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The King of Fighters XIV
At work atm. Does the free stage included in the update, or do we have to download them from PS Store?

Khrysler, we should have a match sometime.
Free stages are included with the update.

Also I'd imagine it would be fun to schedule casual matches from time to time. Too bad I work a graveyard shift
[Image: Khrysler_Jerikho.png]
Depend on your country location, graveyard shift means the same as my work time.
For example, at the exact time of this post, I'm currently working.

But sure, let's have a casual matches sometime. I'm pretty sure Oggy Ten has KOFXIV as well, maybe I'll fight him too.

... but I don't play Angel! Sad
This is coming to PC/Steam soon, so one less reason for me to get a PS4 it would seem.
Well, I had my fill. So all is good. Big Grin
It's up for pre-order right now on Steam, and if you do so you get access to the closed beta - in other words, you can play the game now. Saves and stats will not carry over when its fully out on June 15th though, so there's that. DLC characters, if you get them, work.

It runs fine for me, although as you might imagine some people are having problems (like invisible characters), but if you were getting anyway, why not.
Haven't been playing my KoFXIV until this afternoon. So I haven't been checking this thread but it seems I have missed a number of dlc's. Imma have to grab them next time I boot the PS4

(04-07-2017, 10:29 AM)Andy Chan Wrote: But sure, let's have a casual matches sometime. I'm pretty sure Oggy Ten has KOFXIV as well, maybe I'll fight him too.

Lol I booted KoFXIV earlier. My 2D fingers are rusty but the bigger concern is that my instincts want to switch from pad to fightstick but I can't do reliable hopping and Shoryuken with fightstick yet.
Also the only characters I know are from KoF 99 downwards.
I also hate it that Terry doesn't have his regular power dunk and his rising tackle is back to D(charge),u+p again which makes it utterly useless in fast-paced situations. The two moves I love most  Sad
Mega Nutrients
^Hey, I also only played King/Andy/Athena. The new character I bothered to study a bit is Love Heart cos I love her kicks. He he.
meh, none of the dlc's are free. For a game that I rarely play, the expenses ain't worth it. Sometimes I regret buying MVC3 I thought I should catch up on all the years I missed but turns out my time and energy ain't enough for Tekken alone. I should have realized that the games I missed will forever remain missed.

Edit: Still in the process of checking out the other characters. I also been noticing that almost all characters are missing some moves they used to have in their past incarnations. It's a huge let down cos a lot of those moves add to the character's coolness. More moves also add replay value and versatility.

Edit2: This post reminds me of the early 2000's when me and my (then) pals pooled our pc hardwares and setup one of their backyard's shack so we can play LAN with free (stolen) electricity. Diablo 2 and Starcraft was the popular choice. I was in a random game in a Battlenet room and my teammates were chatting like, "hey you're korean? I'm also Korean" "really? awesome" I was busy with the game while they "chatta chatta chatta" when the opponents rushed them they died chatting and because I was the only Terran, I had an army of medics that should have been for my team. Before I got defeated the opponent insulted my army of medics. That day I uttered I will never play with Koreans again... But many years later, here I am watching Koreans duke it out in Tekken before going to sleep. But I still spite them two specific korean idiots that humiliated me.

Edit3: Fuck those two koreans in particular Angry

Big Grin  haha
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