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Gundam Build Divers
By know it's safe to assume Divers will never be as good as S1, it still has that feel of corporate meddling turning it into a children's show compared to S1 that was made by people who love gundam and wanted to have fun as a joke that turned successful. But it's still good on it's own now that things are moving along. At the least it's far better thought out then Try.

I wasn't expecting Ayame to get the entire episode to herself but glad they did since she's so far been one of the most interesting characters in the show. And also currently the most popular one of the show.

Sarah was a good girl. She just wanted to protect Ayame's smile! Even if Sarah is a bug and or An Aura.
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[Image: la5IJRS.jpg]

NT-D NTR will always be the best though.

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[Image: MRPpYWo.jpg]
[Image: B0B2USc.jpg]
[Image: xlSbyAX.jpg]
[Image: SqTW2Wk.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Honestly I only tuned in to both Divers and Fighters (Try) to see what new Gunpla has been created, the characters themselves are kind of bland and forgettable (all three seasons).
Oh god, Evil Haro literally physically piloting Bigger Zam was the greatest thing ever.

ALso, what a cop out. There's no real threat to anything when Aura can just do whatever she wants when the time comes.

Next week seems fun though, and Tsukasa's mech looks great....He's still wearing the same outfit from 5 years ago...
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

And here we are at episode 12.
I was pretty sure Sara would say "Anata ni, Chikara wo". XD
I like how Ko-1 is literally the only one who asked "What the fuck just happened here???"

Also Sarah in episode 11: But You're crying!
Also Sarah in episode 12: But You're crying!

Tsukasa is just going to end up their team mate to complete their 6 man force, isn't he...

Also lol'd that next week he's still wearing the same clothes he did several years ago.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Next Episode is up!

The battle at the Gunpla Key-blade graveyard was nice and all but this truly was the best moment. Especially damage to your real life gunpla is all moot when you can just 3D print out parts like nothing in that era.

[Image: xs8FOL1.jpg]
[Image: HFpTevK.jpg]
[Image: pdZFHgX.jpg]
[Image: eDnMN3b.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Awww, this episode is nice.
Weekly dose of Ayame for me. Big Grin
And here we are at mid-season upgrade.

It's basically a semi-recap. But hey, we get to see a cool new opening and ending, along with the upgrade of 00 Diver. Big Grin

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