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Monster Hunter World Thread
First Nergi hunt

it was a bitch to find out that capturing w traps won work. I wasnt prepared for a deathmatch.
Bastard took to long to die I had to get aggressive in the final 10 minutes and even more in the final 5 minutes til I died 1 minute before the buzzer.
Next time Nergi, it will be payback

Dynamite fishing is forbidden because it destroys young fish, corals, and other species. But not in Monster Hunter World!!! Everything here is made of cojones with skin as tough as dragon scales!
Dynamite Fishing lolol

Mega Nutrients
I thought you put a barrel bomb or something.
So it's the heavy bowgun, then? I've been wanting to play that one, but still learning long sword stuffs.
The pic i shared in chat? That's the heavy bow gun indeed. It was a slaying quest and was I glad I used that ammo for the final kill. The victory auto-screenshot was epic Smile

Only 2 things you need for the LS, hit hard for the gauge then finish with regular evade or side cut. Always do the gauge combo whenever possible to amp your weapon damage Big Grin
Mega Nutrients
Managed to reach HR9. Now I'm facing Odogaron.
I wasnt gonna work yesterday I was already taking sips cos I was done with the anti-rabies shots. But middle of the morning, the old lady (owner of the company) called me said she needed me to run some errand so I got dressed did the errand and logged in at work around lunch time. I spent that afternoon taking naps at a client cos I reaaally needed that day off.
Anyway I wasnt feeling up for it when I started the game last night but I got nothing else to do but hunt Nergi so I took a few sips and viola! Nergi downed! 

I tell you guys, the drink fired me up. I think I should change the label on this thing and call it Mega Nutrients Big Grin
Mega Nutrients
^That sucks, really. But good on your game!
You drink like this?

Here's a funny Double KO:

Lol I gotta try that with my char sometime. I wouldnt drink like that though I want my liver to last my lifetime haha
Mega Nutrients
... man is your guys character also turning into some kind of strange Troll in your Game? I'm really unsatisfied with my characters looks despite it looking great in the creator.
Also out of curiousity, what Monster Murdering implements do you guys prefer? I kinda like Gunlance but it loses sharpness so fast.
I tried Heavy Bowgun, have yet to master it.
So I'm sticking with my Long Sword for now. And I believe Long Sword also loses sharpness quite fast.
The multi-colored bar usually displayed in close vicinity with your weapon’s attack power displays its sharpness.
Green means sharp. The longer that bar is, the longer your weapon will lose sharpness. Yellow is dull, some attacks will bounce. If you manage to get it to red means you’re better off clobbering the monster with your DS4 haha.
Affinity adds damage multiplier to your weapon. An affinity of 10% with 100 attack power means its attack power is calculated as 110 as long as your weapon is sharp. Negative affinity is the opposite but idk its relation to sharpness though

About looks, I kinda sacrifice some 10-30 defense points just to keep my character pretty and most of my resistances are negative. I just try to make it up with more effort haha Big Grin

Btw, make sure to save money for the armor and power charms available at the provisions store. And by the time you are able to beat Bezelgeuse, save enough money for a second pair cos you can craft stronger ones using said charms plus Bezelgeuse material (forgot which) and the effect stacks with regular armor/power charm

Btw, I prefer any weapon that explodes. With the exception of Horn cos it’s uniques and LS because it’s my go-to weapon againts monsters that deal humongous damage. I Even use Barrel bombs. Since Elder dragons cant be trapped (fucken cheap) I make them pay with mega barrel bomb when they try to sleep.
Mega Nutrients

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