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Super Robot Wars X - PS4/Vita, 3/29 - 4/26 in Asia, English
(02-08-2018, 06:01 AM)srw785 Wrote:
(02-07-2018, 08:42 PM)DairuggerXV Wrote: I've already preordered it, if only to support SRWs being translated into English. Not expecting a whole lot from the game though. I also figured we'd be getting preview 2 and the originals about now-ish. This is supposed to release next month (at least in Japan), isn't it?

There's going to be a Super Robo Channel Live on February 19.

Shouldn't the preview with the actual insert themes for the series it's presenting have been released at this point based on past uploads?
Reply They’ve never done a trailer like that for PV1. Only PV2.
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Remember there's a stream this weekend so we might see PV2
[Image: bicv1h.png]
you've been staked.
It’s almost certain we’ll get PV2.
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And here it is


-This game's originals

-Original bad guy

-A new Jam Project song

Illustrations and info on the originals from the stream

[Image: pxgneHC.jpg]

[Image: CgKIEv7.jpg]

[Image: qyE3Ml5.jpg]

[Image: sVEiszb.jpg]

[Image: vZubCvA.jpg]

[Image: h3MU2vX.jpg]
Are they cat ears?
Brid will be the new Nine.
I am looking forward to Ace bounes.

I give my throughts on pv2 later...

But why cat ears?
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[Image: e97e5a4b6ac6bea372a850b7169278dcbc85ceac_128.jpg]
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There's an expert mode right from the start! That is a first right? I'm really excited for the game after the PV, it looked quite polished. I didn't really like the new design of the originals at a first glance, but I'm really happy that they're going for something that just feels a little new.
Expert Mode seems to be just that you're forced to clear SR points on your way through.

Correct me if I'm wrong ...

I'm really not hyped at all for that SRT X, that's a first, as I've always been the type to watch PVs over and over and over again, usually.

Originals look "meh", series roster is poor, most cut-ins are plain bad, most of the game seems like a re-hashed SRT V (system etc).

[Image: qyE3Ml5.jpg]
Man I just hope the new originals aren't as dull as they look in the PV.

The Bird is voiced "Keiichi Noda" I hope we get some in game tribute to his classic Tetsuya Tsurugi role maybe even a Great Mazinger joke.

I don't like the originals mecha design overall looks like a weird fusion of LoE + Aquarion I hope the upgrades look better.
Still only one OG to select kinda dull considering the minimal series roster.

I hope the game got more combo attacks than the previous SRW games.

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