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Buddy Complex
I just realized... those mecha have a weird Shadow Mirror vibe to them.
FGO-US ID: 889,746,583
Three of the mechanical designers have worked on the SRW OG: The Inspector anime although they didn't design the Shadow Mirror mecha.
episode 1 its a trainwreck lol
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

I increasingly feel that is an accurate assessment. Even though at first blush it at least seemed more interesting than it could've been, I...immediately forgot to keep watching the show. "Wasn't I following something...? Something starting with a 'B'? Oh right, I need to catch up on Blood Blockade Battlefront & Beyond! With all those Bs, that HAS to be it! :D"


I was a little nervous they'd dropped the 2D robot aspect entirely in the beginning, but nope, still there. Sometimes it looks fine, sometimes it looks like a Gamecube cutscene. So far they haven't showcased anything particularly dazzling on the 2D end, although there's some fine stuff in the next episode for like ummm three seconds.

I'm also not surprised to learn it had SRW mechanical designers on it, as the robots largely do look like originals from a portable title. I mean that in a dimissive way, sadly: the 1up and 2up bots are alright, the Bad Guys Cuz We're Purple robots are utterly forgettable generic dreck.

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show
-The good guys are obviously the underdogs, since apparently they cannot afford pants or even leggings for the female crew members. Very sad.

-The explanation for Why Main Character Boy Can Pilot Robot Real Good Right Away is a pretty good one.

-NICE COUPLING! PROPOSAL! Not laying it on thick there at all!

-I was fully expecting them to already be aware of time travel, so it's interesting that they're not. I suppose that'll come into play soon enough.

-I nearly missed the episode end revelation that Hina is on the other side.


The show very obviously has no shortage of interesting ideas, and so it's not painful to watch or anything. But it is pretty apparent that the characters are, for the most part, pretty weak stereotypes (especially with the young, main cast). I get the feeling it was put together by some good Sunrise staff with good ideas and experience, but lacking that sense of panache and pizazz to really put things over the top.

Something I forgot to mention about the first episode is how much the immediate intro resembles the first episode of Orguss, where someone gets shunted off in the middle of battle, robot and all, to another dimension. The past, in this case. I don't doubt they were aware. But it does reinforce the feeling that this is Cool Sci-Fi Ideas For The Sake of Cool Sci-Fi Ideas and nothing more. Which can be fine, but with such middling execution...

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show
-Snickers still exist in the future! Cool!

-Elvira makes her anime debut!!!

-Aoba and Dio's feuding falls very much in line with what you'd expect with the Brown Haired Protag Every Man and Snooty Cool Lawful Blonde Who Will Understand Eventually dynamic. I hope they kiss. <3

-"You know how to a swim?" - A pretty good "get in the damn robot" reason if there ever was one.

-I am liking the super chill captain. The man passes the blunt like a real dude.

Not bad, but not great. Probably would have benefited greatly from episodes 1 and 2 being smooshed together.
For those who already watched the TV series + Specials and are still confused:

Double Dragon vs Team Rocket

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show
-The settings continue for Love Triangle Nobody Cares About with Pink Kawaii Girl-chan

-It is sort of fun that Captain Gotoh I MEAN uhh Captain Whatshisface's laid back approach both works well and hides intent well enough (he seems like such a nice guy for "letting him stay", rather than forcing him to or die)

-It seems this has two things in common with Code Geass R2: Big triangular, colored laser wings and little sisters in wheelchairs used to elicit sympathy for a protagonist.

-The 666th Battalion of Puppy Kickers in the Evil Bad Guys Union


Buddy gets hazed

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show
-Main character boy is nice, Main character partner is understandably under duress for his past and familial expectations. Snore.

-Did they launch an air ship from a submarine? Cool.

-We know we're getting their back to back charge as a combo attack already, but I wonder if they'll get a version in combination with the ship too.

-Even the Zbadguy's computer OS is all purple.
Some miscellaneous points:

-The show's theme song sounds exactly like Super Robot Wars music. If they stuck it in one as an original song with no lyrics, nobody would notice the difference.
-The good side grunt robots, Beryls, look like papercraft versions of Aries from Gundam Wing.
-That one other pilot sure did a good job hiding his Psychic Force hair for an episode or two.


The NTR Episode

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show
-Cool Captain Guy endorses the sexual harassment of his crew for political expediency. Boooo.

-Now we get bad guys who look even more like Code Geass Britannians. I'm sure this won't be overlooked in SRW.

-The one guy's robot has a damn musket!

-My initial expectation with the introduction of cute new guy: He's probably a secret piece of shit. This remains to be seen.

-The COUPLING DRAMA here would be real fun if it weren't for the characters in the center of it being so boring.


Fun with numbers

Spoiler Show
-Yet again, the coupling graph stuff would be interesting and fun if not for who it is we're dealing with. Although, hee hee, he's ruining the other boys after he has his way with them~

-And so they choose each other. Awww.

-The fujoshi crew knew they would, too. Boys are easy like that.

-"Hee hee! You wanna shoot Bambi! ^_^" fuck you hina

-Being the half way point of the season, I figured we'd have to have SOME kind of change up. As soon as it became apparent they'd be hiding amongst an island cluster, I was thinking, "...wait, are they going to do that one Code Geass plot...?" Yep!

Amazing that they have this great set up for forcing interpersonal drama and can only just barely capitalize on it in the most workmanlike way possible. Sunrise, we wanted shows with robots in them, not written BY robots!

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Cave-in

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show
-They end up not only stuck, but double stuck in this otherwise predictable episode where the hair pin hand off happens.


Missile Fever

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show
-They finally k--I mean, beat the shit out of each other. A long time coming, either way.

-The bit about the Coupling System compensating for lag by actually projecting thoughts into the future is a tantalizing bit of fun tech lore. Again, this show is going to be good SRW fodder, if nothing else.

-Buddy and Complex arguing with each other as they do better than they ever have is a good bit that would, again, be much better if the overall character writing wasn't otherwise so bland. Siiiigh.

-More focus on the one bad guy lady who I keep forgetting exists who will probably either die by the end or live but her obvious love interest will die or become a house wife I guess. Siiiigh.

-I suppose I should count it as fortunate that they didn't do the "oh no they ran out of time what now LOL now it suddenly works because will power!!!11" cliche and went straight to extending it without that.
i can get totally behind the tittle of the show its nonsensical and complex @_@...
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]


[Image: rCNbJDe.jpg]

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show
-Some perfectly cromulent family drama as Complex sort of patches things up with dad and we suddenly get Hina's dad showing up to set up her backstory and, obviously, a revelation. Eventually.

-It's obvious this has something to do with the secret to Hina, but I hadn't quite guessed how, since it was like, "Naww, that doesn't add up..." in a way I'm sure they were counting on.


[Image: AfqI7Rc.jpg]

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show
-And of course it turns out, yes, this really IS Hina sent back, and it works because she de-aged, I guess. Sure.

-An interesting thing about Silver Haired Childhood Friend is how we already know he's toast, after the first episode. This is made less interesting by how he is, unsurprisingly, totally boring as a character anyway. Another missed opportunity.

-I will give them credit: it's obvious we'd get Bad Guy Couplers sooner or later, and it coming about from stealing tech is one obvious way to do it, but I wasn't quite expecting that they'd actually succeed at stealing the main robots. That's a good twist. And that the old crappy robots' tech would end up doing...something to the boys, related to either them being crappy or something I'm assuming they decided to leave out of the newer robots.

-So, with two episodes of the main show left, I might as well lay down some possible predictions:
1) This is supposed to be the normal, laid back half of the show, and the rest would've been the "serious" half, probably with more time travel involved.
2) Buddy's synch ratios or whatever are better because he's, uhhh, related to people, being from the past. That suuuuure would make the shonen ai stuff more awkward, but since they've barely been playing that up at all, well, there's your plausible deniability!

-One random thing: The NECTTAR defense system is pretty neat. Wonder how good it'll be in SRW. They sure do like to lob around missiles in this show!

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