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The Tekken Thread
"Prefers running away."
Yeah, that's the current generation of Revolution players. They have the tools (invincible red moves) to actually play like that. I mean, if it's tactical running away, sure, I can accept that. But moving backwards 90% of the time?

Let's see them get destroyed in Tekken 7. Big Grin

On the news:

Quote:In this new Tekken 7 interview, Katsuhiro Harada has been asked about a possible cross-platform play implementation. The game’s director confirmed that the team is currently looking into it and that it’s not too difficult to accomplish. The team already has an idea on how to proceed, but there are a few issues that have to be solved. Katsuhiro Harada specifically mentioned that they’re considering the benefits of having a larger player base versus issues such as cheating on PC.

Definitely cheating on pc is a problem. Only way I can see them preventing that is by asking for player reports (replay data included) and implementing harsh penalty(ies).
Mega Nutrients
I checked the delayed WGF/EWGF thing I do with Heihachi. Turns out, I actually double crouch dash where you input the just-frame right punch during the second dash.
-cd with f, n, d, d/f...
-second cd's f, n,... input will serve as normal cd cancel but also buffer for second cd input.
-follow with d, d/f+limb

I can only practice 2 crouch dashes. Cpu will hit you anytime you're not guarding. 2nd cd is already a risk against computer. Lazy programming considering how far computer games have come today.

BTW, anybody notice that when you start winning against an online opponent in Tekken, you will not find the same player in the next random match. But if you lose, you will still be pitted against him the next match. I have lots of experience with that in Revolution. I believe losers deliberately avoid connecting right away in order to avoid you. Anyone else think so?
Mega Nutrients
In Revolution, yes. In fact, I sometimes stopped playing when pitted against someone that's really good and come back later. No point in getting curbstomped by someone who obviously way beyond your level. You learned nothing.

Speaking of which, Oggy Ten, you still interested in casual practice with me?
(06-26-2016, 08:28 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: In Revolution, yes. In fact, I sometimes stopped playing when pitted against someone that's really good and come back later. No point in getting curbstomped by someone who obviously way beyond your level. You learned nothing.

Speaking of which, Oggy Ten, you still interested in casual practice with me?

Yes, definitely. But I haven't been playing much since my pc got fixed haha. Only time I played was during the time I posted about EWGF stuff.

The other time that I played is what made me ask about players avoiding me when I win. In your case I know the experience about not learning anything when pitted against an opponent out of your league. But the more common thing is that they just avoid you because they don't want you to win more than then have. The last time I played for example - If there are good scrubs, my opponent is superlative at what he does. He is the perfect scrub. He has perfected his Jin moves with I can only assume experience from thousands of matches. He even knows how to sidestep Kazuya. He won six matches because my hands were still tense. But by the sixth match, he saw I did double backdashes and was able to pull off one EWGF win. After having won 6-0 matches, he was so full of himself he tried showing off that he can also do backdash cancels at the start of 7th match. But I was no longer tense during 7th match, I won 3 straight rounds and showed him where he belongs. He is no longer available after that. 

That's what scrubs get to accomplish. They satisfy themselves with perfecting the art of scrubbing that they look very cool but cower in the face of defeat. How can a player become good by avoiding that tactics that beat them, right? I mean, combine all the online matches I played with TTT2 and Revolution (our matches included) and I probably only played a little over 100 online matches during my entire career but I beat a player who has perfected his wax-on/wax-off and up-down/side-side... Bottom line: Because I don't mind losing.
I have this condition that when I desire winning so much, my hands and arms get very tense. I don't experience it against formidable opponents and certainly not against you or my ex-Tekken buddies. It usually happen against inferior opponents, because that's when the desire to prove something is strongest. I actually play like a virgin. On worse occasions, I can never do normal godfist and don't even know how to oki when the opponent is down. 

Anyway, I availed of yet another internet upgrade. They said it will be done within the next two days. Hopefully we can play without lag and I can finally play with people from Europe.
Mega Nutrients
Can I join in too?
That depends on whether I'm recording or not.
AceWhatever, what country do you live in?
If you're not around Asia, I think our connection will be horrible. ^^;
But sure, why not. It wouldn't hurt to try. Big Grin
I live in Saudi Arabia in the GMT+3 time zone, so that puts me in Asia Big Grin

If you're in the GMT+8 time zone we should only be 5 hours apart. I can catch you between 9-11:30 pm your time on weekdays and around 2 hours earlier on weekends depending on when I wake up.

I played all 4 PS3 Tekkens with people around the world and even on 1-2 bar connections people don't have a problem juggling the crap out of me so we should be good. Tongue
Hey hey! I am GMT+8. I'm quite certain Andy is closer to you. Maybe we can make one of those room thingies in online TTT2. Finally... Training buddies! Awesome! =D

My current internet, if set at connection level 3+ will only let me play against Taiwan and Japan (judging from their user names). But I have high hopes for this upgrade. Fingers crossed.
24 hours passed. They said within 48 hours so I'll give them patience...

BTW, What's your PSN ID? Mine is LOUXIECUTE named after my daughter. When I use my female toon in GTA online they treat me like a girl lol.
Mega Nutrients
Mine is actually GMT+7.
Let's try it out then. Big Grin

Edit: GGs, Oggy Ten. Your Jack is super annoying. XD
It doesn't looked laggy, but there's small lag. I'm dropping my combo like stupid there. ^^;
Will upload the video. There are 18 matches, and the size is 5gb. My internet can't upload that fast, so just be patient. Big Grin

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