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Conversation thread
So, we need one of these, and don't have one yet...

We have the Calvina reveal, which apparently happened some time after the site went down, and everyone who said she'd be getting the J real called it (Bellezuete or something similar, I need to look up the names). I was hoping for the Coustwell, but beggars can't be choosers. It also appears we have our next anti-Huckebein, I mean Exbein, unit to appear. So who will be the next reveal, more returning characters, someone new, more villains than we can shake an SRX at?

Edit: Yeah forgot that was the J enemy. I think I need to go back and play that game again.
I'm still hoping for W characters. SRX and RyuKoOh destruction would be good too, to open the way for Banpreios and Shin RyuKoOh
I really think we will have W as well since it will probably be used for good marketing (I think it sold very well on the DS) and I personally can't see them making a whole new story around only J and GC. I shouldn't be saying too much though since I don't know much about the story in GC, maybe they have much more material in there then I know about. But I'm still going to hope for W.
I'm still surprised about the english announcement. It's epic.
But English is only for PS4, right? Seems I finally have to buy one.
I have signed up so that when its available for pre-order, play-asia will email me and I can get the English version. Still an English SRW is mind blowing, especially right out of the gate like this. I really hope this becomes the norm from this point forward.

EDIT: I just found an email saying the OG Moon Dwellers are available for pre-order.
No limited? Riry???
It may not be announced yet.

Also, I have officially place my preorder.
I'll wait before putting on my preorder... i want the LE
The only thing that I don't like about this new game is the subtitle: It sounds like "The Basement Dwellers".  Big Grin
I still say that Calvina goes to the same military tailor as Misato Big Grin
Any word on her seiyuu yet?
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Earth Federation Space Force 13th Autonomous Legion

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