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Places to pre-order Asian region games that AREN'T Play Asia
Does this topic title sound familiar? Because I am pretty sure I asked the same thing on the old boards. Which are now gone. And I errr uhh forgot what the results were. Oops!

Anyway, for the sake of options (and because in general I haven't had the best experiences with them), I am wondering if there's anywhere else aside from Play Asia to pre-order Asian versions of games with, obviously, English language editions of stuff in mind, like the upcoming Super Robot Wars X, Full Metal Panic game, etc.

Now, after the games are out, you can find them at places like eBay, Amazon, etc. I know some sellers do pseudo pre-orders on some items on eBay, but I haven't found any for these. I thought I remembered coming up, but they only have Chinese and Japanese versions.

Failing that, it would also be nice to know any other places that allow PSN currency to be purchased from relevant regions the English languages versions could be bought from digitally, hopefully at a fair mark up.
There are a number of places to get PSN cards for Singapore (english asian PSN) region. I googled some places and apparently a site called offers a variety of PSN cards digitally for pretty good prices.

As for english Asian pre-orders? Doesn't seem to be any aside from play-asia, they seem to be the main ones promoting imports in general and probably caught Namco Bandai's interest with all these english Asian releases....
For PSN Card, lately I like SEA Gamer Mall (
The prices are great, not too steep like my local shops.

Don't know about other site than Play-Asia.
As far as English Aisa versions go, Play-Asia is the usually the only place. After the Dead Or Alive X3 Marie Rose incident, and also heavily endorsed DOAX3 they became pretty much the primary retailer with the ability to ship most places, . Since they have a large customer base that can ship out all over asia which is where the english versions are meant to be sold, (Not NA and Europe despite what people believe) Bamco, Koei Techmo, and other publishers that now release English asia versions often solely sell them through them as far as the major online retailers go.

You MIGHT be able to try Ami-Ami, butt they rearely ever carry the english versions anymore
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
(01-24-2018, 10:18 AM)Top Nep Wrote: AAfter the Dead Or Alive X3 Marie Rose incident, and also heavily endorsed DOAX3 they became pretty much the primary retailer with the ability to ship most places, .

What Marie Rose incident? Far as I'm aware Koei Tecmo simply chose not to release the game in NA for vague reasoning (even including that one rogue Facebook post they rebuffed) and anything else is speculation. I also don't really see how Play Asia got any better after that, they were already a large retailer for years.

I just find it hard to believe this is the only place in the whole world where it's possible.

I am finding some Malaysian retailers, like this, although I'll have to see if any actually ship internationally. Shopitree here looks promising.

Isn't there a third major store with "Asia" somewhere in the URL I'm forgetting here?
Don't know any other site with "Asia" on the name except Play-Asia and YesAsia.
Isn't Ami-Ami full of figurines and stuffs, lack of games?
Try ?

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