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Monster Hunter World Thread
(05-08-2019, 05:03 PM)Andy Chan Wrote: Does anybody still play this game?
Does anyone care?

Still playing. Primarily for the daily bounties and hunting Vaal and Nerg for the crowns. If I feel like it, might do a few ATKT runs with some gamefaqers. When AT Nerg arrives, I'll farm it until I have enough tickets for its gamma armor and the Ryu layered.
I want us all to play together but our internet dont match.
the other day i invited all mh players in my list who are non-strangers. Mai tried to join 2 hours after I left haha

the only guy i can beat among the top 3 toughest hunts. that my best time after 8 tries. 2 of them rage quits Big Grin

The other two are Ex behemoth. Im not good enough

and Groot. Which is kinda impossible to solo. kinda, i think.
Mega Nutrients
^You invited me twice recently but I'm unable to connect to your lobby after many tries. I think it's an ISP incompatibility issue.
I'm currently busy with other games, but I'll see if I can dedicate some time to play AT Nergi. Must be rusty tho, been a long time since I last played.

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