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The Tekken Thread
I showed up at Abuget Cup. Had a chance to actually fight Saint, and since it's using fight stick, I have a major handicap... against Saint. Goes as well as you expected, I got totally destroyed. XD

And this cup, I must say, there's an unexpected matchup.

Sightings of Saint, AK, and Tanukana...'s backside. XD

From my point of view in the audience.

Can't believe they used Shaheen and Bob!

And this is a very unexpected final.

It was a fun fight.

Ever since that thing with Indonesian internet you and Dippy mentioned, our connection returned to ultra laggy. But I did notice that our connections dropped one bar with the 1.03 update that supposedly fixed match-making issues in random and ranked.

I noticed from recording my ranked matches that I repeat the same moves and strategy when I play on weekdays cos I'm tired. But today is a Sunday, I got nearly 8 hours sleep and played treasure battle for half an hour, I can still SEE !16 lows and react to !20 and slower ones. I thought those days were gone with age. Seems stress was the actual culprit this past 2 years Big Grin

I been too immersed at work the past 2 months I only remembered to visit my friend today. He's got spare hardware now he'd prepare them tomrow so I can pick them up after work and so I can revive the old pc at least I can play Civ and Galciv again when I'm tired.
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Oggy's connection to me is back to normal!
Haven't got the chance to upload the whole thing, but here's the fun part:

We were laughing so hard at this. XD
Apparently, Akuma has sensitive toes.
Actually I been planning to do it in case I don't die but turned out funnier than I expected Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
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Lol just logged in to watch. Still made me laugh Big Grin
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So yeah, Oggy beat me. I got no chance of winning.
Nah. You was sleepy and I had some training in the morning. No pain, no gain says Paul.

Eventually he got tired of winning and left me still wanting some more masochism Big Grin
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I'm not sure whether to start a new thread or not, but since this is a general Tekken thread, here it is:

Tekken for iOS/Android, and it looked 2D.
Where's Lili?!? And why is there Marduk in it?!?

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