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The Tekken Thread
Noice so it's no longer a one-sided mindgame against Dip Big Grin
Mega Nutrients
Oh, i think i need to de-stress again. What i typed is not what i meant to say in my head

But you probly know what im sayin haha
Mega Nutrients
Waw, we haven't been fighting since Monster Hunter. XD

I forgot to turn off my downloads the first few minutes. ^^;
Anyway, guess we'll be back by tomorrow or day after? New customs will be in!
The day before that i cant even remember what im supposed to be doing so i just used the guys i used in t5
Mega Nutrients
Trying out Katarina. I know almost nothing about her. ^^;

Oh no she's gonna die of frostbite :(
[Image: VdZC9XCGFIsoMUqZ8W9vlKpim_SCT9ZX5r7S4xrN...=w720-h310]

So I tried Tekken Mobile. It's not really a bad game. Think of it as a "fighting  game" with Tekken characters. You won't find any Tekken centric fighting scheme here, just plain old tap to attack, touch the waza card to do special moves (be it guard crushing attack, strike attack, stun attack, or launcher), and movement by flicking the left side of the screen.

[Image: tekken-1024x576.jpg]

The fights are very short, like maybe 10~20 seconds short. One round only. And if you actually like how Tekken fights, you'll be disappointed. Big.
But, you do have a variety of modes to play.

1. Story Mode
This mode is where you can follow the story by reading text and beating up a variety of characters, including Bruce and Marduk who's missing in Tekken 7. By finishing this mode, you get fragments of fighters, and if you managed to collecf 10 of them, you get the fighter. Higher difficulty nets higher rarity of fighters.

2. Dojo Challenge
Basically the "PvP" of some sort. You can fight other people's dojo using characters you have set in your team. The fight is 3 vs 3, with FT2 rule. You can set three characters as your dojo guard, and send three of your characters to fight other people's dojo. The defense dojo is played by AI, not a real player.

3. Live Events
Like most free-to-play games, Tekken also has live events, like the current one featuring Leo. Play the event for a chance to get a particular character or other rewards.

4. Local VS
True PvP, but you can only play with other players nearby, not via Internet.

[Image: qbqaadri.jpg]

While Tekken didn't use a stamina system, it has something similar to represent it in the form of your characters' Life. When you use the characters to fight, win or lose, the character's HP does not recover. It will recover in time, but it will not recover while it's locked in a mode. So after you're done with say, 1 stage, you need to let your characters recuperate.

So having a lot of characters can actually extend your gameplay time, since if your main team is exhausted, you can play with another team until everybody run out of HP. You can have a dedicated team to play story mode, to grind story mode, for Dojo Attack, and stuffs.

The gacha system is not that bad, as you can actually buy a loot box for 60k gold for a chance of getting fighters fragment and an actual fighter. You can also upgrade your characters by levelling them up and setting up some skills for more attacks. Heck, you can even customize your Waza cards provided you've gotten some more.

Overall, it's a very good single player mode that Tekken 7 lacks. I'd love to have something like this but with actual Tekken fighting engine in the consoles. Hell, I'll take Tekken Revolution 2 with this gameplay modes and free-to-play system in place.

So if you wanted something like console Tekken for mobile, this is not for you. I'd consider this game "A casual fighting game with Tekken characters in it", and by doing so, I can enjoy it for what it is. In short, if you're a casual who got put off by the competition in Tekken 7 but you like Tekken characters, this might be just the game for you.

Major Edit:
As per July 30th, I have played the new update version of Tekken Mobile. Everything went down to drain with this game.

The update added many, many changes to the game, including the "economy rebalance".  Here are the things changed:

1. Fighter Awakening
To level up fighters, you now need an elemental specific Awakening Stones, a new item. So basically, every 15 levels or so, you are required to use these particular items to level up, or you'll be walled / stuck at level 15. It wasn't like this before.
The new levelling system severely restrict newer players from gaining the upper hand from older players. Hell, older players with non max levelled fighters also got screwed by this new update. You can even limit break a maxed out fighter with this feature, provided you have the specific awakening stone AND a duplicate of the fighter you have.

2. Waza can't be received from Fighter Fragments anymore
10 Fighter Fragments converts into a Fighter. Excess fragments grants you Waza Cards for the fighter. Now, they just turned into Crafting Essences. Which isn't so bad, since Crafting Essences are used to craft new waza cards, but the value of the conversion is now severely reduced and the prices for crafting kinda jacked up. On top of that, the Crafting Essences is now also a CURRENCY for purchasing the previously mentioned Fighter Awakening item.

3. Rune System
Gone is the card power up system, replace by Rune System. This system a one use Rune where you can equip runes with certain skills (basically the same as the card power up system), but once you equip it on a certain fighter, you're stuck with that forever.

4. Gacha Pack Prices Adjustments
At first, I was happy to see that the cost for Epic Pack has been reduced from 1 million coins to just 300k coins. But now coin rewards are severely reduced, you can't even reliably get them anymore.

5. No More Level Up Gems
On top of that, levelling up usually gives us 25 Gems (the premium currency). As of this 1.3 update, the Gems rewards are GONE. Seriously, Namco?

Overall, this new update screws the new players a lot. Lucky for those old players who already owned 4 star fighters and managed to level them up to 60. New players will get stuck at level 15 until they managed to buy the Awakening item for each and every fighter they wanted. Sad

Once a decent albeit with flaws game has now turned into a pile of dung with this update. Namco got greedy. End of story.
Bringing Katarina to Ranked.

Still hasn't ranked up yet from Expert.

Finally Katarina reached Brawler!

All I can say is, eff Law. It feels like fighting Tekken Revolution Law.

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