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Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team
Lets continue here.
Alright, I got myself Hyuga as captain, Tsubasa as AM, and Napoleon as FW.
Everybody else are SR, except my goalkeeper, who's still N.

How do I add friend... hmm.
You can add them after the match in story or event matches (you know the one you choose before the match to give you some extra states depending on the the character yu choose, you get a choice after the match to add him or not.

Another way (just discovered it is and its better) by viewing the ranks of the players in the League mode, press on any of the players to view his information page and you will find the Add Friend button there.

Btw, how do i search for groups in Discord? i'm not really sure hw to navigate the thing, i'm using my Pc btw, is it any different if i use my phone?
My friend ID is 295.053.530
Add me if you want. Big Grin
I've sent you a friend request.
Zaibatsu, right?
Yep, I'll accept it tomorrow. Need sleep.
Actually, I've accepted several friend requests. Which one is you, Vincent?
Of course.
I can't find you anymore though, i'm sure i saw your Hyuuga.

I just found out that you can easily find a lot of friends (LOL):
Press on the Friends screen ---> one of the taps is (the one on the far right) is called "Find Friends".
Add what you want.
But what's your in-game name?
I believe it's the same as your Team Name.
Jordan, hold on to your dream balls till tomorrow, there is an update with better chances.

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