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DARLING in the FRANXX (Trigger + Mechas this winter)
The show is, I would say, above average for the genre in this era so far - the robot design work is great (2D robots wooooo!!!), and the general overall art direction is solid. The world could be interesting, depending on where they're going with it. It's better than Captain Earth!

They are sure as hell laying it thick with the Evangelion motifs, so I hope they know they kinda have to deliver if they're gonna be that, errr, cocky, so to speak. The characters overall are Fine and have made for some Fine drama. The bird metaphor stuff is very eye rolling. Zero Two is cool and I hope she doesn't get, errr, fucked over by this show, so to speak.

The last episode in particular was pretty good - again, above average for the genre in our particular period of time here - but still also drawing off some pretty been-there-done-that tropes (...also done in Evangelion!) I am again thinking if they go somewhere with this world set up, it could be excellent, if they are as daring as I hope they get, but...if this is as good as it gets, and kinky robots and "lol sex!!!" is all they've got over a typical girlfriend-from-space anime battler, it'll have been quite the missed opportunity. I hope for the best!
I take it as taking inspiration from it at best, as bad as it sounds Eva is more than 20 Years old by now and many current watchers weren't even born when it was released.
My take on this is "they are using tropes defined by Eva" and not try to be Eva.

... Oh dear I just realized Evangelion is old enough to drink -.- time to act like my age, get out the walking stick and chase those darn kids of my lawn.
I've been liking Goro a lot, i hope he ends up with Ichigo, he is a incredible friend i'm also liking the interactions between him and Ichigo, she lose control fast, and he is there to keep her in check, i think that seasson 2 will give us a lot about those two, also before i forget ...

i think that i can talk on the name of all this forum that i hated the actions toward the anime creators over Ichigo actions on the show, that was sad and ridiculous, its a plot device and was well done, in fact so well done that triggered a lot of people for real, hate the character if you want but don't the artists

proceeding on we finally got to see the mechs in full action and the Red Strelizia was something that i didn't really enjoyed i liked the white one better but that's ok red mechs are 3 times faster as we all know it.

with the first session of the show over and the popularity that i reached i think that it will make to SRW, i just hope that we see tons of more battles on part 2, and i think that they need more weaponry, the main mech already did tons of attacks that they can make over to SRW, but they are all similar melee attacks.

Delphinium its also a melee unit, but it has a option to go ranged for a while even if its low power, and the other 2 are ranged units, with all the drama out of the way i think that now we dive into the story and more battles will be happening, so i hope that we see upgrades for the other units as well
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

this is ending on the most strange evangelion fashion and not in the good evangelion way the bad one, but the biggest failure of this show is that... its not a mecha show at all, its a drama with mecha on it
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

It's Trigger, did anybody not expect the
Spoiler Show
+ DRAMA? Just look at their last shows, though we still have 3 episodes to go so let's see what happens.
I do agree though that it's more drama than mecha but I kinda expected it after the first 4 episodes.
it felt like a waste sincerely..

i don't care if the aliens appear out of nowhere i'm used to it, but there's almost no battle with them, no build up, its all very fast and very convulsed for a single episode, while the show had numerous useless episodes on season 2.

it almost fell that they have no budget to to battle scenes on this show so they evade them

Trigger is at its best on things like Luluco,Kill La Kill and Gurren Laggan those more drama things are not their alley apparently
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Yyyyyyeah, I'm pretty down on it myself at this point. And to think, whenever I visit this thread my optimistic post is right there at the top. ;_;

The recent reveal might've been fine, except the way it's done comes off as a bit of an "Oh. That's it?" When they build up everything like that, to the point of having a "wasn't that one episode of Evangelion great" flashback explanation episode, and then what we get is merely silly, it doesn't really work.

Anyway, I'll probably save saying more until the show's over, although even if the next three episodes are somehow amazing it'll still be a mostly lame show. Its best episodes have been pretty good, but I think it's saying something that 3 out of 4 of those repeat more or less the same story beats.
Huh ... I pretty much bingewatched the show from Episode 1 to 17 and my impression is quite different. I am really enjoying the show so far. I keep my overall impression to myself until it's done ... because if they do a Gurren Lagann ending I get miffed.
It sucked.

I would write more, and thought I would, but it ended up being so dumb I have a hard time working up the energy. I'm already forgetting about it, so I figured I might as well bump this thread one last time in case anyone else has anything else to say before forgetting about it forever.

...I should think of something so...uhhhh...

The alternate black space versions reminded me of Stealth Voltron. Remember Stealth Voltron!?? :D
My take on it, it was far from the best but I was entertained. Granted I have a wide variety of likes so I'm easy to please, I do can see why people would dislike the show.
Overall I say it will be talked about for quite a while but I think one of the talking points will be how undecided the show was what it actually wanted to be.

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