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Gundam Build Divers
Here comes the next episode!

My guess was spot-on. <sigh>
i enjoyed the episode
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I laughed at how fast Arawn was ready to white Knight it, down to even having the costume change ready with his "sudden" speech.

Overall though, the series has been aweful like Try was with it's main character, but it and future installments will most likely never be as good as season 1.

S1 was special in that it was made by people who loved the Gundam Franchise, it's memes, jokes, etc. When they green lit it, they didn't even think it would succeed or be popular and they let the staff do whatever they wanted t. But then it destroyed the low expectations people had of it and was amazing.

Try? Try was a blunder caused by corporate and sponsor meddling, trying to force the show to become a full blown generic shounen cartoon aimed to sell kits to children. Including the most cliche of protagonists who all he was missing were goggles on his head.

While Divers hasn't been that bad, it's definitely not getting the same love and attention to the details that S1 had. The battles have also been severely lack luster, with many coming down to literal hax, and or just still shots with random effects happening on screen. The first Force battle was cool, but after that they started to get less and less entertaining. The corporate influence is definitely still there as well, as it seems to be aimed at an even younger audience.

Hell, the most popular things so far have basically been Ayame, because tits, and Nanami because of Tits, hips and dat ass.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Honestly, the only thing that I can remember clearly about BF and its spin-offs/sequels is the Gunpla designs/abilities. Everything else is just bland and blurry to try and remember, the storyline, the characters, the writing, etc.
Divers is quite below Try in terms of popularity. More people enjoyed Try compared to the ones bitching about it, it was a shounen show, and I don't understand why people complain about it being one when it was marketed as such in the 1st place like the original Build Fighters and Gunpla Builders before that. Was it as creative as its previous season? No, but there really wasn't much left to go off from. People got hyped for Try and the spectacles/action was there. No one has that enthusiasm for Divers outside of Ayame... its just there... I was interested in Divers in the beginning but as the show progressed the less interested people got in it.

If anything, Divers is quite more shallow in terms of writing and production. Animation is pretty lackluster too in a number of eps. Music is pretty bad too.
^That is actually true.
Both GBF and Build Fighters Try made me want to play Gundam Breaker 2.

Divers doesn't make me want to try another Gundam Breaker, though. The magic just isn't there anymore, plus I don't really like any of the gunpla featured in it.
But hey, in for Ayame. Big Grin
The first Build Fighters was pretty good. It's been all downhill after that.
I understand that everything that carried the Gundam name on the past used to be a quality show at least, and we expected something special out of it.

i was like that in the past, and hated build fighters, didn't even liked the 1st one,as i time passed now i see this anime and all the other ones simple animations to sell Gundam products and entertain the kids,its not a bad show if you have in mind that its just some lighthearted anime show, its a simple anime and its entertaining i like that the anime don't take itself serious it helps a lot
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]



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