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Gundam Build Divers
People like to make characters in MMOs that they'd like have in the real world. Such as wanting a huge ass.
[Image: eIJZPYm.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
^I saw that. Haha, doesn't hold a candle tho. She clearly is the shopkeeper, and if she's playing the game, WHO'S KEEPING THE STORE?!?
"Scruffy's on break"

Plus there has to be other employees.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
[Image: XMDVSMs.jpg]
[Image: CDiIgaO.jpg]
[Image: FdYUIaf.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]

Ayame best character for me. Smile
Episode 8 was the the best episode yet. Both because the setting, and because it was Taimanin Ayame centric.....At least until the ending where the episode entirely forgot Ayame existed and turned into an over dramatic drama with the 2 probably lesbian SEED Destiny girls that became the focus of a 1/4th the episode.

What waste, especially for one shot characters. Because it clearly looked like Ayame had important emotional reasons for wanting that bear, beyond just her being a Bearguy Gal. But nope, as soon as she gets to realize her dream, NotStella has to be a jealous bitch about it.


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[Image: HiKgdsT.jpg]
[Image: OmW3fXm.png]
[Image: RvSFtr4.png]
[Image: FxOYBPn.png]
[Image: KLhzoR2.jpg]
[Image: APskvBA.jpg]
[Image: 8Elwqp1.jpg]
[Image: HpRVCRK.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Oh yeah. They never did mention who gets the prize.
I almost got mad at seeing a Kio Asuno lookalike, but there were some pretty obscure references aside from the Doan's Island from MSG which never aired outside of Japan for personal reasons. The Karaoke/singing pic was a callback to classic SD Gundam episode that involves a band with Chara Soon from ZZ, you can see SD Chara in that pic, lol.
Quote: Oh yeah. They never did mention who gets the prize.

By defauly it should have been Ayame, she actually got to it, and then was attacked.

What actually pissed me off was that the yandere chick should have been outright instantly banned from GBN, not "The festivals still on, let's keep playing". It wasn't just the cheating, or breaking the rules and attacking during the treasure hunt, but that she also LITERALLY STARTED THE RAGNAROK OF BEARGUY LAND.

I'm re watching 1-7+the prologue. There's a lot of random quirks and minor scenes that you don't notice the first time around, but then on a rewatch seems to be important.

While Sarah being Aila and Reiji's kid was probably a lot of peoples guess including my own, I think they've shown enough to come to the conclusion that she's an AI who doesn't realize it yet. She  just interacts with the VR world too directly, even for a full immersion system.

She COULD have just warped there and physically manifested in it some random way, but then there's the part where she fully exists within the system and can access/be accessed via the menues, not to mention she didn't even know what her name was at first until she probably saw it on some HUD/had to look it up. Plus her waking up in the middle of nowhere in episode 1 was also a thing.

Episode 3's prologue was still the best part. Kyouya can't resist the awesomeness of a puppies paw pads.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
^Considering the incident was quietly ended locally, I'm guessing the admins didn't notice? Unlikely, but that's the most logical explanation since the incident didn't summon the mods or something.

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