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Monster Hunter World Thread
From what I can see, the Joe lance tree seems to have the highest raw damage but has a -25% affinity. Will it still outperform the other lances despite that? Still haven't beaten Kushala, Teostra, and Vaal yet so I have no access to their trees.

I just realized that the Joe (male) hunter and palico armors are inspired by pro-wrestling. Gonna create "Devil Joe", a power-style luchador, in Fire Pro Wrestling World.
oh, yeah. every melee jho weapon will always fall within top 3 of its class. plus you get high elderseal and white sharpness from as low as handicraft level 1

the obvious drawbacks being negative affinity, no slot and no defense bonus.

but those will matter less the more you get used to wielding your weapon and your opponent's patterns.

you also eventually get stuff to negate or compensate like better armor skills, jewels, gems.

the more confident you become vs target monster, you start getting tempted to remove survival and utility skills in favor of offensive buffs
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