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70s/80s Super Robot Shows
So I've seen a good majority of the shows included in SRW aside from a lot of the 70s and 80s Super Robot shows and wanted to know if any of them are worth watch some 50+ episodes. It generally seems like they are included in SRW so you have some space baddies to fight and the plot never seems very involved. Stuff like Mazinger and Getter Robo seems like if you know the premise of the show then you are set.

I watched all 64 episodes of Godmars and after that I'm less than enthused to commit to another series like that. I did however enjoy Zambot 3. I've thought about watching Daitarn 3. Just wanted some opinions.
Daitarn 3 feels more like a Bond movie, with robots. I haven't watched more than 1 episode, though.

Some of the show I watched in the last few years was:
- Aura Battler Dunbine (unless you like Tomino, the show's kinda pointless in the end, not recommended)
- Dankuuga (disappointed that they never combined in the first half of the show, even then, you won't get to see the usual stuffs you see in SRW, as they're from the movies IIRC, and I didn't watch the movies. Not recommended).
- Getter Robo & Getter Robo G (I am never disappointed at this classic. Big Grin)
- Dangaioh (only 4 episode OVA IIRC, you should watch it)

I don't remember more.
God Mars is one of those shows that feels outdated even for its time, so I can understand your caution after that. I never finished it.

Brygar is pretty good, and more episodic - I don't know if I'd call it great, but I enjoyed watching it (it's a hell of a lot better than God Mars!) Same for Baxingar, although fan subbing stalled on that last I checked.

I've heard good things about GoShogun, which of course amazingly got an R1 DVD release not that long ago, so I'll probably be checking that out myself. I've been holding off on watching the famed Time Étranger OVA follow up for years to see it in proper order.

Dancougar is not great, but it's...maybe worth skipping around. It wastes a lot of time, frustratingly. The last one third or so is good and proper anime, so maybe watch some of the first half then go to that (don't miss the Space Jesus Guest Starring Frankenstein episode). It has this problem of having a great cast in a lame mostly episodic plot nobody cares about, featuring Norio Wakamoto hamming it up in a fun role. Years later, Dancougar Nova has a great cast in a lame mostly episodic plot nobody cares about, featuring Norio Wakamoto hamming it up in a fun role. Although I don't think they replicated the situation intentionally!
I really enjoyed Baldios.

And maybe not super, but Layzner was good too.
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Oh yeah, Goshogun. I enjoyed the show too, but that was when I was young. Voltes V, Goshogun, Godsigma.
Baxingar will be fully released in one batch.

Combattler V is worth a watch (2nd half does not exist, it ends at ep26 (or was it 25?!)), it is the most OP mecha of the old classics (and The Sexiest too).
IIRC the good stuff of Dancouga came from the OVAs and movies. Great, memorably characters (at least in my opinion), but ultimately forgettable plot (I say the same thing about Dancouga Nova). Super Robot Wars is probably the main reason its remembered, and much of what people remember probably comes from SRW.

I enjoyed Zeorymer, it's short but fun for a quick romp (originally came out in 1988, so it qualifies).

Dangaioh is good, but I suspect I never finished it.

Iczer might not fit the bill entirely, and I have mixed feelings about it personally. I mean you can try it, but if you struggle to get through Iczer One, don't get the rest.

I can't really speak to Ideon, Albegas, and a few others, because I haven't seen them yet.
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Zeorymer, I like. I also like Dangaioh, and it's only 4 episodes (or 6, I forgot), why haven't you finished it yet, DairuggerXV?!?
Actually, a quick wiki search showed there were three episodes, and they were all released internationally. However, I believe my "I've never finished watching it," feeling is likely because the ending I saw made the show feel unfinished.
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That might be true. IIRC ...
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Dangaioh got destroyed in the end, and the enemy never did got finished off.

So yeah. ^^

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