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The Tekken Thread
But you're only 4 hours later than my time zone.
It's the connection that's killing us. >_<

And yeah, Geese doesn't seems to have normal launchers. I had to use CH low sweep as a juggle starter, but that's not really reliable. Never really like WS launchers either.
So finally I get a match going with AceWhatever. The connection to Saudi Arabia is sstill less than ideal, but it's serviceable enough to have a decent match.

Now watch AceWhatever kicks my ass:

The irony of me using a Saudi Arabian character got beaten up by a Saudi Arabian guy using a robot.
Well I'm actually Syrian but since I lived in KSA all my life I may as well be Saudi  Big Grin

There was very little lag for me. The only thing I noticed was that my charged fist juggles were coming out a bit slow and my standard juggle was not working at all. I need to rewire my brain to have alternate juggles for online. I kind of already did that for King because my Tekken partner is still having trouble understanding the tailspin property. He couldn't do a running power bomb ender so I figured out that the shoulder tackle will work in a pinch.

I didn't know Shaheen's Hunting Falcon Dive is juggle starter. Need to watch out for that one. So many comeback losses to that damn move. 

The second set of matches showed that I really need to learn King's pokes better. Andy has Lili's pressure game down to a scary science and all I'm doing is throwing out crazy unsafe moves and hoping for the best. You should upload those matches just so everyone can see my bad attempt at Tiger the Great cosplay  Tongue
I'm not really that good, as I lose a lot too to other players. But, as you wish, here's the video.

Quote:I didn't know Shaheen's Hunting Falcon Dive is juggle starter. Need to watch out for that one. So many comeback losses to that damn move.
Well this one didn't use Hunting Falcon.

For example, the second guy totally shut me down.

That Leo player was using a LOT of fast pokes and unlike me he was in complete control of his spacing.

Good job on countering his overhead heel at least.
That Leo deserved his rank. Big Grin
And now, for something a little bit different:

Lili's Bizarre Adventure.

Still busy hunting monsters here lol If they put back Jackie Chan I'll definitely divide my time between Tekken and Mhw. But for now I'll just wait for the mood to hit me
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[Image: eL4Al3i.png]

[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
Finally found someone in Quick Match. It appears that there are certain time when people are active in Tekken 7.
This Alisa was giving me trouble, though.


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