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The Tekken Thread
Nah, I'll post our matches nonetheless. I see that you're starting to beat my LiliKuni, so I switched to Paul. And hey, I used the most useless Paul move ever, b+2!
Besides, it's colorful customization from you. XD

Swimsuit Match!

nah, it's just the lag. Besides, Bryan and Asuka just happen to have moves that cover more distance than the other characters I dabbled in so far.
Mega Nutrients
Day before yesterday I finally accepted that I'm not getting any better with that weeny Japanese lever. The past half year I tried everything I could think of to compensate and I'm just not improving anymore. I had to stop playing cos the nagging itch that tells me to hold the lever upright won't go away and it's physically agitating my hand. That night I understood how phantom pain feels like. My hands want to be upright so it can move properly but the stick is too short to be held upright. The longer I played, the more painful it got so I stopped and didn't play yesterday too as well hoping my hands just needed rest.

But when I tried playing again today, my hand just kept telling me subconsciously that it knows it has improved to the point that the Hori stick is just hindering any more progress. So again I quit. In frustration, I stuck a plastic coke bottle cap on top of the ball handle and wrapped it in tape just so I can test if my hand was telling the truth about the feel of having a bat handle.

It was very enlightening. The motions ARE easier. But longer stick demanded tugging father from the center so it was a bit of a burden on my unaccustomed wrist. The spring also feels weak now so I understand now why they say Korean levers demand stronger springs "so the lever can snap back faster".

Any day now, Imma look at the handware store for stronger spring... And another plastic bottle cap. Just one cap doesn't make it long enough for my thumb to grip.
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You know, if you do that, it's no longer a fight stick, but a fight lever. ^^;
Anyway, I recorded some matches with Kunimitsu in a 2B's cosplay.

(04-24-2017, 07:27 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: You know, if you do that, it's no longer a fight stick, but a fight lever. ^^

Haha now that's funny  Big Grin

But really, I'd prefer a fight lever now. Japanese stick is too small.

Errr, yeah it won't sound like a pun if you don't watch Japanese porn. But if you do, it's your fault, not mine.  

Exclamation Oops almost used a tongue emoticon while talking about Japanese stick...
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Get hyped!

Also, Story Mode Montage.

Eh, we can play the opening of Tekken 5! Awesome!
Haven't been paying attention to hype til I saw, Eliza sample gameplay. I played the vid because I know it's important... Turns out she got great @ss lol
Mega Nutrients
So, today I stopped work on alternating characters cos T7 is just 1 month away. I gotta return to working on fundamentals even tho I feel I still need time to improve my stick wielding.I find the new spring is hard on my arms and not the wrist. Muscles must be unaccustomed to performing such motions with load.

Anyway, since I'm getting back to fundamentals, I picked Karate Jin instead of Kaz or Hei. In the middle of throwing out random moves, I happen to execute his ws+2 launcher and my body immediately reacted with b,f+2,1, 1, b,f+2,1,2 an old juggle of Mishima Jin from T3 and Tag1 (the final hit whiffed tho). Since I'm no longer using pad, it's not muscle memory. More like subconscious memory. Such is the case when Tekken is life. Afterall, there was a time in my gaming career when I alternated playing Tekken and SRW 50/50 Big Grin

Edit: Anyway, here is the vid I mentioned earlier. Eliza and her glorious ass.

I am now definitely going to play Eliza specially in that outfit. Her and Katarina in T7.

Edit2: Oh, I haven't told anybody yet there were semesters in college when I didn't enroll and played games all day long from afternoon to daybreak of the next day everyday Big Grin
Those were good times. I had all the time in the world to finish difficult games in hardest difficulty or just try out NBA and WWE because some f the more casual guys play those.
Mega Nutrients
I'm not a good player, but I really enjoy playing Tekken. So I guess I'll preorder the game today. Big Grin

Anyway, continuing on while waiting for Tekken 7 is the Lili & Kunimitsu swimsuit matches.


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