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The Tekken Thread
They probly don't want the arcade to die. And at this point, console players can't complain anymore and even if they do,other fans will just bash them into silence. And with that news I have this inkling in my head that whispers over and over that the fans got played again. And the amount of times this been happening since last year, I'm not in any mood to entertain the thought.

Edit: I think it's been nearly two weeks now that I been longing for some lenghty Eliza gameplay vid. Game's almost here and only Revolution scrubs know how to play Eliza. I'd love to watch some top Koreans play Eliza a few times when trying to fall asleep.
[Image: tycy5266cc.jpg]
Anyway, Harada's been ignoring my question about the share button. Today, YellowMotion answered it!
Quote:Yes it does allow that in 1080P. And image captures are in 4K on PS4 Pro!

Now I'm happy. Big Grin

Edit: Found yesterday's matches.

I was also wondering about the share function but all I got were speculations from fellow fans that it will most likely support Tekken gameplay because it's true with other fg's. But since you got answer from a legit source, it's no longer speculation Big Grin
[Image: tycy5266cc.jpg]
Hey Oggy Ten, this guy is pretty good overall:

Also, there are Akira and Jacky in the first match XD


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