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The Tekken Thread
Hmmm, I think I haven't played with Sanjay for a couple months now. Cos our connection is crappy now compared to the first couple times we played.

Anyway, today's room highlight. Dippy sneaked chloroform in his "last" match for the "night"

And the night's other notable incident, the melon battle! 
K: my melons are bigger than your melons
J: my melons are jugglier than your melons
K: Morrah!
J: eeeyaaaah...!

Edit: do forgive the unruly onlookers Big Grin
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lol. That was great.
Mine's done processing. Maybe I'll upload it tonight.

I was playing Katarina exclusively while knowing nothing about her. She's so damn easy to use, though. Her sweep 4 can be comboed with 4,4,4,4,4,4,4 something and it deals massive damage for no effort at all.
If you learn her combos, she's a monster with generic launchers. Easily takes away half opponent's life on counter hit. I dropped her for being too straightforward though. After a while it felt like I been neglecting other aspects of training  Undecided
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Messing around with Katarina. (mostly)

Acewhatever stars in Pronhub

The visual is laggy though, prepare for a headache Sad

Hey Ace, how did you like my Hwoarang? Cuter than Lucky Chloe specially with those longer legs.
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O_o you guys were at 0 bars?!?
Yeah it was between 0 & 2 but way better than when we played with Dippy. The worst problem was just the constant combo dropping but otherwise I was fine with it.

That Hwoaranag will haunt my dreams for weeks...
Juggles be one of the minor problems. Because of lag I spend more time looking at my char than my opponent. I need to see if the game accepts my input or neglects it in which case I have to redo.  Then sometimes I want a quick recovery but instead I do a get up kick because I see my character falling to the ground but it was actually already lying down. Then I tried all options faster than !15 hopkick at round start including !11 magic 4 but still gets beaten.  All these eating up your attention then suddenly the opponent decides to attack or has already attacked because lag T_T
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Yeah, lag sucks.

Anyway, I'm back in the game against Kingjuyjuy:

This guy gotta be the strongest Gigas player I've ever faced.

Geebus. He's way above Dippy's level of annoying.

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