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Monster Hunter World Thread
I'll try the quest tonight if I can get online.
I wont be around til monday or tuesday. I got a Bikini Arena part deux episode with Dip but I dont have time to ul it yet
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Right my trip got delayed I can play tonight Big Grin
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Tonight's highlight: Thug Life or (Yanki life)

During a Capture temp LavaDioth quest

Santa: Oggy, why are you attacking Azure Rathalos? 
Me: I just want to have some fun with him

A minute later

Dippy: Why are we attacking Rathalos?
Santa: Because we can hahahahahahaha!!
Santa: He looked at us the wrong way so teached him a lesson

I just now realized that he didn't even know we're coming cos I flashed him from a distance before I started to mug him Big Grin

Vid following soon next week when I get home

Man I love tequila. I'm drunk and sober at the same time hahahaha
Me and Andy even killed temp Kirin in a party of 2 Big Grin
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Santa: Have fun up there.
Me: oh i will !

[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
Hahahaha! That's cool!
Lol I forgotten about this good thing u uploaded cos I missed it while finding a good spot to attack after the blast

And the Pronhub Xplosion award goes to Dippy and his, I mean Big Bad GS Big Grin
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I'll be back for Dante Costume.
Sometimes I get annoyed by people who doesn't care about the rest of the party. This one in particular pissed me off by stealing every opportunity I have with his low damage weapon. He doesn't deserve to be in a party so I booted the sonofabitch

Me and Jho traded hits the turd ducked me by floating in the air. Reminds me of wrestlers who duck outside the ring Big Grin

That hunt with the switch blade and staff user, I never got a chance to attack an immobilized Jho in the head when I'm the one using a Hammer. Stupid bitches
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^Why's it floating? ^^;

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