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Monster Hunter World Thread
Lol okay haha.
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(12-11-2018, 05:25 PM)Runemaster Wrote: Next weeks we will also have the last of AT monsters (Taroth and Nerg), so what's there to complain?

I'll try not to complain when AT nerg kills me. 
My best if I remember I made this comment.

(12-11-2018, 05:23 PM)Garou Wrote: @Oggy, thanks for the offer but I already got what I needed. I'll send you a friend request just in case.

EDIT: What a coincidence. We have the same avatar.

Terry Fans Unite
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Which monsters have unblockable attacks? I know of:
Xeno - large energy beam
Teo - supernova
Teo+Luna - mating supernova
Kushala - hadouken breath
Jho - jump/stomp then grab
Rathalos - tackle then grab
Uragaan - sleep and fire farts
Radobaan - sleep fart
Anja - head swipe then grab

What about Xeno's standing energy beam, Nerg's black spike dive, Vaal's breath beam and breath cloud, Luna's ground supernova, and Kushala+Teo/Luna's fire tornado, Kirin's large thunderbolt and horizontal lightning, and Behemoth's various spells (except for ecliptic meteor which can only be blocked by a comet rock)?
Im not sure if Kushala breath is unblockable cos I always equip guard up anyway.

Xeno Hadoken is blockable. Shinku Hadoken, all forms are unblockable

Hazak Cannabis Bomb is unblockable. I think laser can be blocked.

Lion Supernovas.

Kirin Idk if the horizontal lightning is unblockable I think only the wide area one is.

Nerg dive bomb can be blocked. Maybe AT version is unblockable hopefully even with jewel cos he's my favorite I want him to be strong haha.

Jay Leno sleep fart is unblockable but idk about fire fart cos I blocked a lot of them.

I think all Behemoth attacks are blockable cos I tanked him 20% of my hunts.

Luna Super nova penetrates shield. It's made of physics-breaking particles. If she's not AT and my life is full I always fight back. And if I stun her while she's doing nova, it's pretty awesome pawnage.

I'm don't have much answer with non-elders cos I was already focusing on elders by the time I played GL again
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KT upping his game tommorow.
So I'm also upping my part-breaking game. Practice some HH
Tomorrow is the real test against AT KT if HH will give me better results than hammer

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Doing some ATKT runs.
always hard to connect to randoms.
AT KT's requirement  of being played by a party is the final nail in the coffin.
This upload may be my last hunt indefinitely

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Witcher Crossover first scene



Geralt de Rivia, Brujo...

Brujo Big Grin
brujo Big Grin

ok, we just kinda have an alternative meaning for it jajajaja

over here a crazy woman is bruja
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I'm playing more now currently with a party with a friend we are killing everything so far lost to two monsters the game is very fun Smile
Its never too late to start loving again

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oy party with me. The crew ran out of balls they don't play anymore hahahaha
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