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The Tekken Thread
It's been fun time, drink time and play time for 2 hours now but my head keeps going back to work. Keeps nagging me about unfinished stuff. I tried playing Tekken but I turned it off after a few minutes. If this keeps up maybe I'll actually go there and bother the night shift so I can finally get that peace of mind haha Big Grin

Silly me, I been drinking pulped juice mixed w alcohol then I went to do stuff when I came back everytime I drink I feel there's some foreign stuff in the drink like a hair or something so I kept spitting the drink 3 times in a row until I decided to turn on the phone's flashlight to see whats going on. Turns out I forgot about the pulps. haha
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Man it was awesome. I had the best time. Thanks, guys! Big Grin

And I got to practice England  Big Grin

Btw, sorry bout the dogs. One of them was poorly raised and only cares about food and eating poop for food. Not our fault I assure you.
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Don't worry about it.
It was fun. Big Grin
Pretty sure I posted a vid the other day about he-man and skeletor. Did I happen to post it elsewhere by mistake and an admin removed it? Or I forgot to hit the "post reply button"?
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Finally managed to upload the thing.

Too bad your communication error kicked all of us out, Oggy. ^^
My monster hunter copy should arrive tomorrow.
Wont be Tekkening for some time if that happens XD
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
This is it, when Skeletor ate his spinach and drank his milk

Always eat your vegetables - No pain, no gain!
Mega Nutrients
Awesome He-Man fights, Oggy and Dippy. XD

Anyway, watching Gura fights Knee in the EVO makes me wonder just how much damage that Matterhorn Rage Art actually did. After 20++ tries, I finally did it once:

High Risk High Reward indeed.

Also met a stronk Dragunov (or maybe I'm not used against him)

Squeezing some time to play Tekken.

I won't let the thread die off. XD

Warming up against Bob.

VS Usurper Hwoarang.

Then back to Monhun.

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