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DARLING in the FRANXX (Trigger + Mechas this winter)
[Image: eFWVQTJ.jpg]

Spinn Off Manga starts of 14 of this month
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]

Spin-off manga is also drawn by the Author/Artist of To Love Ru
The first episode aired i will try to leave my impressions of it every Sunday i have time for that at least.

If you have not watched go into Crunchyroll or whatever you watch anime and watch it this post contain SPOILERS, so stop reading it here.

Spoiler Show
First off before starting with the anime i have to let this here..

as many of you know the manga its out today, and cover this episode its more detailed and have more background info to sustain the plot unfortunately i felt some sort of "eva discomfort" reading it, what i call "Eva discomfort" its when the author raises too many questions at the same on a attempt to make the show looks more interesting sometimes it works, sometimes you just stop caring about those questions, i really hope that the anime cover lots of questions that where left behind on the next 2 episodes.


At the start we begin by knowing the mental state of both protagonists, Hiro and ZeroTwo, share the same mindset that its easy to understand and logic blows away irrational toughs... they use Jian birds to explain the situation, while taking turns as the scenes goes on, those birds can only fly when they meet their partner if they never find it, they are condemned to be alone and smashed. Of course this trace a parallel with the society when there's social pressure of the "perfect human life", that we are programed to follow since school, don't meting a partner its actually a very big deal and as soon as the anime starts, it trow some bombs that probably hit the spirit of some people for that reason, however there's a difference that we should note..

While Hiro found useless and pathetic don't having a partner, and don't be able to fly, or translating don't completing your life goals hence you're alone and you can't do it, Zero Two, found the way that the birds struggle to live by themselves beautiful, and she relates with the thing on different direction than Hiro, as a female the problem of "don't having someone" its different than those of a male, the problem is more of "finding the right person" for the females.

[Image: jMNIw2h.png]

the first minutes of the episode pass a message that's really not really deep or has any hidden meaning, its just one that tell us that alone we are more likely to fail and suffer like it or not.

proceeding we arrive at more Zero Two scenes, apparently she is constantly on a need of water, however it looked like its more of a psychological thing, there's some scene where she is asking her own smell, and others scenes with her on the water, probably due to her origins she don't fell really comfortable about her own body.

Hiro on the other hand remembers Shinji Ikari a little, he don't really loves himself as well and its not proud of anything that he did or will do, and its even whiling to "suicide" on a scene, before meting Zero Two, and despite the scene where they both meet being very cliche he actually says for a chance that the reason that he can't take his eyes of her its because she is naked, what a honest man

another thing that i found interesting its that while both mains are the same bird,their take on life are different, while Hiro wants to give up since he has no place, and is useless, Zero Two wants to take on things by herself and believes that the problem don't lie with her but with the people around her, systematically she is a easier character to like, she has a "easy" air around her, also she is more determined and look way cooler, while Hiro has a discomfortable "air" about him, looks like a ordinary boy and its pretty insecure, i'm wondering how this will end? the other characters do pretty much nothing on the episode 1, however Ichigo showed that she probably has promise for the future, we do see the main mecha activation, the scene made me remember Eva a little.

Well Strelizia design looks really nice on the anime, it has a animal mode as well, Strelizia is a wolf/lion, the mecha assume a humanoid form when pilots of different sexes react to each other on the cockpit, the way it fights remember a eva greatly as she struggles and have a flexible body, of course the thing is classified as a super robot, its very unknown what are its other weapons or what the unit its capable of since the first episode its more of a setting one

[Image: lExRBlz.png]
[Image: OjdbjPx.png]

The scene where Hiro boards Stelizia could have been done better, but at least there was not much drama for it to happen, the characters kiss and the need of being a male and a female for it to happens seems to have raised some hate over the internet, i rather not touch the subject since i find useless to debate over this

the Mecha looks like a female reconception of Tauburn from Star Driver
[Image: hC3JQXk.png]

even the same color scheme of course done on proposal on my opinion, the monsters are rendered on CG and they are terrible bland and lifeless, there's no sense of danger or sense of intimidation coming from the enemies that looks like giant lame pieces of rocks that glows, that's a shame, however the first action scene its a bout 2 minutes it just shows us the main robot and one of its weapons nothing more.

the first episode was bad on a way unfortunately on the sense that ... this is a mecha show, and we expect to go into mecha action, however its just episode 1, but its still a vastly confusing episode with barely any setting but a good character build start for both protagonists, hard to tell how it will proceed i will watch it next week to see how it goes.

i just hope they don't keep "setting on the manga"
There's no heart without you
[Image: qZtuz2B.png]


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