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Monster Hunter World Thread
Final beta solo vs Nergitante

need better gear and practice against this one
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[Image: gK7tfFP.jpg]

Finally beat this monster!
Probably will upload the vid tonight.

Still trying to solo him.
See if i can solo him tonight before the beta ends.
[Image: rs4ynPN.png]
Maaan! Imma look for Monhan groups once this thing is released. Awesome kill.
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Teaser for those waiting for their hard copies *evil grin*

Edit: wow I got 2 subscribers. Thank you whoever that other one is you are half my fans.

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This has been getting a lot of good press, so perhaps this will do as well as they're hoping. Whatever it is they're hoping. Good for Capcom, though, and with an internally developed game, importantly.

After the beta I...decided it's not for me, for now. Seems like as polished as it is, there's still that grindy core, so I'll sit back and wait a while. I have heard the actual game is better than that, so perhaps it'll be sooner rather than later.

What I DID decide to buy was Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which comes out next week, and has been getting some kinda bad press cause it seems people don't get it. Why, why do the things I like always suffer most ;_;
Im also interested in Dissidia because of Ramza and Terra but it from what I seen in Youtube I feel like the game mechanics isn't for me Sad
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Monhan explosions are awesome
Jane Rambo

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Well I intentionally avoided trying out the Kinsect Glaive since beta cos it looked too promising.
Now I brought the default glaive to practice mode and viola! HAX!!!
You’d be a masochist if you don’t pick this baby in your hardest solo battle.
Highly evasive, unmatched hit-and-run capability and when the enemy will not give you room to land a strong hit - mounting!
Literally puts the LS and sword n board to shame.

Will now start hunting parts for poison stat glaive >:-)
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Ok, this is weird and awesome at the same time.
Now we need SF customs. Want. Now!

The other day in chat I complained about Anjanath constantly running away and wasting precious time. This is what he gets for being an asshole

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