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Gundam Breaker 4?
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you've been staked.
It's definitely looking like they watered it down for the western release. The gameplay is much slower, Part modifying is apparently removed in place of a simple leveling up mechanic, and just looks so sluggish overall. Many of the players from 1-3 are not liking this.
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Ah well. Another censored product for me to boycott then.
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I'll wait to see how the gameplay is near release, its still a while away before the game comes out, so hopefully it'll get some work done to play better. I don't see how a localized release will affect gameplay at all because that doesn't make any bit of sense...

Breaker 3 had english subs and wasn't any different from Breaker 2, so why would this new game's localization change that? Its not like much sales are to be expected especially since its a Gundam game coming out in the West, like Versus its highly likely to use Asian english's resources for the subtitles for the US and EU version. I'm guessing the new systems and mechanics might be the reason for the slow gameplay. But its still early to tell if the final product will actually be that slow.

I'm willing to give them credit for actually changing the game up and adding new things, cause Breaker 3 was the same old thing from 1 and 2 aside from the SD NPC and a few tweaks...
Huh? Yeah, I'm a little confused too - are we implying there are regional gameplay changes, ala Sengoku Basara to Devil Kings, or just that the gameplay in general looks different now and we're assuming that has something to do with it being released in the West this time?
I'm guessing it likely has more to do with the system and mechanic changes because they want to try something different rather than do the same game for the 3rd time with a few tweaks and useless AI with the SD Gundams...

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