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Monster Hunter World Thread
Snippet highlight:

Also, last night was awesome.
Sugiik and I both using GS and the combined True Charge damage on the last strike deals 2000ish and chopped the horn completely.
Bigger than using bombs, hahahaha.
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
I got to thinkink, If you're aiming for big numbers, you need the Jho GS in your kamikaze attire.

With attack augments if you can spare the shards

In the notes you shared it said better focus more on part breaking than damage cos the break threshold is what ultimately counts so I just spam my hammer without attack buffs and sometimes not sharpening it until it's yellow haha. But still I get to deal 200-300 for each 2/3-hit combo finish so a lot of times I get pissed at staff users who get in my way because I use staff and I know they deal puny damage. Especially since most of the staff users I encounter are noobs. The constant jumping around avoiding danger deal is detrimental to learning.

But, I also observed in using GS that stronger damage deals more impact and I'm guessing raw damage is also applied in part damage calculation aside from weapon type cos I tend to break parts more often with the finishing moves than the string moves
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True about the part that Jho GS is actually the one that deals the highest raw, a little bit more than the rocket GS.
But you need the handicraft 3 minimum (better with 5), where with rocket GS you can do just fine with handicraft 2.

And for Kulve mission I could get the sexy numbers (1k hits to the head) but i would be sacrificing partbreaker 3 for that, and in this particular mission, having partbreaker 3 is much more important than having sexy numbers, if you want high level reward. In my testing with 4 random Kulve sessions, i ended up having the target destroyer 2 times with 6-7 parts break.
Last night i only deal like 950 damage on my True Charge to the horns and Sugiik deals 1k damage to the horn, but he didnt use partbreaker 3 so he didn't break as much parts as me eventhough he's dealing a bit more damage.

So i'm still tweaking on how to get:
- weakness exploit 3 (mandatory)
- partbreaker 3 (mandatory)
- handicraft (minimal 2 for RocketGS, minimal 3 for JhoGS)
- critboost 2 (i dont have 1 crit jewel yet, so i only get this from kulve chest A)

for sexy numbers:
- Attack up boost 4 can be getting from attack charm 3+ 1 atk jewel, but this isnt viable cuz i need partbreaker 3. (partbreaker charm+1 partbreaker jewel)
- Critical eye 5 ( I have 5 of em so can slap em if i got the slots)
- Peak Performace (various armor can have this, combined with my regen GS i can heal up pretty quick and activate the skill that almost equal to attack boost 7, but then again. i need partbreaker 3)
- Might Max 3 (I can ditch focus for this sexy affinity boost but yeah i need partbreaker 3)

So best i come up with is just

Weakness exploit 3
Partbreaker 3
Crit eye 3
Crit boost 2
Attack up 2
Handicraft 2
Might Max 1
Elementless 1 (running RocketGS)

950 dmg to the horn and still got partbreaker 3.
Will post again if i an get something better.

PS: Oh yeah. for the tools i'm wearing glider mantle (awesome as fuck if you want to chip those horns in area 1-2), and fireproof (when she gets nasty in area 3-4).
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
I took many photos. Which one is the best?
[Image: monsterhunter_world_2x8oda.jpg]
[Image: monsterhunter_world_2pnqyd.jpg]
[Image: monsterhunter_world_2blpsy.jpg]
[Image: monsterhunter_world_22ro5w.jpg]
[Image: monsterhunter_world_2szond.jpg]
[Image: monsterhunter_world_23xoqg.jpg]
[Image: monsterhunter_world_2x4r7x.jpg]
[Image: monsterhunter_world_26wpjl.jpg]
[Image: monsterhunter_world_2yvr4d.jpg]
[Image: monsterhunter_world_256rz1.jpg]

It does feel like MMORPG now. XD
It's nice somebody got shots of Roxy while drinking and the final one, slumped on the table is my favorite.
I forgot to change outfits though. It's for Taro raid so it's ugly haha
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Ah very nice shots!
Here, i have the close up shot of me & Oggy and me & Santa:

[Image: OUkCLaq.jpg]
[Image: 3XDnDD5.jpg]

Maybe if Andy played more often i could get pics wih you Big Grin
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
Hm, I havent checked my screens yet

I'll just put this photobombed pic here for giggles while I look for my group shots
[Image: OPXWzej.jpg]
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