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How to tranfer and save all your SRWXO data with no download

~~ Transfering between devices without downloading data again
~~ Backing up your save on a SD/card/pendrive

[Image: BJ4VXbH.png]

~~ Get yourself a rooted device (sincerely there's no point in not be rooted if you own a smart phone these days)
~~ Now you need to go into google play store and search for a App named "Titanium Backup" download it.
~~ Have a file manager on your device if you lack any get IS Explorer from google play store

Step 1:

Open Titanum backup and select "SRWXOMG" and "back up" wait if to end, the App you make a a back up .rar of your game along two other files on the "titanum backup".

use your file menager go into "Titanum backup" there the 3 files will be found, get them out and save them on a SD card/Pen drive, whatever you want"

Step 2:

Lets suppose you got a new phone but don't want to have all the trouble to download the game again, install Titanum backup, get the files that you saved on file menager->Titanium backup and take them out of the .rar

Step 3:

open Titanium back up select SRWXOMG and click on "restore App + data"

done, now you can transfer your game without having to download it again
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


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