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DARLING in the FRANXX (Trigger + Mechas this winter)
The show is, I would say, above average for the genre in this era so far - the robot design work is great (2D robots wooooo!!!), and the general overall art direction is solid. The world could be interesting, depending on where they're going with it. It's better than Captain Earth!

They are sure as hell laying it thick with the Evangelion motifs, so I hope they know they kinda have to deliver if they're gonna be that, errr, cocky, so to speak. The characters overall are Fine and have made for some Fine drama. The bird metaphor stuff is very eye rolling. Zero Two is cool and I hope she doesn't get, errr, fucked over by this show, so to speak.

The last episode in particular was pretty good - again, above average for the genre in our particular period of time here - but still also drawing off some pretty been-there-done-that tropes (...also done in Evangelion!) I am again thinking if they go somewhere with this world set up, it could be excellent, if they are as daring as I hope they get, but...if this is as good as it gets, and kinky robots and "lol sex!!!" is all they've got over a typical girlfriend-from-space anime battler, it'll have been quite the missed opportunity. I hope for the best!
I take it as taking inspiration from it at best, as bad as it sounds Eva is more than 20 Years old by now and many current watchers weren't even born when it was released.
My take on this is "they are using tropes defined by Eva" and not try to be Eva.

... Oh dear I just realized Evangelion is old enough to drink -.- time to act like my age, get out the walking stick and chase those darn kids of my lawn.

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