt him, out of the unit, Lelouch remembers when Elphemia died and how he could have evaded that with Touma fantasy killer, he had to kill that woman she didn't deserved that and he is hunted for it.

Touma ask if he is satisfied, he begins losing it, saying that he is Zero that he will guide everyone on this world, and bla bla, when C.C appears telling Touma, that Lelouch is living a nightmare, he was deluded by a illusion and by seeing him he saw a way to get out of his illusion of what he become, but there's no turning back and that woman will not return, Lelouch says to C.C to shut up, and Touma punchs him.

before they continue, C.C says to Touma that the world is finally collapsing onto itself, and he should hurry to the door, Touma says to Zero to not be so weak his ability its nothing near of what the others have, Touma consider himself weak compared to others, he also says that Index needs him, he will be back.

and Touma finally enters the door.

Darkness cover everything the world collapsed where they where, C.C says that soon they will forgot all about this and she,lelouch and Kallen returns to where they where, Zero says that he will reconstruct the world nevertheless after all he has the power to do it, C.C says that she and Kallen will sure follow him next time too and giggles.

the Index characters return safely home to their daily lives.

~ End ~

strange the writing in this event its so different wonder if it was Terada that did it this time, Lelouch and C.C are totally different from the usual XOMG incarnations of those, and far more likely their Terada incarnations of them
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I really like Lelouch in this.

Thanks for the Summary, Mai.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
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Thanks Mai. A lot of Japanese players from twitter and 5ch were praising this event scenario story.
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Thanks Mai, that did seem different from the usual event story.

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