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Beyond dimension battle (Rockman)
(01-09-2018, 08:23 AM)TheJustice Wrote: The Devs are getting ready to roll out the new Shin Great Mazinger Emperor G event or something right?
Don't they need Batman level preptime?

It’s just Mazinger Infinity stuff.
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I've been watching the Mazinger Infinity stage of X Omega on Youtube and I must say it's nicely done with it being a reunion between the Mazinger team who are now older via. their Infinity version and some of the others who are still their 70's -80's version (Combattler, Daltanious, Voltes ) etc and that they tied in the fact that the Combattler team and such were in deep space making their time pass slower.

Once they put the Infinity version in, maybe they can put in the original version as well (revoiced with Infinity seiyuu if need be) and do a timeskip ala W.
Wrong thread

And we have the oringal and Kaiser
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