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Monster Hunter World Thread
Kushala is harder to fight in the forest. Those tornadoes close off narrow paths. Either had to go around the map or shield-walk through.

I've just found that Kirin is much easier solo. Barely took damage (thunderproof mantle, palico shield, and grimalkyne trouper definitely helped a lot).
Need some help. The 9-star optional quest group has the blue complete stamp.

I have these six 9-star optional quests marked completed in red:
- A Light Upon the River's Gloom (Xeno)
- The White Winds of the New World (Legiana, Odogaron, Diablos, Rathalos)
- The Sapphire Star's Guidance (Kushala, Teostra, Nergigante)
- Showdown: the Muck and the Maul (Barroth, Radobaan)
- New World Sky, New World Flower (Pink Rathian, Azure Rathalos)
- A Summons from Below (Odogaron, Vaal)

Is there another quest that I'm missing or haven't unlocked?
Yes, you're missing A Visitor from Eorzea (Behemoth).
I guess you haven't activated that one yet.

Find the special quest about Chocobo visiting the world, it should trigger that optional quest.
Thanks, Andy.

Any tips on fighting Behemoth as part of a group (I don't think I'll be soloing it; I'm not good enough)? I only use lance, though, since I play VERY defensively.
Behemoth is weird as in it uses final fantasy mechanics. Since you are lance, I think you should be the tank. A group of behemoth hinters consist of dps, tank, and healer iirc. I think you need oggy's services for this
Big Grin
The rathalos Fight in FFXIV is interesting too. For one he completely ignores the usualy enminity mechanics, healing is limited to Potions and other bits. It's quite a fun fight.
Finally beat A Visitor from Eorzea after 11 tries. Lost the first ten from SOS random carts. I then joined a hub that had more experienced players, leading to a completed quest.

The best moment in that last one was when during an Ecliptic Meteor casting, three of us were scrambling to a lone comet on one side of an area, while the fourth player was too far away to make it in time so he/she just seemed to teleport just as the EM appeared. I learned later that this is a feature of the FF jump gesture.
Quote:Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto teased an announcement in a Few days that according to him will make everyone happy , He said that While receiving " Best Role-Playing Game” award at The Game Awards for Monster Hunter World

What do you think it will be?
G Rank?

Personally, I would prefer new areas (polar region and non-tropical forest), more varied small monsters, more large monsters (I want Zinogre and Barioth).
FCUK. life has kept me from playing for a few weeks. When I log in it says i need to do challenge x1, event x1 and Luna x1. Expires in 9 hours
After doing the asiest challenge, I looked for a Luna event. Turns out only AT Luna is available. So AT Luna it is. 

And Why does Nerg have black spikes at game start? Anti-exploit update? It killed me unpreparedsss My

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