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The Tekken Thread
Now that we have a Dead or Alive thread, time to put a Tekken thread as well.

The newest Tekken is Tekken 7 Fated Retribution, which is currently only available to play in Japanese Arcades as location test. I'm not sure if it's still available to play or has the arcades there reverted back to Tekken 7 vanilla. Tekken 7FR features a guest star from Street Fighter series: Akuma/Gouki, where he plays exactly like a Street Fighter IV character.

The other Tekken series is supposed to be Tekken x Street Fighter. But after 6 years of announcement, I truly believe that Namco has canned this game, swept it under the rug, gives vague answers everytime someone asked, and hope it dies quietly.

One Tekken game that has actually seen console release is actually Pokken Tournament aka Pokemon  Tekken. It's exclusive for Wii U (and arcades), featuring variety of Pokemon with two phase of gameplay, one resembling arena combat, the other resembling Tekken. In fact, some of the moves those Pokemon use are ripped off Tekken.

The last Tekken we can play on consoles is Tekken Revolution, and  that game is the closest thing we got to Tekken 7. Too bad it's free-to-play, requiring battle coins (aka stamina system), and has multitude of problems. The problem is mainly from the new breed of players abusing the system, such as:

1. Red moves abusers (aka invincible move)

They are players who only knows one or two moves (red move and grab). They usually stay very still, waiting for the opponent to approach, then do either the grab, or the red move. These players also usually has 200 POW to kill you very quick.
2. Player who walk backwards all the time
This is a breed of players who only walk backwards all the time, and if we approach, they either do one or two move, and go back to walking backwards. They usully never blocks low.
3. Hackers with 99999 power kills you in one hit.

Since Tekken Revolution uses stats to boost your attack power (POW), HP (STA), and Critical Rate (VIG), hackers has found a way to edit those numbers and gives them an unfair advantage. Good idea introducing stats to a fighting game, Harada!
4. Lazuya Revolution Players
Another type of players who uses Kazuya and typically walk backwards, turns into Devil Kazuya, and laser you from afar. If you're close, he will either grab you, or use the red move. I've seen someone with over 10.000 wins plays like this.
5. Law 50/50 Dragon Tail/Dragon Arrow (red move) abuser
Law is basically the most used character in Tekken Revolution, thanks to his 50/50 mechanics. He has a fast Dragon Tail that hits low, and he has the best Red Move in the game because he jumps backward first before throwing out that Dragon Arrow. So really, it's 50/50 whether you need to block low or mid. It's not Tekken Revolution if you didn't meet this kind of player.

While it's free-to-play and I actually have fun playing with friends, I don't recommend Tekken Revolution at all. If you learned Tekken via Tekken Revolution, you're going to think that Red Moves are staple of Tekken, and you're going to be isolated in this game. Try to move to other Tekken will get you destroyed. Therefore, most people actually goes back to play Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

However, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 itself has a bunch of problems, mainly it's not newbie friendly. One little mistake in that game will cost you the match. Most good players will not let you get up from the ground, and you will spend most of your time getting juggled by the opponent. Most newbies I know ragequitted out from that game.
Let's face it, it's hard to memorize the common moves of over 50 characters, which is required if you want to have a competitive edge. The tag mechanics also means you have to learn at least two characters. Well, you could go solo, but you'll have some disadvantages.

Seeing that Tekken 7 Fated Retribution will release sometime in Fall for arcades, I doubt it will be released in consoles anytime soon. Maybe in 2020. Therefore, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 is still the best Tekken for last gen consoles that's available to play.

Here's Lili & Kunimitsu Ranked Matches in Tekken Tag Tournament 2 showcase. Big Grin

My review of Tekken Mobile here:
(04-22-2016, 02:09 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: The other Tekken series is supposed to be Tekken x Street Fighter. But after 6 years of announcement, I truly believe that Namco has canned this game, swept it under the rug, gives vague answers everytime someone asked, and hope it dies quietly.

Yeah TxSF is pretty much in development limbo now, but at least Akuma in T7 means they a salvaged a bit of the work done on the game.
I knew Tekken x Street Fighter is unlikely to proceed, but finally hearing it...
Well, at least it's not totally canned. Harada said "The project is not stopped, but paused."

Here I am hoping Kunimitsu will be announced any time soon for Tekken 7. Big Grin
Tekken x SF was in limbo since forever, is just that Harada was phrasing it differently.

Oh, and speaking of Pokken; it's has been a surprise hit and is beating the living daylights of SFV on console sales (SFV is still short of 500k sales). Unfortunately Pokken arcade version isn't doing that well, in fact I haven't seen any records of it's success (which hints that it's soso money wise)
Since no Tekken 7 console, I'll just continue my Tekken Tag Tournament 2.

Session #2:

Session #3

Session #4

Andy, you need a punching bag, let me know. I tried something with my internet hopefully it will not lag as horribly as last time.
I badly need a proper opponent. 
Lobbies in tag 2 are always empty except for Europe and Asia. In Europe I get 1-bar connection so it's a no-go. In Asia I only find 1-5 Japanese players but most of the time lobby is empty.
I maybe need like 20-200 matches to get a good feel of things again. Don't feel bad about kicking my ass that's how I studied Street Fighter, KoF and Tekken 3. I'm facing 2 problems currently - my brain doesn't recognize the dozens of tricks and moves that weren't in Tekken 5 and second, I have forgotten how to react against human opponents.
Mega Nutrients
Sure, I happen to upgrade my connection a bit too. Let's see if we're still connecting with one bar or not. ^^;

Edit: done my session with Oggy Ten.
Sometimes we're doing serious fight, sometimes we're doing stupid fight. XD
The connection dwindles between playable and 'kinda laggy', but mostly playable.
@Oggy Ten: I believe you noticed that I don't really play anyone else beside Lili and Kunimitsu. So I mostly mess around with other characters. Big Grin
You're quite good, able to do EWGF in a not so good connection like that. GG man.

For casual play, I'd suggest you to not use the lobby or the World Arena, though. Just use Quick Match and set the connection to 3.
I usually do that, and can get several opponents with good connection.
Lol thanks. Tried playing again after a movie but turns out my thumb was tired. Ended up watching the replays. It was good to see I didn't look as bad in replay like I did in real-time.

Even though I got beat 2 dozen times, you made my day. It's rare I go to sleep not agonizing about why my father and people around him haven't met miss karma yet. 

If it's no bother can you U/L the match on youtube and here too? I don't have one of those video capture contraptions you see.. I specially like the Bogard brothers. I still laugh uncontrollably even though I watched em a number of times already.

Edit: It was the only time I actually used those costumes that's why I find it extra hilarious.
Edit2: I keep forgetting to say thanks. Ungrateful me.
Mega Nutrients

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