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70s/80s Super Robot Shows
Lol painfully funny and accurate. Stabs the Super Robo heart in me but thruth is truth Sad
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Are there any particular episodes of Mazinger/Getter/Combattler/etc worth watching? Between the manga and various OVAs I know the plots of Mazinger Z/Great Mazinger and Getter Robo/G pretty well but I'd still maybe enjoy watching a few episodes of each to see how they compare to the manga.
Isn't the manga kinda different from the anime?
Getter Robo's manga is quite bloody, while the anime stays tame for the most part.

Don't know about Mazinger Z, since I've never actually watched the original series. I only watched some of Grendizer's.
I know if nothing else the first episode of Mazinger Z and Getter Robo are good watches. At least a little is worth it since, well...go watch something like Super Friends, then watch Mazinger Z. It's amazing to go from the clean but dry and repetitive look of a stock Hanna-Barbera joint to the raw, dirty, colorful, explosive hyper violence that is Mazinger in comparison.

But yeah, I too am curious if there's any particular guides out there to the best bits. Especially for, say, Voltes V and Daimos, since I know those have a particularly high reputation next to the many super robot shows of their same years.
Distilling these old shows down to a few "essential" episodes is a whole other can of worms because you get into a lot of splitting hairs over what episodes to watch and what to skip. It's also kind of difficult to do without spoiling anything unless someone had actually bothered to keep detailed notes of what happens in each episode.

And like Andy said most manga of Go Nagai mecha differ a lot from the anime, particularity Getter Robo which not only gets crazy violent (like how later animated depictions of Getter are) but frequently veers into body horror gore-ville. I'm actually interested in the perspective of someone weaned on the Getter mangas watching the original anime & G for the first time.
I somehow managed to go through Mazinger Z's 92 episodes wasn't really that bad considering I grew up watching classic anime but I couldn't enjoy Great Mazinger after that because many episodes were basically a rehash of an older Z episodes just with different characters and names and it was really terrible how the Mikenese Warrior Beast's were mostly mindless fighting machines unlike the ones from the film "Mazinger Vs Ankoku Daishogun" but there were few that actually weren't mute and had personalities.

Speaking of Manga Getter Robo it's really something the continuity is very good I feel the jump from Dinosaur Empire to Hundred Demon Empire was better overall bridging the end was better than the TV series. Like said it was also very violent it Hayato was basically a maniacal freak and the final Dinosaur Empire chapter had a very graphic scene that was probably a Ken Ishikawa tribute to Devilman's last chapter. Overall the manga is very good I really recommend it.
(02-09-2018, 07:17 PM)AceWhatever Wrote: Combattler V / Voltes V: 50/50 on this one. Voltes is basically edgier Combattler (notice that I didn't say darker, because Combattler frequently gets a bit grim in some episodes). Skim through the episodes.

And you know what i found, those episodes were directed by (you guessed it) Tomino LOL.
He and Nagahama were buddies btw, one of the reason of his early depression too.
I read most of the Getter Robo manga while I was in college but I never got around to read Getter Robo Arc. So I just spent the last few weeks rereading everything again including Arc. Makes me really wish SRW would include the manga Getter Robo Go and then Arc.

I think Go had the best continuous/coherent story line but Shin and Arc were pretty amazing if a little incoherent. Would loved to have seen how Ishikawa wanted to finish the story.

I'd say that all the Getter Robo anime aside from the original and G hewed closer to the manga; not necessarily in plot but in tone and especially in the depiction of Getter Rays. Getter Robo Armageddon was especially inspired by Getter Robo Go. It seemed like after Imagawa left they didn't know where to take the story so they just sorta tried to adapt Go.
(03-04-2018, 03:07 PM)Dougtron Wrote: I'd say that all the Getter Robo anime aside from the original and G hewed closer to the manga

i would say Getter Robo Go Anime is the same too.

Getter Robo Armageddon is actually a direct sequel to the Getter Robo Moon War Radio Drama.
Now if only I can get a translation of Getter Robo Moon War somewhere...

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