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Buddy Complex
Ehh? Well? Good? Bad? Boring?
never watched probably bad, lets all watch it
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

That's the spirit! Let's do it! :D
When do we start?! i'm going in blind for this one.
lets watch one episode every night before bed so we can have nightmare with the horrible script

the series are on CR so everyone can watch it free there
Its never too late to start loving again

[Image: levi_tolah.png]

Oh god, this horrible show. A show so bad it had to end via 2 episodes that only came out on the DVDs because it was too bad to end on TV. And them, the ending was god aweful
Spoiler Show
reset ending. Where no one has any memory and basically nothing ever happened or mattered, the shittiest kind of ending there is.
[Image: Autumn-Four.png]
Thanks for spoiling it ~_~
That actually makes me look forward to see what they will do with it in the game, i'm sure they will fix any problems the show have, probably make it likable even.
^Isn't it your own fault that you opened the "spoiler" tag? ^^;
Just saying.
Well, I've started. 1 episode, will probably do one once every day or two and report back here when...I feel like it, but yes! Join me, friends!

[Image: m3EInYn.jpg]

I would first like to note that if you showed me this poster a few years ago and said it was for a fake anime in another anime or a TV show or movie, I would probably believe you.


An OK first episode. The stereotypes are already strong, but the basic introduction of time travel is somewhat interesting. I am flashing back to my impression of the original trailer years ago, where it was like "OOO! 2D robots!" - still an upside so far, either way - tempered rather heavily by how they go to 3D robots for so many of the action cuts where you'd hope for 2D robots 'cause it would look better. At least so far!

Spoilery Checklist:
Spoiler Show
-I can think of literally no reason for his stupid friend to talk that poor girl's ear off about his full backstory except, obviously, exposition. Even if he thinks she has a thing for him, who does that?? It's rude!!!

-I sure hope it turns out she was a fujoshi from the future ensuring her favorite pairing comes to be.

-"Nice Coupling". Mmmhmm, honey, I'LL be the judge of that!
^Whoa, I like how the girl looks.

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