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Super Robot Wars X - PS4/Vita, 3/29 - 4/26 in Asia, English
Yeah, I've been trying to do that stuff less these days, I usually try to go for things that are plausible and from previous years of events/patterns... it gets kind of infuriating actually, lol.
OG MD, V, and now X don't account for the Eng subbed Asian versions folks like us buy instead of the Japanese versions, so there's that too.
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Oh yeah, we used to import the game from Japan (and contributes to the number) because that's the only version available. Now we wait for Asian version, and Asian version isn't even out yet.
I don't think anyone kept track of the ENG version sales of those games or that any sales data was released... but IIRC Playasia ran out of the initial stock of those games at launch, or atleast some of them, SRW V being one of them.
Question for those who already have the non-English versions of the game

I know Bamco blocked sharing capabilities again for this, but is the game playable via remote play on PC or Vita?
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I got an Elgato on sale just because I could for Black Friday, so I might stream this in poor quality so you can all see how crappy I am.

Of course, this might be in August if Play Asia does that thing where they don't ship their copies for two weeks for no reason and then put it on the ultra slow boat.
^ Was also thinking of doing that

Except I don't have a capture card at the moment so I'm wondering if the remote play workaround would work with the game
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Oh yeah. Bamco is kinda ass by blocking the recording capabilities in PS4.
I should probably ask too whether they're blocking the new Gundam Breaker or not. Did they block recording of Gundam Breaker 3?
Edit: a little bit of research showed that yes, they blocked recording.
New Gundam Breaker is coming to the west on PC. So if you have a machine that can run it and willing to wait until June 22, blocking the recording functions on the PS4 is kinda moot.
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Hey guys, is there a pre-order bonus? Cos I probly won't get this before release date.
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