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The Tekken Thread
Well... its up to Harada to choose who to put in. I'd like to see a female guest character at some point.
You know, Tekken adding Marie Rose as a guest would be very funny.
But if they want money, hey, this will bring DoA fans (especially newer ones who buys it for Marie Rose) to Tekken.

Street Fighter V just added a giant character, so Tekken 7 adding a loli would be hilarious.

Anyway, japanese trailer has Harada.

Uh, hi guys it's abit weird to miss out on 2 pages of Tekken conversation just because I didn't log in for a couple days. I suppose Geese is pretty hype.

Unusual to find this page active the introvert in me felt overwhelmed Big Grin

Now can we please play againts me in online, pretty please? I want practice buddies, not random strangers.

Edit: huh... My sig is gone. Gonna have to wipe the dust off the old notebook this weekend to do some internet.
[Image: tycy5266cc.jpg]
(07-18-2017, 11:59 AM)Top Nep Wrote: Its from a fighting game.
If it's anyone from DOA, it'll be Hayabusa above alll, followed by Marie Rose or Honoka.

But knowing Harada, it'll be either Iori from IdolM@ster, Tekken-Chan from Neptune (This is actually a possiblity), but most likely a character from an older franchise that hardly exists anymore.

I TOTALLY forgot about Tekken-chan.

Now I wish she does get into Tekken 7 somehow
Me getting beaten hard by Dippy ^^;

I don't get why Oggy got a bad connection again to me.

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