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70s/80s Super Robot Shows
And then ewe got the mess that is G-Dangaioh.

About Dancouga, there is was a whole build up about Saphiro and his own Beast Project, the girl and the song and many little plots that got ignored when it was cancelled.
I think i have read the original plot somewhere and it was much more interesting.
Anyway, all that build up was for nothing.

This may not be well known but the same thing happened with Dancouga Nova, they changed the original direction (which was really interesting) and went with "generic".
All those hints in the first 6 episodes went nowhere.

I hate when this happen, feel betrayed ~_~
But for all that's worth, I enjoyed Dancouga Nova.
The kickass opening song also helps. Big Grin
I enjoyed Dancouga Nova too... but for me that was more the characters than the plot. Actually, a lot of my favorites I've enjoyed more for the characters and/or world than the plot. As much as a good plot helps, if I don't care about the characters or world involved, I just can't sit through it. Meanwhile, I'll gladly sit through plot that is complete garbage to enjoy watching characters I like, or learning more about the world its set in.
FGO-US ID: 889,746,583
Wasted potential is all i'm saying, we could have got more.
There was supposed to be a plot twist concerning that scientist guy among other abandoned sub-plots iirc.
And yes @Andy, thats one hell of an OP.
It makes me wonder what about the two Dancougas that caused the wasted potential: Executive Meddling? Writer Shenanigans? Legal Shenanigans (as in change this story or I will sue)? I'm not expecting anyone here to actually have that answer. However, I do wonder what would happen if they tried telling the "What could have been" stories over the canon stories in an SRW.
FGO-US ID: 889,746,583
Well, the first one was cancelled and continued because of the characters popularity, and guess what, 20 years later the semi-sequel got reduced from a 26 episodes series to what we got.
I watched original Dancouga the series got wasted after a few episodes plot wise they lost their sense of direction they might have planned for more episodes but got cancelled early on because the last few episode were very rushed.
The post TV-cliffhanger OVA was somewhat good, there are also some alternative OVA's with Shapiro (from the 90's) that I didn't watch yet (no subs).

I enjoyed GodMars for the 1st half that was also made into a movie the Untold Legend OVA is worth to watch it's very good.
The series had the same issue that plagued Combattler V's 2nd part there's almost no point of a continuation without an adversary that puts the first badguy to a shame.

Aura Battler Dunbine is very good but I couldn't handle the Tomino tidal wave at the end.

When SRWBX was announced I decide to watch both Giant Gorg and Galient TV/OVA's both show have a good story and very well done characters.

I still didn't finished my run with Jeeg, SPT Layzner, L-Gaim I need a long vacation Smile
Good to see you back.
Iiked the OVA sequel too but what do you mean by alternatives? is it the Burning Epilogue? because msubs released 3 OVAs already, 1 to go and we will have every Dancouga Anime subbed.
How does Jeeg compare to Grendaizer and old Getter?
(02-06-2018, 07:31 AM)Vincent Wrote: Good to see you back.
Iiked the OVA sequel too but what do you mean by alternatives? is it the Burning Epilogue? because msubs released 3 OVAs already, 1 to go and we will have every Dancouga Anime subbed.
How does Jeeg compare to Grendaizer and old Getter?

It's good to be back Smile

I can't really judge yet it only watched 12 episodes it does feel more like watching Great Mazinger episodes than Getter G/Grendizer it seems that the same studio team was doing Jeeg while the Getter G people were running Grendizer along with others like Araki who had some signature touches on that show.
Ok I've been saving up for when I had time to type the whole thing so here goes (not including stuff that isn't in SRW or movies/short OVAs):

Mazinger Z: Pretty damn long, but worth skimming through the episodes to catch the interesting bits.

Getter Robo / Getter Robo G: The dynamic between the three main pilots is interesting at times, but Musashi's inferiority complex and Benkei's wishy washiness early on are a chore to watch. The bad guys behave pretty much the same as in the Mazinger shows but look less interesting visually. The villains in the Mazinger shows look pretty creepy with their "no fucks about proper anatomy given" designs, while the Dinosaur and Demon empire characters just look like humans wearing silly costumes. Still, I'm 50/50 on whether you should watch or skip this.

Great Mazinger: Skim through the episodes. Tetsuya spends most of the show coming off as an insufferable sexist dipshit. Most episodes involve Jun and Boss trying to fight the MotW(s) then failing miserably and having to be bailed by Tetsuya who just repeatedly tells them that they suck.

Grendizer: Kind of hard to be objective about this since I grew up watching it so maybe someone else can weigh in. The first 19-ish episodes before Kouji ditches his shitty yellow saucer can be a bit of a slog, and Daisuke can compete with Tetsuya in the "Whose life is more miserable?" category. Skim through the early episodes.

Gaiking / Daltanias: Both are awful and best avoided. Gaiking establishes an interesting premise of the Sanshiro using his pshycic powers to fight effectively then drops it after the second episode. Daltanias  fights with one sword then pulls out another sword just to do his finisher which is dumb as hell. Both shows have some of the worst examples of "dumb fat character does something stupid and nearly gets everyone killed" episodes in the genre.

Combattler V / Voltes V: 50/50 on this one. Voltes is basically edgier Combattler (notice that I didn't say darker, because Combattler frequently gets a bit grim in some episodes). Skim through the episodes.

Zambot 3: Definitely worth a watch, but I'm not sure if it'll help you enjoy SRW more plotwise aside from maybe the first Z game.

Daitarn 3: Skim or avoid. Most episodes are basically a competition for "Who has the dumbest reason to join the Meganoids?)

Ideon: Worth a watch.

Golion: Skim or avoid. Nothing remarkable about this show other than the occasional over the top violence.

God Mars: Seeing as you've already suffered through it, you're safe. The big problem with this show is that once you've watched one fight you've pretty much watched 99% of the fights in the show. For everyone else, skim the episodes.

Braiger: The mecha show that forgets it's a mecha show until the last 3 minutes. Boring villain and boring finale. Skim.

Dancougar: "Hey what if we took the idea of a super robot and buried it in the stupid bureaucracy of operating under strict military supervision? What? That's the dumbest idea you ever heard? Well tough bananas we did it anyway." One of the frequent SRW shows that looks way more awesome than it actually is. Things just happen so the plot can trudge along, the commanding officer is a colossal moron, and Shapiro is a garbage villain who accomplishes fuck-all-nothing. Avoid and watch Dancouga attack videos from SRW@3 & J and that's all you'll ever need to know about Dancougar. Also take a shot of whiskey every time someone recommends you this show "because Norio Wakamoto".

Ninja Robot Tobikage: An interesting concept dragged down by a troubled production and inconclusive ending. Skim.

Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos: Like Dancougar, SRW makes this out to be way cooler than it actually is. Unlike Dancougar though this show is the good kind of bonkers stupid. Imagine if someone took his old Machine Robo/Gobot toys, threw in his Gordian toy then wrote a D&D campaign about them loosely inspired by Fist of the North Star (don't take that comparison too seriously though, the FotNS similarities are superficial at best). The big problem is that because the main robot and his gimmick is re-purposed completely from an older toy, all forms show up immediately in the first episode and afterwards the show just makes shit up as it goes along because following a consistent rule-set is for chumps. Watch or skim.

Goshogun: Another show like Braiger where the focus is more on the characters. Slightly better than Braiger in that regard and in the mecha action department but that isn't saying much. It also has one of the most useless implementation of a three pilot robot in the genre. They mention once or twice that Goshogun requires all 3 pilots, but it is never crippled in any way when one pilot is missing and routinely wins battles despite that. Worth a watch but avoid the movie like the plague.

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