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Plot Translations
Chapter 3 and 4 added
There's no heart without you
[Image: 4mVz46i.png]

Chapter 5/6/7

Ribons rejoin with his forces, and bring them back into position he have new orders to investigate Veda while Revive and Hilling take care of things for a while with the help of Ray, that suddenly its not a inferior life form anymore huh?

Ray notices that Alaws forces are moving strangely, while they battle outside of Veda, Frontal already made his way inside the super computer, he believes that having this information not only will help him decipher his enigmas but also guide his people to the future, however before he advances more the place he meets Ali and Ribons.

after some villains good talk "i'm smarter than you!" "!no you're not huhuhuhu" <--- they don't say that

Frontal is still sure that his plan will be allright he will confront Ribons and Ali, but inside Veda is proving difficult till Embryo reveal himself.

Embryo believes that this is all but a huge waste of ressouces, he don't find Veda as incredible as the others on the room and that makes Ribons worried, Embryo talks with Dr.Hell about how they already solved the thing behind it and need some info, and Ray arrives as backup for Embryo, suddenly a great reunion of strange people begins...

and something blows.

on the space the battle goes on Revival and Hilling sucks and are losing, Ashura also sucks, but luckly Frontal arrives and get rid of Hel and Ashura with the help of Ray

Ribons uses Reborns gundam against the Neo Zeong, now that Dr.Hell escaped, Frontal is his only enemy, the battles goes on until they arrive on a stalemate and Ribons decides to use the Trans Am MS that kamikaze on the enemies.

Frontal -- "Suicide pilots?"

the battle goes on and Frontal is forced to retreat, Ribons calls a victory for now, Neo zeong is destroyed but the Sinanju lives, Angelo its mad and curses everyone else and bla bla, frontal says that its ok they got some data.

on another place Ray gives all the data that Gilbert was asking for, and Embryo was the big winner of the thing since everyone forgot him inside of Veda to fight so he got in got all the data and got out -_- ...

There's no heart without you
[Image: 4mVz46i.png]


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