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Monster Hunter World Thread
I suppose I can go back to using the good ol un-flashy hammer. It's side swing is pretty useless and its reach is shorter than any of the big weapons. Plus I have the option of using the spinning charge move in case I actually want to hit everybody Big Grin
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Sorry Dip, I keep whiffing my hammer attacks I don't remember it being that short or maybe because I haven't used it in a long time. Next month I'll settle that score with Anjanath. So far we're 2-1.
Tonight's successful hunt, Barroth. That barrel bomb was instant lol. I didn't realize I don't have slinger ammo but you triggered them anyway Big Grin

Btw, I hope u filmed your gameplay Id love to see the hunt from your pov
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Oh cool, you two played together. Big Grin

So you guys are set on purchasing the game next month?
I'm still thinking. But we'll see.
U need to buy it cos I'm thinking of getting a mic for this game Big Grin
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Yeah last night was cool.. but would be so much better if we can communicate real time.
Here's my pov, Oggy:

Also, want to share my Rathalos hunt (this is when the party had mics so we can communicate in game)

See you guys in Jan 26 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
I haven't encountered Rathalos in beta but it was one of my more serious hunts back in Portable 3rd. Toughest I went up against was low level Barioth before I moved on to other games.
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Due to yesterday's hunt I feel like I already have the game and the subconscious is nagging me to start farming items in this couple hours that I'm free from responsibilities Sad
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Imma wait til January 18th before purchasing so I can pay for it in February. Gonna have lots of fun farming shit and stuff
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I'm not buying it day 1, for sure. But I'll probably purchase it at discount.

But damn this is good:
[Image: DSxeIsLUQAEycKV.jpg]

¥ 6,998
So, I tried to boot the old portable 3rd save, then found out the controller was dusty and I'm lazy so I decided to play other games instead. Maybe in a day or two I'll get back to it haha
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