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The Tekken Thread
(07-10-2018, 11:26 PM)Oggy Ten Wrote: Damn I shouldnt have deleted my copy you"d see how laggy we were playing it's like feeling each other in the dark...

Don't you mean.... *filling* each other in the dark..?

[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
Quoting Santa, "You know it, Dip."
Mega Nutrients
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Playing rank yesterday with Noct, ranked from brawler to fighter in a row.
I don't remember getting result this fast with my Paul lol.
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
An update to Tekken Mobile

As per July 30th, I have played the new update version of Tekken Mobile. Everything went down to drain with this game.

The update added many, many changes to the game, including the "economy rebalance". Here are the things changed:

1. Fighter Awakening
To level up fighters, you now need an elemental specific Awakening Stones, a new item. So basically, every 15 levels or so, you are required to use these particular items to level up, or you'll be walled / stuck at level 15. It wasn't like this before.
The new levelling system severely restrict newer players from gaining the upper hand from older players. Hell, older players with non max levelled fighters also got screwed by this new update. You can even limit break a maxed out fighter with this feature, provided you have the specific awakening stone AND a duplicate of the fighter you have.

2. Waza can't be received from Fighter Fragments anymore
10 Fighter Fragments converts into a Fighter. Excess fragments grants you Waza Cards for the fighter. Now, they just turned into Crafting Essences. Which isn't so bad, since Crafting Essences are used to craft new waza cards, but the value of the conversion is now severely reduced and the prices for crafting kinda jacked up. On top of that, the Crafting Essences is now also a CURRENCY for purchasing the previously mentioned Fighter Awakening item.

3. Rune System
Gone is the card power up system, replace by Rune System. This system a one use Rune where you can equip runes with certain skills (basically the same as the card power up system), but once you equip it on a certain fighter, you're stuck with that forever.

4. Gacha Pack Prices Adjustments
At first, I was happy to see that the cost for Epic Pack has been reduced from 1 million coins to just 300k coins. But now coin rewards are severely reduced, you can't even reliably get them anymore.

5. No More Level Up Gems
On top of that, levelling up usually gives us 25 Gems (the premium currency). As of this 1.3 update, the Gems rewards are GONE. Seriously, Namco?

Overall, this new update screws the new players a lot. Lucky for those old players who already owned 4 star fighters and managed to level them up to 60. New players will get stuck at level 15 until they managed to buy the Awakening item for each and every fighter they wanted. Sad

Once a decent albeit with flaws game has now turned into a pile of dung with this update. Namco got greedy. End of story.

I'm gonna stick around until summer Lili event.
Season 2 revealed at EVO.

-Some guy named Negan or something from that Walking Dead show. Hell if I know what it and he are.

[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Ah, you beat me to it. Big Grin

Anna looks good.
Lei looks... weird. Is this even the same person?
And how many power crush does he have?!? ^^;
Negan is WTF.
Gimme Kunimitsu please!

Also, there's a new wall bounce system. Hmmm...
One of the 2 unknowns needs to be Kiryu. He'd fit right in and also the RgG series is getting hotter in the west. 2nd Guest Star is guest Staring Nero from Devil May Cry.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
(08-06-2018, 09:56 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: And how many power crush does he have?!? ^^;

One Rage Drive for each animal stance apparently, but having his only power crush be in Phoenix Illusion stance would suuuuuuck.

I hope at least I can unlock his classic shirt with tie and suspenders because his new outfit is awful..
[Image: NPrIYtp.jpg]
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
^I thought it was Frog from Chrono Trigger. XD

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