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The Tekken Thread
Glad to see you can make something out of our matches. I'm pretty sure you can beat me when you've figured out my tricks, shenanigans, and my friggin' habit. Big Grin

Anyway, the condition of the match isn't exactly ideal, I drop juggles many times. But, it was playable, at least compared to our clash last year.

Although, sorry to disappoint, but I don't want to upload our matches for one reason or another. Hope you understand. ^^
It's ok, you got your reasons. And yep, I missed a lot of juggles too. I figure I should be memorizing the timing of juggles instead of relying on visual confirmation. When connection becomes slow, I see the opponent in the air but it's actually on its way to the ground.
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However, I do can provide you with this pic.
[Image: 160509-2106-52fpkd3.jpg]

Good job on nailing them both. Too bad Kaz looked so evil compared to Andy Bogard and Terry doesn't actually have stubbles. He he.
Slim Bob worked better for me as Terry cosplay, and for kicks I got Leo to look like Mark of the Wolves Terry XD
Hey, found out our tv has screenshot function as long as a usb drive is inserted. Without further ado... Terry Bogard X Tekken:
(Just don't click on the images. photobucket refuses to show more than one image unless linked to their site)

[Image: ff00.jpg]

[Image: ffxt01.jpg]

[Image: ffxt02.jpg]

[Image: ffxt03.jpg]

[Image: ffxt04.jpg]

[Image: ffxt05.jpg]

[Image: ffxt06.jpg]

[Image: ffxt07a.jpg]

[Image: ffxt07b.jpg]

Apologies for a second post. Board only allow 10 images per post

Again, Do not click on  the images =)

[Image: ffxt08.jpg]

[Image: ffxt09a.jpg]

[Image: ffxt09b.jpg]

[Image: ffxt09c.jpg]

[Image: ffxt10.jpg]

[Image: ffxt11.jpg]
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Edit: Buster Wolf was missing something. Here is an updated version

[Image: ffxt08b_1.jpg]
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Session #5

The full 1 hour match:
Session #6 is a go. I need more practice.

Get ready for the next battle.
Session #7


Big news came out of the Kelot Cup tournament from the Tekken 7 Fated Retribution producer Nakatsu. First off, the arcade version of Tekken 7 Fated Retribution will be planning on using a new arcade business model when it launches. As pointed out on stream, this business model for T7FR means that the game will be getting long time support and managed long after it goes live in arcades in July.

Nakatsu surprised both Hameko and Yuu on the mic when he said that alongside new characters Akuma and Nina, 'Many More' characters are currently planned on being added for Tekken 7 Fated Retribution.

So basically, Namco is milking those arcade players even more. And more importantly, it means Tekken 7 FR for console will be releasing... sometime in 2020. Good job, Namco.

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