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Late Collab post because Mai's was busy: "Into the Ilusion" (Index + Lancerlion)
[Image: NOlVAFJ.png]

Virtual On its finally here, and they brought with them, Lancerlion a new debut to SRW, All the Virtual On/Index units are limited to the collab event, lets hit it since time its too precious.

"In the School city that many ESP gather together,  a new competitive game is getting really popular called Virtual on Machine.

Toma Kamijo also enjoyed this game a lot, suddenly on a day he was on a practice match against Index and is absorbed by the game!

now in another world that its solely virtual, with people that also are virtual he have new encounters"

Mission starts on:

15/02/2018 ~ 16:00 (JP time)

New Units:

Touma and Temjin 707 (voiced)
[Image: vMjf8jh.png]
Mikoto Misaka and Raiden (voiced)
[Image: Ux5y0Ze.png]
Index and BAL RLoon (voiced)
[Image: 9nup4Qr.png]
Kuroko Shirai and Night Fei Yen
[Image: alI6jZx.png]
Accelerator and something ugly
[Image: asGyXEZ.png]
[Image: 4RvMZz5.png]

Reward Unit:

Index (unconfirmed)

Login unit:

SR Tetsujin 707

Remember to get your last Video ticket today, you should have 14 of them for trade for a event unit latter during the event, lucky they will allow us to choose who we want.

and remember to take it easy and healthy, good riddance!
Laserion.  As in “Laser”.  The opening makes the direct comparison. was early 80s cyberpunk, man, of course it’d have a name like that.  Also, posting the opening again because it’s cool as shit.

X-O Friend ID:  186471287
I want Mikoto. Hmm....
Edit: Got Mikoto!
Dumping. Feel free for corrections.

2/4. Got lucky. Temjin is all I wanted.
[Image: UZIQqJBm.jpg]

Temjin 707 (Kamijou Touma custom) [Defender]
Kaimjou Touma's Custom Temjin
Normal:Hit-rate, evasion bonus (L). Movement speed up.
Arena: Hit-rate, evasion, critical rate 40% up. Increase action gauge speed by 800.

Mind Booster
Normal: Attack bonus (L) on boss wave.
Arena: When hissatsu (finisher) deals a critical. Ignore after-image, armor by 100%. Apply hissatsu (finisher) and
seishin (spirit command) seal.

End of Discussion Blow
Normal: Attacks gain barrier pierce and ignore guard.
Arena: When hissatsu deals a critical. Recover 20% HP and 60% chance to gain a rainbow core.

Aura Detection
Normal: Immune to status effects. Gain a bonus in hit-rate (L) if foes are afflicted with status effects.
Arena: Increase allies hit-rate by 30%, increase action gauge speed by 300.

EX Ability (arena)
Immovable Lv.3
Immune to status effects and action gauge reduction.

BAL-RlooN [Shooter]
Index's Custom BAL-RlooN
Normal: Hit-rate up (L), evasion up and movement speed up.
Arena: Hit-rate and evasion bonus by 50%. Increase action gauge speed by 800.

Normal: Attack speed up.
Arena: Allies gain a 25% bonus in hit-rate and evasion. Increase action gauge speed by 250.

Walking Church
Normal: Normal attacks gain barrier pierce.
Arena: 50% damage reduction against defenders

Magus Library
Normal: Use seishin (spirit command) up to 3 times.
Arena: At start of turn, allies recover 30% HP.

EX Ability (arena)
Nulled apart from the seal
Immune to burn, blind, slow, stun, spark.

Specineff (Rusty Blood ver.) [Fighter]
Accelerator's Custom Specineff
Normal: Hit-rate, evasion up (L).
Arena: Hit-rate, evasion up by 120%. Increase action gauge speed by 1200.

Malignant Quality V-Disk
Normal: Attack speed up.
Arena: Chance to attack twice against targeted foe.

Vector Operation
Normal: Normal attacks apply armor down to foes.
Arena: Normal attacks can ignore guard, after image, gain barrier pierce and recover 40% HP.

Normal: Attack the enemy 3x, gain a bonus in attack.
Arena: When HP is full, up to 13 times can withstand fatal damage with remaining HP 20%.

EX Ability (arena)
Counterattack Lv. 3
Counterattack against enemies.

Raiden (Judge Igniters ver.) [Blaster]
Mikasa Mikoto's Custom Raiden
Normal: Attack up (L), armor up.
Arena: Increase critical damage by 30%, armor by 200%, hit-rate by 100%. Increase action gauge speed by 700.

V. Converter
Normal: Regular attacks ignore guard.
Arena: Attacks gain barrier pierce, ignore guard, armor by 100%, after-image, reduce enemy action gauge by 30%.

Judge Igniters
Normal: Increase chance to apply stun (L) when finisher is used.
Arena: At start of turn. Increase attack, hit-rate, evasion by 20%. Increase action gauge speed by 200.

Electro Master
Normal: Gain damage reduction (L) against shooting types.
Arena: Reduce damage against all attribute types under 4000.

EX Ability (arena)
Gauge Protection EX
Immune to action gauge reduction.

Fei-Yen kn [Knight] (Judge Igniters ver.) [Attacker]
Kuroko Shirai's Custom Fei Yen
Normal: Hit-rate bonus (L), evasion and attack bonus (L).
Arena: Attack , critical and hit-rate bonus by 50%. Increase evasion by 100%. Increase action gauge speed by 1000.

Sealing Ring "Phantom's Love Affair"
Normal: Attack speed up.
Arena: Chance to attack twice against targeted foe.

Normal: Increase chance to apply finisher damage penalty (L) when finisher is used.
Arena: Normal attacks can ignore after-image, gain barrier pierce. and earn 1 rainbow core.

Love for your sister
Normal: If HP 1/2 or less. Attack, hit-rate, movement speed up (L), increase critical rate (continued until the end of
Arena: If HP 1/2 or less. Increase attack, hit-rate, evasion bonus by 100%. Increase action gauge speed by 1500.

EX Ability (arena)
Assistive Attack (All Types) Lv.2
80% chance to perform a support attack against a unit attacked by an ally unit adjacent to you.
[Image: bjIu2Uk.jpg]
I went with Rusty Blood.
It's my first Taiki Fighter and should help with VS 25.

Wait... one of the new units is called Raiden?
But we already have a unit called Raiden?
And one day Raiden will come back to Super Robot Wars. (Its last game was MX)
And then we will have 3 units called Raiden... yay!!
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Got Mikoto's Raiden to 70. Now she's a taiki blaster level 75. Big Grin
Guess I'll be joining the grind.
Thanks for the skills translation Sousuke, and thanks for the correction Mattman i know nothing about these very old robot shows

so its just me or the drop rates on this event are really generous?

got Mikoto as well had zero Taiki Blasters, however i do believe that the big headed girl its pretty strong on Conquest VS, the double attacks and assists probably help
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

No, you just have an event unit.
That is why it is faster.

I am Skipping the free 30 OMG unit.
[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
X-Omega: 117807236
Two full step up and only got 2 Mikoto. What a waste.
X-Omega Friend code: 107098332
(02-15-2018, 09:10 PM)thebigb Wrote: No, you just have an event unit.
That is why it is faster.

I am Skipping the free 30 OMG unit.

I went the same unit choice as yours for the same reasons and I am probably going to skip the guaranteed unit as well...
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