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That's kind of the point. It's something for the additional heroes to be dumped in so they can have adventures without getting in Flash and Arrow's way, since they'd have a hard time with tension if they can call on 10 other guys for backup.

They're even sending Wally there now.
Speaking of The Flash, what's with the several weeks of absence?
They're letting the shows sync up, which probably means somebody is gonna be crossing over somewhere in the finale.
I see. Thanks for the information.
And I hope that the house is bitchin'! XD
Wait, the info I got is because there's a Winter Olympics going on right now.
Dates: Feb 9, 2018 – Feb 25, 2018
Location: Pyeongchang County, South Korea

Oh well.
Spoiler Show
It's kinda dumb that they released Barry on account of Ralph's impersonation of DeVoe. The judge is dumb, I mean, he didn't bother to check the real corpse of DeVoe? Remember, we have Eddie Thawne being falsely accused because of a shape changing meta. Surely the judge would remember THAT? And Barry himself who insist on being released using a legal way, instead got released with "falsified evidence". The writer kinda failed to do something that makes sense about this 'releasing Barry from prison' thing. I'm guessing they don't even know how to release Barry at all, and just wrote it within 5 minutes. Heck, I don't think they even know what were DeVoe collecting the bus metas for. XD

And Cecile was a really really bad defense attorney. Can't she just say "There's no way an old man with ALS can fight off Barry", or the fact that the corpse has no scalp with brain exposed?

But hey, it's The Flash. And this season is way better than Season 3, although it can't trump season 1. So, I'm just watching the show because I like the characters. Plot be damned. ^^

Too bad about HR, though. I liked him better than Harry.
[Image: 4cGMccG.jpg]

This is the fan equivalent of fap material  Big Grin
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Batman entering Arrowverse now? Wow.

1 more episode of The Flash.
Amell said they wont go full Batman, just Batwoman. But it's showbusiness. Nothing is ever final right?

Then there's Earth-28. Where Supergirl said...
"My cousin worked with a vigilante once. Tons of gadgets, lots of demons. Vigilantes are nuts."
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I was actually hoping that this Batman enters Arrowverse for the lulz.
[Image: adam_west_burt_ward.jpg]

Would clash with the tone of Arrowverse, but hey, it's for the lulz!
Batwoman? That's interesting since in the comics, she got kicked out of the Batfamily for breaking their no-killing rule, putting her on a path of extreme vigilantism more in line with that of her father's, whose organization, The Colony, has been spying on the Batfamily and is dedicated to supplanting them. Tim Drake (Red Robin) has a vision of a possible future where she executes Batman and he resolves to take her down.

@Oggy Ten, it's Earth-38.

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